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Mariha Feral: Character Opinions


Alanna Molov

  • Even your name is beautiful.... You are one of the first people I met in the Grove, and by far the most complicated. A study in contradictions - your are strong yet vulnerable, competent yet self-deprecating, experienced yet naive. You brings up such strong feelings in me that I am often confused around you. I even find myself trying to imitate you - the sincerest form of flattery, they say. You've been through a lot of difficult times, both long ago and in the recent past - I would delight in destroying the drow that tortured you and kept you from me all those months. Nevertheless, I feel at times that we have a great deal in common, that we are sisters in adversity. When you are in the Grove, I want to sit and drink tea and talk with you all night. When you tell me of your pain I yearn to protect and comfort you like a mother. When you walk in the woods I want to follow and learn from you, like a younger sister. When I am hurting or in need, I want you to hold me and tell me that it will be all right, like a daughter. That one night that I spent with you was the most beautiful night of my life, and I was absolutely grief-stricken when you disappeared. It took me months to recover, and now that you've returned I find that I am still intensely attracted to you - my throat closes up and my heart pounds whenever I see you. It is only with the greatest of difficulty that I can hold back from throwing myself into your arms, but I have bonded myself to another and will not jeopardize that for anything.
  • I still can't resist thinking about you, but you seem to have been able to move on where I was unable to. Though the thought of never even kissing you again pains me, I will respect your wishes. You don't seem to want my help, either, and I cannot force it on you. I just hope you don't overreach yourself. I would be devastated if something happened to you.
  • I don't think that my opinions of or feelings for you will ever change, Alanna. Please be careful and don't try so hard to get yourself in trouble.

Alicera Ve'heer

  • I've heard your name around town, but never met you until the other day, when you appeared before me and Jaqueline and demanded that I stay away from her. Impetuous and foolhardy person that I am, I talked back and was rewarded with a severe beating and the loss of both hands. You are evil and malicious and I hope that you eventually get what you deserve for all you have done to people, Jaqueline included. However, I do not fear you, as I do not fear my own death. So don't expect me to cower before you, bitch.
  • Believe it or not, I don't hate you personally - I hate what you've done to my dear Jaqueline. I smiled when I heard that Ania had discorporated you, and I rejoiced to find your "wedding ring" discarded on Jaq's cot in the Salandran Temple after you killed me there. I'll be happy if I never have anything to do with you ever again, but as long as you are out of Jaq's life and soul I really don't care about you one way or the other.

Alitha Melie

  • Grove Mother. When I first came to Oakmist Vale, I thought you kind but a bit distant. Now that I know how much you do for everyone and how busy you are, I am amazed that you find the time to take care of us all. I know that if I need someone to talk to, you will be there for me - you've helped me through some very difficult times. I would die for you (and have). I know that I have disappointed you, but I must take a stand for what I believe. I still love you and will always look upon you as my mother. *huggles*
  • I was disgusted by your role in that incident with the drow that sparked the (temporary) schism between the Shrine and the Grove, and I take it as a sign of how close you've come to his way of thinking. I'm saddened to see you defending Theos Gend with such intensity, and I can only pray that you will not let your dedication to the Grove be twisted and that you will always be there to moderate his fanaticism.
  • Marrying Theos? Honestly, I can't fathom what you see in the man. That incident with the drow, and various other changes in you, is a big part of the reason I no longer live in the Grove.

Ania Alea'ettln

  • Your experiences have made you bitter and led you to try to drown your sorrows in anger and drink. I've tried to reach you with love and kind words, and I think that I've at least cracked your facade. I can tell that you do have something to offer and I hope that you can find it yourself. Don't hide from love.
  • I am gladdened by your decision to give up drinking.
  • Thank you so much for killing Alicera. I know you had your own reasons that have nothing to do with me but, believe me, I consider what you did almost as a personal favour.

Centafolia Briams

  • I considered you a friend, or at least a good acquaintance, but lately you've been acting like a real bitch. I understand how you feel about the drow, but many of us have (or have had) those feelings as well and have gotten over them (myself and Anadra to name just two). You've become hateful and rejected your family. I will always try to be polite to you in hopes of being able to welcome you back, but I do have limits. Don't make any more cracks about Mirhûn either.

Chiania Dancingleaf

  • You are pretty, carefree and playful, and you enjoy wandering around in various animal forms - I can recognize you most of the time now. I wish you weren't so afraid of heights, as the treehouse is a great place to sit and talk. You may not be the wisest person in your choice of acquaintances, associating with pirates & other characters of dubious nature, but you've never been other than kind and friendly to me. I've also met some very nice people through you. I used to really enjoy your company and your sense of humour, but lately you've become more paranoid and spend most of your time in animal form. I do wish you'd get over this thing about your sister Rose trying to kill you - if anything has made us grow apart, it's that.
  • Well, I thought it was Caspian you were going to fall in love with, but it looks like this pirate turned out to be the one. I am amazed at how you've changed - you've given up your armour, your helmets, your constant shapeshifting, even a lot of your paranoia, and have returned to being the pretty young woman I met in the Grove so many years ago. You're even wearing nice clothes and a new hairstyle. Now that is an amazing transformation! I love it, Chi - keep it up!

