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DM Profile

  • Position: Former Admin Dungeon Master
  • Call Me: Cori, Jason (Cori works better to get my attention)
  • Avatar(s): (DM)Cori
  • Forum account: Cori
  • NWN account: Corimar
  • Character(s): Primary: Cori Chaven. Numerous others.
  • My Areas of Focus: For now, smaller events. And I am there to help out where I can. Don't ask me about lore, I have to run to others for that myself. And I'm certainly not a build-master *grumbles*.

Personal Information

Hi. I'm Jason, 28, living in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. I like reading, writing, and am addicted to movies, particularly Sci-Fi. Currently my collection of DVD's is a measly 200ish, but I'm always working on raising that number. I look forward to helping out however I can, and really just want everyone to get along and have fun. That's what Amia is all about, after all.