Malik el Sami yn Nasser

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Malik el Sami yn Nasser, a human former merchant from Calimshan, the Seraph of Lies and a Chosen of Cyric.

Early life

Malik lived as a merchant in the City of Brilliance until the first prince of the local Caliph took a liking to Malik's wife. Intentionally oblivious to his wife unfaithfulness, Malik's household is frequently visited by the young prince. When one day the Caliph receives a letter from Zhentil Keep relating the story of the Cyrinishad and a request for loyal spies to be dispatched to watch over the temples of Oghma (and his servant gods Gond, Milil and Deneir), Mystra (and her servants Azuth, Savras and Velsharoon) and Kelemvor. There the spies were to watch for the appearance of the stolen Cyrinishad carried by the paladin Gwydion the Quick and Rinda the Scribe.

Malik is sent by the Caliph, his wife left in the tender care of the first prince, and for years he travels the Western Heartlands disguised as a humble beggar, until, he encounters Gwydion outside Candlekeep. He sends word to the church, and an army is gathered to lay siege to the old library-fortress.

Trial of Cyric the Mad (warning, spoiler)

He plays a vital role in restoring Cyric's sanity. Cyric had been caught in his own web of lies by reading the Cyrinishad and thus rendered insane. Malik was called to testify in Cyric's trial (see Cyric). Mystra had invoked powerful magic to prevent even the gods from lying during the trial. Though when the mortal Malik was affected by the magic intened for gods he lost his ability to lie all together. During the trial Malik reads aloud from the True Life of Cyric and Cyric regains his sanity. He was rewarded for this service by being made the Seraph of Lies, Chosen of Cyric.


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