Clasah Hla'mitore (Wolfpaw)

  • I don't know you well at all. I get the feeling you're always around, but I never see you. When I do, you are usually quiet except for the occasional biting comment. I've experienced your hostility and don't like it. I think of you as a cat, watching everything that goes on and occasionally twitching your tail. If you were a shifter, I think you'd be a tigress. Still, I have to both admire and thank you for your devotion to Elishia - without you I never would have found her.
  • Every time you leave Shania and disappear into the wilderness for months on end, you stab Elishia to the heart because she loves you so dearly and can't bear the thought of you being gone forever. You and I will never see eye to eye on most things, but you are important to me because of how you affect Elishia and Shania. I think that we might actually get to a point where the four of us can be together without the occasion being marred by hostility between us two, and I look forward to that day.

Cormyran Leafblight

  • Your name turned me off immediately - I thought it was some sick joke on your part. Being a drow didn't help either. I let my prejudices guide me in my behaviour toward you., but when the clockworks attacked the Grove and I saw you fighting side by side with Alitha, I knew you could be trusted. I'm sorry for the way I acted. I'm still not sure how I feel - I don't know if we'll ever be friends, but I do have respect for you now. I wish you were still around - the Grove could use you.

Dradia Burrensto

  • I first met you in company with Alitha and Mirhûn at the Salandran Temple. Apparently Mirhûn met you while he was living in Bendir Dale. I don't know you well but I have spent some time with you. You seem always helpful and pleasant. Haven't seen you recently, though.
  • I was glad to have the opportunity of working with you in the Salandran Temple during the drow plague. You are competent and dedicated, though you seem to easily take a subordinate position when I've no doubt you could do more. I suspect you may know more than I about certain types of potions, and I'd be eager to learn from you, should you care to teach.

Draelic De'lier

  • Saw you one day in the forest with a band of similar thugs. I've worked hard over the last year to overcome my prejudiced, racist thought patterns and behaviours. Still, if there is such a thing as a "typical" drow, you seem to be it. A friend and I followed you to the Nomad, to find out that you are a toy of that Donnia Vandree bitch. Stay away, scum. And that goes particularly for House Arabett and drow in general.

Elishia (Feral)

  • My very own elven barbarian warrior woman. I honestly don't know what first attracted me to you. When Clasah set us up I was involved with Wiggan, but your straightforward interest in me caught my attention and held it. Your honesty and directness meant that I never had to work to figure you out, though I did struggle to avoid lying to you while still not distressing you about my own relationships, which took some time to work out. While I may regret the pasts that did not happen, I celebrate the future we have together and unashamedly offer myself to you body and soul in the deepest bond two elven women can have together. Your touch excites me and your love completes me. You are my mate, my wife, my diamond princess, my snow queen. I can no longer imagine being without you, and I have so many dreams for us while we grow old together in the centuries ahead. I am so sorry that Mathair did not live, as I hoped she'd be as much our daughter as Mirhûn's and mine. Still, I could never have gotten through that loss without you. You make me so happy every moment that I am with you. "Mariha love Elishia forever."
  • Elishia, my love... I know that I've hurt you, especially because of my involvement with the Shrine and - particularly - with Jaqueline. I can't explain what drives me to her even when I'm with you, because I don't understand it myself. Nor do I expect you to believe me when I tell you that regardless of what may have happened with her or what I feel for her, you are still - and always will be - the only one with whom I wish to truly join my soul. If you believe that it will help us to leave Amia together (just for a while?) then I will do so, because I love you to the end of life, and even beyond the ends of time and space.

Elizabeth D'Val Delemiture

  • I just can't help myself - another beautiful woman, I was attracted to you even before I knew that about myself. Don't take it personally, but I've since come to the conclusion that it was because you reminded me in some ways of Alanna. I always enjoyed your company, even if you were a bit strange or superior at times - you were even more so when you returned after your long, long absence (training with a dragon, I think you said?), but my attraction for you still held. Since I was with Wiggan at about that time, finding that you and she were an item was a bit of a shock. Still, making love with you was an incredible experience. I hope you do come back again some day.

Elrendel Kelteel

  • Another solid, dependable Protector whom I've not seen in quite some time, unfortunately. Though my memories are a bit hazy, I recall that you were often by my side while I was recovering in the Salandran Temple (from a fall, I think). You always ask how I'm doing and seem genuinely interested in my welfare. I know that if I am in need I can count on you for help.

Gillaria Avares

  • I really admire your skill with the bow and wish I could be as good as you are. You sometimes seem as mixed up with relationships as I am, which is kind of funny since you are older than I, but I guess the wisdom of age doesn't necessarily cover all topics. You're an attractive woman and I could have been very interested in you under the right circumstances, but as it is I'll have to content myself with some occasional flirting. I like you a lot and don't want to lose the friendship and respect I have from you.
  • Am I crazy? What is it with me, that I find myelf drawn to women who are constantly having problems with men? You, Val, Jaq... ah well, I do hope you manage to work things out for the best (and I mean the best for you, not for some man!). You are an amazing teacher and I look forward to learning so much more from you.

Mariha Feral: Character Opinions