Lilith Marsters

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Played by AlannaMolov

Lilith Marsters

Quote: "May Selune's light shine on you always.”
Race Human
Age 38
Height/Weight 5'6", 145 lbs
Hair Straw blonde, generally gathered in a messy bun.
Eyes Common blue
Gender Female
Classes Cleric
Affiliations And Titles

High Priestess of Selune

Former Affiliations And Titles N/A
Current Residence Wharftown
Religion Selunite
Known Languages Common
Player AlannaMolov

Basic Description

Matronly, with kind eyes and strong, callused hands, Lilith is no stranger to charity or hard work. Anyone seeking refuge in Wharftown's temple is welcomed warmly by her, but those who would threaten the safety of the settlement and the sanctity of the temple are dealt with swiftly and without remorse.

A staff topped with a sharp crescent moon, the length inlaid with symbols of femininity and the mysteries of the night sky wrought in mother of pearl, never leaves her hand.