Leggomi Indrire

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Played by Leggomi Eggolas

Leggomi Indrire

Quote: "Why on Toril would you have just thrown that away?!"
Race Moon Elf
Gender Male
Age 190+
Height 5'2"
Hair Shiny Blonde
Eyes Blue
Alignment Chaotic Good
Classes Arcane Archer
Affiliations And Titles N/A
Former Affiliations And Titles Oakmist Vale: Council Ranger
Current Residence Amia Forest
Player Leggomi Eggolas

Basic Description

Spry and energetic, only infrequently might he be seen sitting still; and his fluid, lithe movements might lead one to think that he were trying to dance rather than walk. He often skirts the edges of any gathering of people, slipping by unnoticed, unheeded, or sometimes completely unseen. In general, he can be seen with a bow that’s almost as tall as he is.

He seems not atypical of his race, and physically, he is unimposing. An Elf Male with fair, unaged skin and shiny light-blonde hair; he is about 5’2”, and a little over a hundred pounds. He has a faint scar on his jawline that traces down his neck to the collar of his shirt.

He looks to be a young adult, but timeless as the elves are, he could be almost any age. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to think he is young. He seems fairly immature, flighty, and prone to distraction by his very short attention span. He speaks in common in an awkward and unconfident manner, often making seemingly foolish mistakes in speech and diction. If one were to hear him speak in his native language, his voice resonates with the same sort of presence that an orator might have.

He has an affinity for Archery, Magic, and the Natural World. When he is not participating in activities related to these things; he usually can be found singing, practicing speech, dancing, or some other seemingly trivial activity. Perhaps his weakness is that he is prone to sloth, and indifference to many ‘serious’ issues. But should fate pressure him into action, his personality can change into solemn, single-mindedness.

In the end, he isn’t as unpredictable or enigmatic as he might come across on first acquaintance. He has the same presence of mind as someone with a reasonable amount of rationality and intellect. He is an actor, from either lack of confidence and his sense of himself, or for some other reason known only to him.

Pre-Amia History