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House Claddath is an ancient Eilistraeen drow house on Amia, residing mostly around the Shrine of Eilistraee. Though, the house doesn't have a formal location yet. It has since folded over itself in the Shrine.

The History of Noble House Claddath

The history of the drow is very extensive and intricate, although it has been lost on the many years of animosity between other elven races and non-elven races, during gruesome destructive wars. Many records have been lost during the malicious burning of cities and the loss of the great elders who held the knowledge of the people. It has been the life long work of the Knowledge bearers to compile and recreate the Drow histories. Although, even through the long and tedious work of these committed servants, many still question the veracity of the histories due to the truth being willfully twisted by clever and fanatical drow to serve many partisan noble House interests and the major drow faiths.

Dark elves were part of the elven race that roamed the world's forests. Not long after they were created, though, the elves found themselves torn into rival factions; one following the tenets of evil, the other owning the ideals of good (or at least neutrality). A great civil war between the elves followed, and the selfish elves that followed the paths of evil and chaos were driven into the depths of the earth, into the bleak, lightless caverns and deep tunnels of the underworld. These dark elves became the drow, which formed a powerful community that over the centuries grew to become the Noble House Claddath.

The drow of the Noble House Claddath no longer wished to live upon the surface of the earth. In fact, few who live on the surface ever see a drow. But the dark elves resent the elves and faeries that drove them away, and scheme against those that dwell in the sunlight. The fortress of the mighty house is in the magnificently dark, gloomy underworld that few humans or demihumans ever see. Those few surface creatures that have seen a dark elf city (and returned to tell the tale) report that it is the stuff of which nightmares are made.

Many years after the Great Eleven War, the Noble House Claddath began to feel the surges of rebellion grow stronger and stronger until whole segments of the house left to create their own minor houses and communities. As the great house began to crumble, the leaders began to worry for their safety and began to search for other Noble Drow Houses to unite with to build their numbers and strengthen their rule of the underworld once again.

Fortunately there were a few minor communities that had formed in the farthest reaches of the underworld and had been seeking leadership for protection from the larger forces of the illithids (mind flayers). As they united with the Noble House Claddath there came word from the outer reaches of the domain that the new House Freyarn Trelak is mounting forces and moving toward the mainland of Sosaria. At this point the high council of the House Claddath came to a disturbing final conclusion. The Noble House Claddath would have to break tradition and eons of animosity and form an alliance with a kingdom in the upper realms. They sent out a scouting party to seek out a suitable kingdom that would not only create a bond of peace and unity between the two but to also be willing to provide some measures of protection from the common enemy.

Many of the scouting party never returned. Many reports however reached the Matriarch that there was no possible hope for a treaty among many of the races in the upper realms and to prove their point they would torture and kill the scouts, and return their mutilated heads to the outer caves of the fortress. Infuriated, many of the council demanded revenge upon those who killed their brethren, but were turned down for the need of unification with an upper realm kingdom was of great importance to their survival. Disgruntled and distressed the council sent out a second scouting party.

It is written that on one fateful night a young scout came across an old man traveling across the lands. After questioning the blind old man Shavarin found that there was only one kingdom in all the land that proved to be fair and just to all who called upon their council and king. This fabled place was called The Kingdom of Dawn. The young scout hurried onto this kingdom filled with hope that he might bring good news back to his Matriarch of an alliance.

Shavarin spoke to the king and queen of Dawn. The queen would not be included in such discussion, but in this case the Ilharess would not meet with a male of any rank to discuss matters of great importance. The king and queen considered the situation carefully and took up with his council for advice. For one entire week the council discussed the situation at hand and had come to no reasonable agreement. The king wanted to set aside the old animosity being he was a fair and just king and there had not been any hostile actions between the two in thousands of years, but the council feared that once there was a unification, there would be an open door for all sorts of trouble and even a possibility of assassin attempted on the Kings life. Therefore, the discussions continued for a whole cycle of the moons.

On the first day of the following new cycle of the moon, the council called young Shavarin into the great hall and delivered their final decision. They would begin anew and create a treaty in which the two would unite. There were many stipulations to this treaty and it was still not known if the Matriarch would agree to the terms offered. So the young scout departed with a copy of the treaty immediately.

