Gorthod Wenthur

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Played by Silent2001

Gorthod Wenthur

Quotes: Thinking to much will get you killed, thinking to little, likewise. So I should live forever - Xaositect motto
Race Tiefling/Tanar'ling
Sex Male
Age 28-32
Height 5'10"
Weight 120 lbs"
Hair Meticulously kept black dreadlocks
Eyes Pupilless black orbs
Alignment Chaotic ?
Classes Rogue / Shadowdancer / Fighter
Affiliations Ralten's Band, Xaositects, Church of Bane, Church of Cyric
Residence Endir's Point
Religion Selune, Tymora,Beshaba,Shar
Status Alive
Player Silent2001

General Description

Gorthod measures in at 5'10. His body is sinewy and whatever muscle was present seems to be becoming more lax as he ages, despite the deteriation of his developed psyhique the tief still boasts toned arms and thigh muscles (Due in no small part to fleeing, a lot.) Dreadlocked hair is tucked neatly behind two small goat-like horns that jut awkwardly from just above his temples, stretching back slightly over the top of his head.

Two scars are clearly present on his face. The first stretches beneath his left eye, a faded black scar that stands out clearly against his tanned flesh. The second scar stretches beneath his right eye, a straightened line that might suggest it wasn't gained through chaotic battle, but from a practiced and concise hand. In spite of the scars some might have considered the tiefling attractive, or at the very least easy on the eyes. That is assuming one can get past the faint smell of burning embers, and the one fang-like incisor that presses down against his lower lip when he seems lost in thought, or confused.

But, time has been cruel to this tief, as beneath his chin a more hideous and disfiguring cresent shaped scar defiles the otherwise smooth flesh of his neck. Some might recognise the characteristics of the scar as a bite wound, of some sort. When asked about that specific scar, he seems to scratch at it with a sly smirk followed closely by a shrug.

A variety of other scars criss-cross his torso, some more hideous than others. The majority, however, seem to have faded for the most part, hinting at the tiefs true age (Which he claims to have forgot.) Though ,the crows feet that spiral from the corner of each eye might let one know that he isn't the strapping young lad he once was.

Should one watch the tief long enough, they might notice that his eyes seem unfocused and even vacant. The tief seems in a perpetual state of introspection, responding when spoken to, and even vocalizing some inane non-sensical thought when he feels inclined (Which is often) but whatever seems to be on his mind is apparently more interesting than anything you might have to say... Unless you're female.