Chiania Windleaf

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Played by Nakomis Wolfen

Chiania Windleaf

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Quote: "Would you like some yummy, yummy grubs? They're good for you!"
Race Half-Elf
Gender Female
Age 30
Height 5'4"
Hair Red
Eyes Blue/gold flecks
Alignment Neutral Good
Classes Druid 17/Shifter 13
Affiliations And Titles Protector of Oakmist Vale
Knight/Noble of Cordor
Former Affiliations And Titles
Current Residence Oakmist Vale
/The Midnight Saber
Religion Mielikki
Player Nakomis Wolfen

General Description

Chiania is a young half-elf who is likely to look away if she notices you looking at her, brushing at her armor thinking she has crumbs on herself again. She usually has a mischievous sparkle in her eye. If she’s not in town her hawk companion, Dargo, can usually be found on her shoulder or perched in a nearby tree keeping an eye on her. Her shoulder length red hair has a shaggy look to it and is usually at least a Little messed up. When she's feeling shy or embarrassed she tends to try and hide her face with it. Her blue eyes have flecks of gold in them, making them quite distinctive if one takes the time to look closely.

She likes to wear bright colors and seems to be very proud of her “rainbow vomit” armor. She usually has at least a little dirt on her, but she doesn’t stink. From a glance it appears she’s recently rolled in the dirt or was digging in it. She also has many grass stains on her outfits, except for a certain dress she tries to keep clean. She rarely takes her armor off unless she’s feeling Very comfortable and secure in her surroundings and people around her. And is always ready to put it back on as quickly as possible.

If one looks closely they would be able to see a somewhat ragged scar around the base of her right ear. She has red and black intertwined bands tattooed on her upper arms which she usually shows off. She tends to trace patterns that may be more than random movements on her forearms when upset or nervous.

In-depth Description

You’re not gonna hit me on the head or stab me are you?”

Chiania won’t usually say hi first but she’s not one to ignore people when they talk to her. She can be very shy, especially around large groups of people. Sometimes only speaking in whispers to her friends if she feels overwhelmed. Sometimes when she’s very upset she stutters or speaks in elven.

She likes to give people the benefit of the doubt but has become more cautious since she was abducted and tortured by drow. She doesn’t hate all drow though as she has drow friends. She’s very loyal to her friends as she never had any before arriving on Amia and holds them as the most precious things.

She’s much more likely to let an insult or injury to her go by and shrug it off, thinking she probably deserved it. However, she takes offense very easily when people pick on her friends, animals, or the forest. She’s always willing to help people in trouble, no questions asked. And this has gotten her into trouble more times than not, yet she still rushes off to help people.

Most times if her friends aren’t around she’s in animal form, and has been known to steal boots right off people’s feet. More people probably know her as a dog or jaguar than as a person and that’s just fine with her. But she has been spending more time as a person since she’s met her beloved Zeritul. She tends to avoid small spaces and caves, but if someone’s in danger she will usually brave them…hurrying as fast as possible to get back out again.

Instead of taking her husbands last name or his hers.. they did something a little odd and combined the two to get a very fitting and new last name. Pity the fool who tries to hurt or slander her Seabird.

She's recently had twins a boy (Leo'thor) and a girl (Li'thani) that occupy alot of her time. She refuses to bring them to Cordor because of all the dangers and they stay on the Midnight Saber, Zeri's ship, with the crew and Dargo to watch over them when she or Zeri's not around.