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What a DM does

A Dungeon Master performs many roles on the server. In game, they have access to the DM Client, with powers ranging from being able to spawn creatures to create items on the fly. These powers are used by some to run quests for the players. The DM team help shape the world we play in; they decide which lore is canon, reveal the history of the isles and co-create the grand story-lines that are played out in quests. They use the DM Story Forum to announce these events and describe the effects they have in game.

A DM also judges over the requests made, deciding if the request is appropriate in regards to lore and strength, if the roleplay is of a sufficient standard and if the request suits the needs of the server.

The DM team creates the rules of the server and see to it that they are enforced. If necessary they can (temporary) ban those players who disregard previous warnings. A DM also functions as mediator in the case of problems with another player or DM.

All our DMs are volunteers that have chosen to spend their time for the benefit of the server and the enjoyment of the playerbase.

Current Dungeon Masters on Amia

Former Dungeon Masters on Amia