House Ussen'd'Vhid

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House Ussen'd'Vhid
Faction Type Drow House
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Colours Dark blue, Black and Silver outlines.
Symbol Phase spider partially emerging from black background.
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Matron Eclav'llara Ussen d'Vhid
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Location Continent, Underdark
Religion Lloth
Status Alive


Quellar Ussen d'Vhid is a Drow house formed at the time or briefly after the fall of Ultrinnan from Ultrinnan noble house, House Kil'ani, merchant clan of Mae'ana, and elements from House Xull'd'Vharcan.

It is now located in the newly formed drow city of Edonil. Their house is located in the cavern where the Temple is.


The houses members (atleast the leader) want's you to find out IC:ly more of what they are like, rather than have anything here on the wiki, so don't be afraid to approach them IC!