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Brogendenstein Port as seen from the gates of Barak Runedar.
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Region Brogendenstein
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Government Dwarven Council
Population Dwarves
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Religions The Dwarven Pantheon
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Imports Food, cloth, wood
Exports Uncut gems, gold, silver, ore, weapons
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This page describes both Brogendenstein as an island, and Brogendenstein as the dwarven city. If you're looking for the Fortress of the Dwarves, please go to Barak Runedar.

Brogendenstein the Settlement

The city of Brogendenstein was the refufe for the Dwarves who fled from the Dark Spires after the Duergar attacked. There, they built up into a nice coastal city, and constructed a mine nearby. The town expanded, and bastions of defense were set up, and communication lines secured with various cities on the Amian mainland. The Dwarves lived comfortably, and created many types of weapons and armor for export to the other places around Amia, and would occasionally mount attacks and raids on the Brogendenstein Mountains in an attempt to reclaim their Spires. Largely, these have failed thus far.

Recently, during Kraven's bid to rule the island, the settlement was mostly destroyed by a rampaging Bone Golem. This forced the Dwarves to relocate within their mines, and with the exception of Ruhn Monastery, who insisted on remaining outside in order to stay true to their Order's teachings, the entire city reloacted within the nearby mines and mountains, and now calls itself Barak Runedar. Within their citadel, the Hammer of Moradin, along with Prince Khazadd, rule over the Dwarven population, and keep them on the straight and narrow, and guide their city into the future.

Brogendenstein The Island

Brogendenstein is an island that was discovered many years ago, mostly due to the efforts of the fleeing dwarves on the island. After they were forced to flee out of the Dark Spires due to the attacks by the Duergar, they set up an encampment on the coast, and began sending out ships to communicate. One of these ships ended up in Cordor, and after a return expedition was launched, formal ties were opened with the frosty island, and now many Amians consider the chilled island to be an official part of the Amian Island Chain.

South Brogendenstein

Brogendenstein is a cold place, though not quite so cold as Forrstakkr. It is only civilized on the southern tip of the island, where the ruins of a coastal Dwarven city remain. The main Dwarven city has relocated into the nearby hills and caverns, and calls itself Barak Runedar. The only remaining building on the exterior is the Ruhn Monastery, a Monastery run by Dwarves who follow the teachings of the Monk, Ruhn. They offer sanctuary to all who need it, and armed guards patrol the area, both by Barak Runedar and the Monastery, and make sure the beasties stay out, and friendly folk stay in.

North Brogendenstein

The Northern part of the island is overrun by a large mountain on one side, held by the Frost Giants. This mountain serves as a base of operations for them, and its peak is where the Dark Spires stands, visible from nearly anywhere on the island on a clear day.

The other half of the North side of the island, is where the Manor of Mourn lies. Nestled into the base of the mountain, with considerable fortifications around it, this Manor is filled with Undead of various types, the most predominant being a Vampire clan that, until recently was under the watchful gaze of Kraven, the Vampire Lord. During Kraven's bid to rule all of Brogendenstein, he was slain, and now the Manor is ruled by Bidoc the Black, a Gnomish Vampire, who, despite his short stature, is every bit as fierce and ironhanded as his predecessor. The Manor of Mourn is often a place of pilgrimmage for adventurers, who seek to prevent Bidoc from making the same bid to rule the island that his predecessor made. Clerics and Paladins especially, often travel here, to test their mettle and their faith.

East Brogendenstein

The Eastern portion of Brogendenstein is partially taken up by the Brogendenstein Mountains, and partially by the Brogendenstein Forest. The Forest is home to the Snow Orcs, a hostile tribe of powerful magic wielding orcs that have their caves deeper within. There's also some Barbarian tribes nearby, but if you stay out of their territory, they probably won't hunt you down like the Orcs will.

West Brogedenstein

West Brogendenstein is largely covered by the Frozen Wastes. For more information on the Wastes and points of interest in that area, please go to the Frozen Wastes page.