Gillaria Avares

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Played by Averest

Gillaria Avares

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Race Moon Elf
Age 131
Height 4'10"
Weight 85 lbs
Hair Raven Blue
Eyes Soft Jade Green
Alignment Neutral Good
Gender Female
Classes Rogue 20/Sorcerer 1/Arcane Archer 9
Affiliations And Titles Cordor Guard - Former Captain
Winya Ravana - Former Councilor
Current Residence Winya Ravana
Birthplace Hullack Forest, Cormyr
Patron Dieties Corellon Larethian, Solonor Thelandira, Tymora, Eilistraee
Known Languages Elven, Common, Thief's Cant
Player Averest

Character Description

  • At First Glance

Elven eyes of soft jade with hints of gold sparkle playfully and sweep upwards over high cheekbones of frosted ivory while gracefully pointed ears peek out from dark waves of raven blue hair. Her frame is lithe and willowy, moving with a delicate, almost ephemeral, grace. A few carefully chosen pieces of jewelry adorn her nimble fingers and graceful neck, changing as mood and necessity strike her.

  • In Depth

Her hair is tied up in a half ponytail, with the rest of the dark tresses cascading around her shoulders. Her clothing is simple, sleek and mostly utilitarian in nature, tending towards browns, dark blues and blacks though comfort in footwear seems to be one of her paramount concerns. The cuffs of her gloves are lined with small pockets where she keeps various rings and such close at hand. She wears quivers of arrows at both hips and behind her, with a sleek black bow made of ash that is almost as big as she is tall slung across her back and a rapier that drips acid when unsheathed at her side. She is never without at least one seedcake, a small, yellow, leaf-wrapped quickbread made with nuts and seeds and is quite happy to share. March, her raven familiar resides in Winya, though rarely is ever seen outside it's environs.

Quick with a smile or a playful wink, she seems comfortable and friendly around most people but is given to sudden waves of self consciousness. She's not known to have ever returned a kiss, and has only returned a few hugs. As for her friends, she is fiercely loyal to those she calls friend and given the environment, feels the need to protect then even when she knows it is almost impossible. One thing she lacks is the elven talent for schooled magery, preferring more hands on and less theoretical expressions of it. In fact, when presented with the dry facts contained in tomes, she yawns like a human, much to her own consternation. She hates Orcs, but is willing to keep a limited open mind when it comes to half-orcs unless they prove themselves complete brutes. Full grown dragons terrify her even if she knows they are polymorphs or shifters and it takes her some time to become comfortable around true dragons.

Character Opinions

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