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==Current Dungeon Masters on Amia==
==Current Dungeon Masters on Amia==
*[[DM Disco]]
*[[Halen_Van|Halen Van / Redeemer Autumn]]
*[[Halen_Van|Halen Van / Redeemer Autumn]]
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==Inactive Dungeon Masters on Amia==
==Inactive Dungeon Masters on Amia==
*[[DM Disco]]

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What a DM does

A Dungeon Master has access to the DM Client, with powers ranging from being able to spawn creatures to create items on the fly. These powers are used by some to run quests for the players, although with the vast playerbase on Amia, the DMs have been split into different categories, depending on their chosen focus.

Current Dungeon Masters on Amia

Inactive Dungeon Masters on Amia

Former Dungeon Masters on Amia

Areas of Focus of the Staff

While all the DMs are here to aid you and run events, we have our special areas of focus. When you need to contact a DM, please see this list and see who you should contact in your issue.

Here is a brief explanation of the areas of focus.

The Head DM

The Head DM works with any issues the players have with the DMs. If you have a complaint on a DM, contact the Head DM.

Anger Management

Straz Finster, Uberuce, Ron 'BrainSplitter'
When you have an argument with another player, and can't reach compromise, these DMs are the ones you should contact. They will mediate and help with solving the issue.

Bugs and Errors

DM Disco, Kungfoowiz
PM exploits and obvious bugs straight to these DMs. Post the rest to Things to Change.

DC Requests Manager

Currently none
The goal of the Request manager is to have each DM who receives a request handle the given request within a week, or have an admin/dev work on a more complicated item as fast as possible. The following DMs/Admins/Devs assist with request handling: Semidi, Ruce, Kung, Disco, Tormak.

Drow Affairs

Nekh, Straz Finster
These DMs deal with drow players issues, and requests. They will help out anyone in need of it when playing a drow (such as lore, problem solving, etc). They also deal with the statistically dubious amount of Drow OOC issues.

Lore And Storylines

Currently None
DMs assisting here: Nekh (drow), Straz Finster (drow)
These DMs keep an eye on bigger and continuous storylines and history for Amia. They will aim for consistency and variety and make sure the plots are lore-wise as correct as possible and reasonable. These DMs will also aid you with lore issues.

Player Relations

DM Disco, Nekh
These DMs act as the official voice of the Staff on the forums, and in game, when needed. They make and post official statements according to the decisions the Staff has made as a team. Official statements will be tagged as such. These DMs also handle any issues with bannings, and in case of request for unbanning, contact a player relations DM. They also assist and mediate in player disputes.

Quests and Events

Alchas, Leggomi Eggolas, Semidi, TormakSaber, IronAngel
These DMs put a seizable part of their time in running those beloved quests. Nuff said.