Dark Flight of Tiamat

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The Flight

The Dark Flight was a group of Tiamat worshipping Dragons, now deceased, that lived in Wyrmhold.

Sleet [Deceased]:

Sleet is a white dragon. She is the youngest member of the Dark Flight, and easily the most rash, and least thoughtful. She is the Daughter of Icingdeath, but beyond that, all titles, such as "Icequeen of the North" are simply products of overzealous pride and arrogance. Raised much like her father, she has no use for fawning slaves, but instead prefers cold coin and magical items and trinkets for her hoard. She at one time was rather beautiful, as far as white dragons go. Scales shining in the sunlight, all hiding an absolutely brutal female Dragon. Sadly (or not.) she would meet her death at the hands of Justice, the Silver Dragon.

Icingdeath [Deceased]:

Scourge of the Frozen Islands. Well earned was this title. Though Icingdeath, White Dragon, is oftentimes beating back adventurers from his den, he was not always seemingly on the short end of the stick for battle prowess. He is a very large specimen of a white, and possesses far more intelligence than one would typically attriute to his kind. He ius still little more than a beast in his battlelust though, and his scar covered body proves it. Claws chipped and broken from battle, the end of his tail missing. Nonetheless, he has held his lair against all comers, but has never needed to deal with an invasion such as this. He has answered Aurichon's call, and joined the Dark Flight of Tiamat. What skills he brings to the fore are much the same as his daughter: Brute strength and raw ferocity. But brute strength and ferocity will only take you so far. He was laid low and tossed into the ocean by the stout dwarves of Brogendenstein.

Aurichon [Deceased]:

A battle-scarred, pitted black dragon gazes malevolently down in your direction. Deep, healed wounds cover his scaly flesh. An aura of palpable anger resonates from his flared nostrils and his muscular body. His arrogant demeanor is justified by his unusual size for a black dragon - his chest is robust and his visage is old. The left horn that juts from his head is broken off and missing, yet he seems to view it an accomplishment from some battle won previously." - Remarks from Draklaw Emberblaze, on Aurichon. Aurichon, powerful Black Dragon, is Lord Wyrmhold for the time being. His entire body appears as one large rippling powerful muscle. He has lived for ages, and seen nearly everything there is to see. He commands the Dark Flight, at the behest of Draklaw and Layla. Whith his Flight nearly assembled, his plans for attack nearly complete, the city of Kohlingen firmly in his sights... Each day is a new war council, and each day is another day closer to when he hopes to see all his work blossom to its full glory, and spread the Wyrmshadow across the land. But for all his work, he would die to a carefully laid trap by the Defenders in the Temple of the Triad.

Myrk [Deceased], [Destroyed]:

Myrk exudes magical prowess from every pore of his muscular black body. In marked constrast to his comrade and superior, Aurichon, Myrk's body seems impeccably well kept. For a dragon, anyway. Hardly a scar mars his body, and his wings and scales are shiny, clean, and glossy in the sunlight. The pair of horns on each side of his head curl forward like lances, large, sharp, and glistening dimly in the light. Myrk's head is gaunt, sinister, almost skull-like in appearance. Trailing down the crown of his head, and down his back is a bronze colored frill, held up by solid jet-black protrusions, that end in a thick, muscular tail ending in a cruel barbed spike." - Reflections on Myrk, as noted by Layla Emberblaze. Myrk, the Black Dragon, is the sorceror, the arcanist of the Dark Flight. His prowess with the Weave exceeds that of any other dragon on the island, chromatic or metallic, and he knows how to use it. An exceedingly powerful Necromancer and Abjurer, he has subjugated the various lizardman trived under his control. Only Babylon the true Yuan-Ti dares stand up to him, and thus far, Myrk has been content to let them do their thing, as long as they stay out of his territory. Slayer of Justice, he has come into Imperator's sights, as he is the closest Flight member to Kohlingen. ... Myrk was slain at the hands of several adventurers set out at Imperator's behest. With Myrk's passing, the arcane power of the Flight dwindles, and Kohlingen's borders become secure. His "passing", anyways. It was later revealed that he was a Dracolich, though despite this amazing power, he was destroyed when Infernus was. Ironically enough, his phylactery was the Throne of Wyrmhold itself, an object destroyed when Infernus crashed into it, shattering it to pieces.

Forestgloom [Deceased]:

