Bendir Dale

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Bendir Dale
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The Dale.
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Region North of the Amia Frontier and south of Amia Forest
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Ruler Mayor Lyle Torrowfire
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Government The Bendir Dale Town Council: General Nof Barshedge, Tak Rosen and Fendel the Barkeep, Mayor Lyle Torrowfire
Population Mainly Halflings but also Gnomes, Dwarves & Fey
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Religions Mainly the Hin Pantheon
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Imports Timber, flour and other general supplies.
Exports Apples, Cherries, Poultry, Ashwood, Aventurine Ore
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The town of Bendir Dale is home to many Hin on Amia. It is a small prospering township mainly focused on farming and trading. Among others Summerlin Ladimore, the famous apple farmer, stands out as an example of the typical Bendir Dale resident. Bendir Dale is protected by the town Militia. Bendir Dale currently has a ban on drow who are not affiliated with the Shrine of Eilistraee or the Oakmist Vale and Banites. Undead are not allowed nor are monstrous creatures of a undoubtedly evil nature.

There is an apple and cherry orchard on the Eastern outskirts. The Southern area of Bendir Dale lands is all hillsides with the Hin graveyard lying to the South West. Behind the inn, there is a beautiful small garden. Ash trees grow at the Northern lands behind the river, which is also infested by wolves.

Town Law

  • Law I: Any one who assaults or murders another person within Bendir Dale's jurisdiction will be paid in kind. This includes any manner of hostile spell casting included but not limited to: Darkness, Fireball, Iron Horn. Any one who commits armed robbery will also be punished.
  • Law II: Derogatory statements aimed at residents by visitors will not be tolerated.
  • Law III: Those who steal must pay a fine equal in value to the stolen article as well as a donation equal to 50% of the value to Brandobaris.
  • Law IV: Undead, fiends, beholders, mind flayers and other beasts of unquestionable evil may not be summoned into Bendir Dale, nor may they walk here. The offender will be asked once to remove themselves/their illegal summon. If they fail to do so, they will be slain.
  • Law V: To enter Bendir Dale, Drow are required to present a Cordorian Signet Ring as proof they're not Lolthlites. Alternatively, they can present a symbol of Eilistraee, but must be escorted at all times.
  • Law VI: Guests must disarm upon entering. Weapons may only be bared by militia, except in special cases. These cases include overwhelmings odds of offenders versus outnumbered militia. Non-residents who refuse to disarm will be forcefully disarmed.
  • Law VII: Remove helmets and masks immediately if asked by militia. If you fail to do so, you may get hurt. Entering Bendir Dale invisible or otherwise hidden is also discouraged.
  • Law VIII: Animal companions and familiars are allowed, but only if they are not fiends, undead or any other evil creature. Killing a companion not banned by the law counts as assault against the owner.
  • Law IX: Shifting is allowed within reason and must be done in front of militia for mutual safety. Turning into a creature not allowed normally will be punished.
  • Law X: Merchants may only set up shop if they are residents of Bendir Dale. A 10% tax will be applied to every sale for the treasury.
  • Law XI: Hin, Dwarves, Gnomes and Fey may live peacefully in Bendir Dale. Bendir Dale's jurisdiction extends to the border of the Amia Forest, to the foothills of the Skull Crags, to the Mylock Hills and to the top of the hill along the south road.
  • General: Above all use common sense and respect Bendir Dale's authority and residents.


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  • 1 -Town Hall, Storage and Shrine
  • 2 -The Hin Inn
  • 3 -Dunkar the Limp's Shop
  • 4 -Kibs the Arms-Keeper's Shop
  • 5 -Muck Magus's Shop


The Big Book Of Small Folk

Historical Events - Mylock Incursion - "Boom!" at Bendir - A Vile Womb - Hearth Day Celebration - Town Meeting