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Mariha Feral: Character Opinions


Jaqueline Fend (Do'Ndar)

  • I don't know you well, but I've always felt that we could have been very good friends, though I'm not really sure why.... Mirhûn has told me a bit about some of the difficulties you've gone through, including your breakup with Wandrian. Is it my mothering instinct coming to the fore again? I don't know. I understand that you are close to Mirhûn, but it still hurt me when you lashed out at me for breaking off my engagement with him. Perhaps I was hoping for a little more sympathy from another woman, but I cannot honestly hold your reaction against you. I hope that we will some day become friends.
  • I heard long ago that you had fallen in with Alicera, but were trying to win free; you have failed, though I think there is still something inside of you fighting against her. I know that I can reach you - I just wish that you wouldn't sink back down again. It is so hard, trying to hold you up. I hope you don't end up dragging me down. Nevertheless, I will do what I can for you.
  • My beautiful Lady J ~ Alicera finally seems to have given up on you, for which I rejoice. I am sorry if my love for you has been difficult to bear, but it has given me the strength to stand up against that soul-sucking bitch who held your life in her grip, and to go into the underdark looking for a cure for the plague you contracted. I've told you how I feel about you, and I hope you will always remember it even if we can never act on it. Your relationships with Casper, and now Valafein, hurt me, but as I can't give you what I'd like, I honestly have no claim on your passions. Whatever you do, I want you to be happy.


  • I met you in the swamps one day, not long after Alanna left me. I enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with you, your unique mixture of shyness and passion, and rapidly fell in love with you. When that pimply-faced Cordorian guardsman who's name I've not bothered to commit to memory proposed to you (then disappeared) and Tanis Moonbeam came sneaking around, I made my own proposal of marriage, but you went off to find your fiance and figure out what your feelings were. I am still bitter about that, particularly since I forced myself to move on and then you told me - too late! - that you really wanted to be with me. The world has turned and we can't be lovers any more, but I will always care deeply for you and will do whatever I can for you should you need me.
  • I've seen you again, if only briefly, but long enough to know that you still hold my heart as well. As with so many of my other lovers, the curse of "what might have been" haunts me daily. Being with you is a delicious torture that I can't endure for long - only my vows to Elishia keep me from your arms. As much as I want to, I hope that I never fall again, because it would kill her... and me.


  • My dear panther companion. Since my parents were slain and I lived with your pride in the jungles of Chult, you have been my constant companion, even leaving your home to travel with me all the way to Amia. I feel your strength when I am with you and I miss you when you are away. You will always be my sister.

Leggomi Indrire

  • Once called "Eggolas". Light-hearted elf and Alanna's lover, I used to enjoy your pleasant company. You could be quite the joker when you wanted, or a deadly opponent when necessary. You disappeared about the same time as Alanna, and when I saw you again months later you appeared hopelessly insane.... I have to admit that I was always jealous of you because of your relationship with Alanna.

Malak Blackheart

  • Also known as Malak Whisperwind. You seem like a nice guy, Malak, but for some reason I'm not sure about you. Perhaps I fear the unpredictability of shifters (though I'm used to Chiania & Wiggan now, and Alanna hardly ever changes form), or perhaps I'm just not sure where your sudden love for me came from. I was rather shocked when you professed it to me, and it was mean and selfish of me to take advantage of you the way I did - I had to put you down fairly hard afterward, and I'm sorry that I hurt you. I understand how it feels, believe me - but it would never have worked.
  • I've since heard since that the people from your home finally tracked you down... I'm sorry about your sister and I regret that I never got to meet her. I wonder where you've got to now?
  • Now that you have left Amia, I hope to find a better life somewhere, I wonder sometimes about how I treated you. I honestly can't come up with any alternative to the way I did act, which sort of saddens me, because I know only too well how it is to want to give of your love and yet be unable to. I will keep your father's ring as a memory of you and the love you had for me.

Mathair Feral

  • My daughter by Mirhûn Thinker, you breathed only a few breaths before passing to the west. Some would say that the child of a druid and a wizard is unnatural, or that a gnome and an elf could not conceive, but the gods nevertheless blessed me with a girl whom I bore to term; that you died was perhaps a message to me that I am destined for other things. It still hurts me so much to have carried you for so long only to give you up, but when I look to the sky and see the moon after which I named you, I feel that you are with me still and always will be.
  • I know that you are with me, and have been since the day my soul began its journey through the afterlife. We are joined together for eternity - at times I feel your touch on my face, and your heart beating along with mine. You are a part of me, though it is difficult to feel you clearly in this hard, bright world. I long to rejoin you, to be together with you in the afterlife once again (and with my dearest Elishia). Because I know that you are there beyond the portal of death, I will never again fear passing through that dark gate for the final time.

Miralia Liadie

  • The near-naked norn of the north. To see you come striding out of the blowing Brogendenstein snow to rescue me from a fate brought about by my own pathetic inadequacy in combat is indeed a sight for sore eyes. And what a sight you are, too.

Mirhûn Thinker

  • My ex-lover and one-time fiance. I first met you in Cordor's northern frontier region, not long after I had escaped that cesspit of a city myself. You were examining the flowers by the side of the road, accompanied by your panther Tiara. I'd never have spoken to you - a non-elf - if it hadn't been for her, but I was impressed by your interest in and love of nature, and your admission that you had as a youth wanted to be a Druid. I led you to Bendir Dale, where you took up residence for a while, and we spent time exploring the surrounding regions together. I've found you to be caring, gallant, loving, sympathetic, helpful, intelligent and protective. I'll never forget the first time we were together as lovers. When you proposed marriage to me I walked on air for days afterward, but then I loved Alanna and nothing could ever be the same again. I am sorry for breaking your heart, but I am glad that we've been able to talk since. I often see you in Cordor now and always enjoy talking to you. You certainly shocked me by turning into a Balor in the arena the one time I went - obviously a lot happened to you while I was dealing with my own issues. I know you've been through some horrific adventures, and the loss of our daughter Mathair was as hard for you as it was for me. Nevertheless, I know you will always be the kind, helpful and caring individual I loved so long ago.
  • Thank you so much, dear Mirhûn, for taking care of me after Alicera cut off my hands. Please don't go and do anything foolish (unlike me!), as you are truly needed in Mystra's Tower and in the world. People like you make a difference - don't deprive us of your presence.

Ohlde Mann

  • I don't know you as well as I do Elren or Siveyn, but I know that you're one of the Grove's front-line defenders. Another solid, dependable individual who can be counted on to render aid and assistance at a moment's notice.

Rurik Saiht-tam

  • You are a fine druid and a good fighter and were always ready to lend a helping hand to me. I respect you and regret that I have not seen you in so long - the Grove needs you and those like you who seriously love their duty to nature but at the same time can see how the Grove fits into the larger picture.

Mariha Feral: Character Opinions