When Shavarin reached the fortress he delivered the offered treaty to the council. The council then met and discussed the stipulations with the Matriarch carefully and thoroughly. The Matriarch found that all the stipulations were agreeable and would meet with this Queen Hayloh.

Travel was slow since the drow are not accustom to the light of the upper realm. When they finally reached the Kingdom of Dawn they found a crowd of anxious and curious people gathered within the guarded walls of the castle courtyard. Many of the people had never seen a drow before and had only heard the gruesome tales of torture and killing that they are known for. As they continued toward the inner court the Matriarch and her high priestess was asked to proceed alone to the public platform to meet with the Queen. This action would seal the trust between the Matriarch and Queen Hayloh, to the people and encourage peace amongst the newcomers and the kingdom citizens.

This day was written in the history of the races as an ?Awakening of Kinship?, proving that through time and communication all things can be changed for the good of all.

When the Queen and the Matriarch proclaimed their agreement to the treaty and their commitment to uphold peace between the two races the Noble House of Qu'ellar Og'elend d'Dawn , House Heretic was formed. To this day there has been peace between the Drow Noble House Heretic and the Kingdom of Dawn.

Years after the unification of Dawn The house heretic?s C'rintrin began to hear of more and more occurrences of treacherous actions. All the Noble Houses gathered to discuss the chaos within the Underdark societies. There was a unanimous agreement that the cause of the problem was within the actions of House Claddath (Heretic) and their treaty with the upper realm Kingdom of Dawn. The Ilharess demanded an investigation into the allegations against the Noble House.

The supremely powerful Noble House Claddath (Heretic) took the lead in bringing forces against the minor Noble Houses and the common enemies. The Noble House, although very powerful, was not immune to the internal dangers of treacherous assassins and power hungry nobles that took great measure to bring house Claddath to its end. Kalradian Xelkar, the Ulfaerz'un'arr of House Claddath plotted greatly against the Ilharess and her underlings. Taking great caution of his schemes he oft times hired underlings of the forsaken drow clans who worshiped only the victory of their recent kill to act upon his wishes to assassinate or to infiltrate and falsify documentation of all noble house even his own.

Kalradian Xelkar, wanted to rule the Underdark, and cared not who he had to destroy to get it. He began planting evidences of assassins on other noble houses within the fortress of the House Claddath. As the Ilharess began to receive these reports and rumors of who was doing this forbidden act, the other noble houses began taking action against her. Kalradian Xelkar consorted with the young Ilharess of the House Brakar, drugging her slowly into addiction and total dependence on him, to his advantage of control of the house. Working through his power over Zelania Brakar, he gathered the powers of the other houses and proclaimed to the C'rintrin that House Claddath was plotting against all the noble houses and wished to take control of all the Underdark and that he insisted that they exile the whole of the Noble house and banish them to the upper realms, to never return to the underdark.

The C'rintrin took the situation under strict consideration. The final decision was made, however, House Claddath (Heretic) will be exiled along with all members, banished into the upper realms and any member caught trying to return will be publicly tortured and executed for all to remember what happens to traitors. Anyone caught attempting to help any member of House Claddath would suffer the same fate.

All the members of House Heretic fled the Underdark realm, gathering all the belongings and equipment they could carry and journeyed to the upper realms hoping to gain safety and a new residence within the protection of their upper realm ally, The Kingdom of Dawn.

Years passed, and House Claddath found favor with Eilistraee through the prayers and devotion of Ilharess Sil'andrath Claddath. Eilistraee bade Sil'andrath to set aside her first daughter in devotion to Eilistraee, as an emissary to rescue the fallen Illythiri from the Underdark, at least among those who may come to the light. So House Claddath returned to the underdark, and for twelve generations, sought out and saved those in the Spider's Web that could be saved. Close ties with the Kingdom of Dawn on the surface helped, and always the fey were watching out for those of the Covenant down below.

Some say remnants of House Claddath still remain, scattered in places in the Underdark, some pretending to be Lolthites. And who knows who might be brought to the Light from their effort? The Dark Maiden waits.