Forestgloom is an older, female Green dragon. Her emerald shaded body is pockmarked head to toe with scars, large, small, crooked and straight, showing her many battle victories. Her neck is nearly swanlike in appearance, graceful, and lined with powerful muscles. Her body ends with a trailing, powerful tail, almost twice the length of average, and her head is adorned with a sparkling crest that crowns her head, running down over her back like the frill of a fine tunic. Her pointed incisors show past her skin, lips twisted in a cruel smirk, and her claws tap patiently, as if every moment is waiting for the perfect chance to strike." - Excerpt from Drak'law's journal, in which the Flight was described in detail. Forestgloom is, as Drak's journal notes, exceptionally old, and exceptionally powerful. She is often referred to as "The Huntress", and she sees her territory as anywhere in the Amia Forest. She has an especial hatred for Elves, and her battle tactics for fighting a fellow Dragon tooth to claw are second to none. There are even rumors abounding that say she may be cannibalistic in nature... She loathes Rockhopper, and would love nothing more than to tear him limb from limb. But that chance would be denied to her, as she was lured out (slaying an adult Silver nearly instantly in the process) and tied up in the She'Kat valley while Rockhopper was quietly escorted into Kohlingen. Once her victory over Shadowflame was complete, after a slight sidetrip to look into Rockhopper's whereabouts, Forestgloom has deserted the Forest of Despair and gone back to Wyrmhold. She was slain by the Grove at the final assault on Wyrmhold, and shoved off a cliff, whereupon she broke her neck. No longer will she terrorize the Grove and he Shrine with her malice.

Infernus [Deceased]:

Towering far over her brothers and sisters, Infernus is the quintessential Mother of the Dark Flight. Her body is covered in large scars, most of them grown over by now with brilliant ruby red scales. Sparkling white teeth glimmer in her jaws, openly displayed in a haughty arrogant expression of superiority. She exudes confidence and power in spades. Large midnight black spikes protrude from her head and curl backwards, and more such spikes follow the line of her neck and back, down to her tail. When she invokes Tiamat's name to cast Her spells, the Dark Lady's ghostly image can be seen surrounding her mighty Chosen as she rains destruction down upon her enemies." - From Aurichon's private thoughts on his kin, as told to Drak'law Emberblaze. Infernus is a mighty Red, and a powerful Cleric. If it were not for the direct orders of Drak'law, she would likely lead the Flight herself, as her prowess exceeds that of even Aurichon's. She now lairs in Wyrmhold, presiding over the Flight in her matronly manne, Chosen powers ready to be exerted in the skies over Kohl, and the city itself. Woe to be her foes, for the Chosen of the Queen flies to burn, and Kohlingen is in her sights. At the final battle at Wyrmhold, in a bloody rage, she was brought low and slain by the forces of Good. With her passing the final link to wyrmhold was severed, and the Castle was destroyed, crushing her body and sending it to the Beyond.

Stormwhisper [Deceased]:

One of the most notable thing about this dragon, oddly enough, are his solid white eyes, that crackle with electricity. Bright white fangs poke out from under his lips, his maw twisted in a vain and arrogant smirk. Radiant sapphire blue scales twinkle like stars in a far off sky, and the smell of wet ozone penetrates the air wherever he goes. Tiny blue spines spiral out all over his body. His bihorn is tremendous, and appears much like a large chiseled piece of sandstone resting atop his forehead. Squat and more robust, in comparison with his siblings, his neck and tail are shorter, but immensely powerful." - Layla Emberblaze's personal journal excerpts, extoling the virtues of Stormwhisper. Storm is an eons old Blue Dragon that has long since laired in the Ank'remun Desert. Stormwhisper is a powerful enforcer of Tiamat, and his strikes carry divine power behind them. It is said that when he brings his full power to bear, that one can see the illusion of Tiamat herself directing his claws and teeth to his prey. Since his triumphant victory over the Blue Dragon, Baulg, he has since left the Ankh'remun Desert and made his way to Wyrmhold, leaving the Ankh' Desert calmer than it's been in years. But for all his military genius, he was killed at the final assault on Wyrmhold alongside his sister Forestgloom. One might say that it was a mercy killing. Stormwhisper was quickly approaching his Twilight, and in his death, was given a far more honorable way to go than by simply fading away.

Deepeningdoom [Deceased]:

Deepeningdoom, or, as he's known among his Flight kin, Meplipenixisti, is a lean, sinewy Shadow Dragon. His body is built for weaving around through tunnels and corridors, and he displays an impressive amount of agility for a beast of his size, snaking through tunnels, traversing land, and soaring through the skies with impressive speed. The dark, almost oily surface of his scales remains unmarred, a sign that he doesn't often get into brawls... Or perhaps a sign that he finishes his opponents off before they have a chance to react. Green luminescient eyes, and a dual layer of slick, oily spines travelling down his neck and back add to his overall look of immense power. Obsidian-black teeth and claws look well kept, and ready to shred anyone in his way." - A much-paraphrased passage, related by Morningdew, one of the few to escape his grasp. Aurichon's spy. Subtle. Sly. A decisively cold hearted killer. Little else is known. Few ever escape to relay the knowledge they obtain. What little is known is that he is a master of disguise, an expert at mimicry. Adept with shadow-power, both below the surface and above, he often uses it both to attack, and to escape in a flash. A massive, sinewy Shadow Dragon, he nearly succeeding in killing Morningdew in the Nexus Hills with his hired mercenaries, he is easily one of the most intelligent members of the Flight. Deepeningdoom has made his presence known to several key players among the island, but few know what he's actually up to. In the battle of Kohlingen, pressed in upon by Morningdew, Cordor, and the Black Flag, he was unable to enact his escape plans. Held down in a titanic struggle, he was slain by Cordor.


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