Floriane Taurielle

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Played by PaladinOfSune

Floriane Taurielle
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Quote: "I am merely a wanderer."
Race Avariel Elf
Gender Female
Age Nearing middle-age
Height 4'11"
Weight 82 lbs
Hair Raven black
Eyes Emerald green
Alignment Neutral Good
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Classes Shadowdancer
Affiliations And Titles House Kenlyl (Honorary Member)
Oakmist Vale (Forester)
Three Steps Academy (Instructor)
Winya Ravana (Councillor)
Former Affiliations And Titles Cordor (Local Militia Commander)
Shadowscape (Noble)
Shrine of Eilistraee (Head of Security)
Winya Ravana (Queen)
Current Residence Winya Ravana
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Religion Aerdrie Faenya
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Status Alive
Player PaladinOfSune

General Description

A demeanor of stoic, practiced ease is a common sight to be viewed upon this elf. She is often garbed in simple, weather-beaten clothes of autumn brown, platinum gold and dashes of obsidian black, and while not one to dress regally or ornately, she does manage elegance.

Her face is rarely concealed unless through necessity; long tresses of raven black hair fall loosely down her shoulders, with odd hair strands of a silver shade slipping over the features of her face to nearly cover a faded diagonal bladed-scar across her right cheek. Her large myrtle-green eyes have a piercing quality to them, shimmering with a searching look in her gaze; contrasting her usual slow, casual gait.

Within the confines of interiors, this relaxed pace has a certain tenseness, and it is clear why to anyone with knowledge of elven races: Floriane possesses a pair of large, bird-like wings upon her back, an obvious sign of her bloodline belonging to the Avariel. If one was to compare those limbs to those an avian, the feather colouration closely matches that of a brown shrike: dark brown with outlines of a lighter tone around each feather, which give noticeable patterns of light brown rings upon each wing. A handful of feathers at the very bottom are dyed a pale white.

Floriane has the attitude of a matured individual; experienced, not lacking wisdom and ever so slightly wistful for days of youth. However, the promise of danger and conflict has a knack for hinting as to a more accurate age for her; she is quick to throw herself into the fray and enjoys challenges of body and mind alike. That said, she is not someone that gives an impression of one patient or merciful: she is ultimately a prideful elven woman, with strong beliefs and unafraid to back them up with the bloody promise of violence, if need be.

In-Depth Description & Background

Daughter of nomads and an elf born from the very wind itself, Floriane was destined to always search, never stagnant, and to explore, never settle down. Raised with the prowess of a gladiator and pride of an avariel of the warrior's society, the woman learned from an early age to fight to the very end in your beliefs, and it is a lesson she keeps with her to this day.

The signature of Floriane's elusive race is very much obvious upon her: a pair of large, majestic wings upon her back, and when added to her large emerald pupils, paints an image of an elegant woman. She is incredibly delicate and lithe in form, and seems to walk with a blessing of grace from the Seldarine themselves. However, while most folklore of avariel tell of beautiful, innocent creatures of silver hair with dove-like white wings that are prone to singing in beautiful voices to rapt audiences, Floriane contrasts this heavily. She does not bring thoughts of doves, swans or other birds commonly thought of as innocent bearers of good fortune and beauty. Instead, she conjures thoughts of deadly birds of prey. A shrike, raven or nighthawk are all avians that would suit her, and while she is not lacking in comeliness as any other elf is, it is attractiveness born of the feral danger of a predator stalking their prey; there is no innocent maiden to be found here. She is a prideful, skilled warrior.

A woman of extensive history upon the isle, the avariel elf has had dealings with much of Amia in one way or another, either directly or through another. Most of this history has been lost, however, partially due to the simple flow of time, along with Floriane's own disinterest in speaking of her previous accomplishments. She is a woman that lives in the present and for the future, judging on actions and not words, and preferring to be treated the same in kind.

Quick of wit and sharp of tongue, Floriane is quick to dismiss those she thinks of as weak, particularly of those in intellect. She is especially critical to other Shadowdancers, as one of the first practitioners of the art upon the isle, she has incredibly high standards as to how she judges them, perhaps unreasonably so. Due to these high standards, she has only taught four others of the art to this date. Aside from this, devils, dragons and their kin are creatures prone to quickly earn her ire. As any avariel, she has a bitter, murderous rivalry toward dragons, particularly of chromatic-blood, but her hatred toward devilkin comes from more personal experiences, from having worked heavily against such creatures in the past, and herself being a focal point of the battles against Thornius and Terzaroch, two archdevils of Amia's history.

She is quick to describe herself as simply a wanderer, and in truth, this is at least partially correct. As an avariel elf, she has little choice but to avoid much of the larger human cities, and prefers to distance herself from elves that treat her as something special due to her kind's rarity. She is too strong-willed and prideful to heed words of authority, and is largely uninterested in government or politics. When it is absolutely necessary, she can be quite an eloquent speaker, but it is not something she embraces or enjoys, and it is for this reason she is loathe to take up positions of importance. Her distaste toward receiving orders and dislike toward giving them ultimately renders her as a relunctant lone wolf, never quite happy in organizations, nor content in her own company for long.


The Coronation of Terzaroch

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