Casper Meche

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Casper Meche


Spoken Languages:Common, Elven (modern and ancient dialects), Dwarven, Thieves' Cant


Born destitute on the streets of Waterdeep, he and his brothers sought to survive by any means. While his eldest brother sought to make his way by being a lawman, Casper took the opposite path, making his way by the flourishing trade of crime. Being a smaller child and physically unimpressive, he made his way by keen wits and quick thinking until he was noticed by Desmond D'Diamon, a performer, adventurer, and local legend. From age eight until his late teens, he was taught the bardic ways, singing, dancing, diplomacy, and the private techniques lesser known to those outside of the craft, transforming him into a charismatic figure. A lover of women, teller of tales, singer of songs, and ultimately, a leader of men. He found his fortune as an entertainer, gaining no small measure of fame. Instead of forsaking his old ways of crime, he used his considerable fortune and prestige to reinforce his control in this area. It is this that ultimately lead to a tragedy that is veiled in secrecy. He and his brothers fled Waterdeep never to return, leaving both fame and fortune to strike out on a road of mystery. Throughout their travels, Casper made their way by performing or using his considerable intellect in a military function, leading men into battle or watching on the back lines as a strategist, one of the many skills he learned under Desmond. Each place they settled in eventually saw them leaving under poor conditions. This road eventually lead to amia, where he is now a resident.


Born of Casper Meche II and Maria Tew Meche. His father was rarely present. His mother took ill in his fourth year and perished. His eldest brother, Geist Meche(53), was a well-respected member of the guard community within Waterdeep, until he fled with his brother in his thirtieth year to parts unknown. His middle brother, Bahkay(deceased) was slain by drow in the Spine of the World during an invasion in his fourteenth year. His youngest sibling, Crispin(deceased), died of starvation in his ninth month of life.