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Mariha Feral: Character Opinions


Shania Wolfpaw

  • You are, I think, the third person I met in the Grove. You have helped me immeasurably in overcoming my prejudices and distrust of non-elves. Wise and helpful, you often seem somewhat distant, as if dispensing your knowledge or counsel from on high. Unfortunately, you're a lot like Theos in many respects, including an apparent belief in violence as a means of solving certain problems. Since meeting Elishia, though, I have come to know you better, and have seen your fanaticism mellow somewhat. We still will not always see eye to eye, but I respect you and care for you and will always give serious consideration to anything you say.
  • I know that you are hurt when Clasah leaves, and this last time I made sure to tell her so. I hope that you and she can work things out. I have a dream of two couples - you and Clasah, me and Elishia - spending our evenings around the same fire, talking and laughing. Is that silly? Perhaps, but isn't it a beautiful dream?

Sig Starrlind

  • Haha! Sig, you are quite the rogue (literally!), but a lot of fun to be around, with your strange attraction to chocolate milk and all... You have quite the sense of humour and seem more intelligent at depth than one might think at first glance. I've always found your company enjoyable and looked forward to more adventures. Sadly, we have grown apart, though I still find myself thinking of you from time to time and wishing we could go adventuring together again.
  • He's back! It was great to see you again, Sig... I'd forgotten how much fun you were. I hope that I can find more time to spend with you and your friends.

Siveyn Silverarrow

  • Siveyn, you were one of the first people I met in the Grove, along with Alanna. At the time I got the impression that you were more of a fighter than wise, but I've since changed my mind. I have always found you willing to help and possessed of a streak of good humour. Sometimes you seem a bit nervous around me, but perhaps that's my imagination. You call me sister, but I think of you more as a wise uncle, and I laugh when I call you that because it bothers you to no end. I was very surprised to learn that you've been in the Grove since the time that Guthma was bound.
  • I was very disappointed that you sided so strongly with Theos against me and Shania - I have obviously misjudged you in a number of respects.
  • I practically tore your head off when you had the nerve to suggest that Mathair's death was due to Mirhun's being a wizard, but you truly deserved a lightning bolt or three for that. Clasah said the same, but that sort of spitefulness did not surprise me, coming from her - not from my dear "Uncle Siveyn". I don't think that things will ever quite be the same between us.

Theos Gend

  • Hmmmm. What can I say... Theos, you are well known for your dislike of drow and your unashamedly aggressive policy toward them. Personally, I find you to be distant and dismissive, too occupied with Grove matters or your own affairs to condescend to speak to me. As a result, I have generally tended to be polite and stay out of your way. I have seen how your fanaticism has negative repercussions for the grove and have finally had to take a stand, unpopular though it may be - while I can see that you are a fine and dedicated druid, I do not think that you should be the one to lead the Grove.
  • Since I... left, you have made numerous changes in the way the Grove is run. As that's what I was agitating for all along, I suppose I'll have to be content with how you have dealt with most of the issues that were raised. Personally, I don't know if we will ever be more than civil to each other, but I don't really care. Just take care of the Grove and of Alitha and we shouldn't have any more problems.
  • At last I can finally call myself a true Druidess, having completed my trials and having received my staff. I know that you can strip me of them should we ever disagree, but in my heart I am a Druidess, and nothing will ever change that. I don't say this to flaunt your authority, or to antagonize you, but more as an indicator of my indifference to you. Because I have died, I don't fear death; because I am a druid, I do not fear not being called one. I will continue to work for the Grove because caring for it it is a part of my duties as a priestess of Chauntea (Gaea) and Obad-hai.

Valafein Do'Ndar

  • Once married to Valkirya, now to [[Jaqueline Fend|Jaqueline}}. You messed up badly with Val, and I heard about how you treated Gillaria as well. That apart, I've found you to be good company and a generally nice person, someone I would trust beside (well, in front of) me in a fight. And I do have some (very slight) sympathy for your inability to commit to one person. Nevertheless, if you end up causing Jaq any hurt, I am going to be very... upset.

Valkirya Kraster'il'maenith Claddath

  • I met you either through Chiania or Alanna, and I've gone on a few expeditions with you. I've always enjoyed the time I spent with you and I would have liked to have had you as a lover, though I got the distinct impression you weren't interested in me that way. Regardless, I really enjoy your company, I love to listen to you laugh, and I always look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you better - unfortunately, you are so popular that its difficult to be alone with you. I freely admit that if I have one overriding reason for going on the High Moon Hunts, it is to see both you and Wiggan skyclad.
  • Has the fae part of your personality become you? You often seem flighty, emotional or inconsistent these days, or is it just that I'm seeing you more through hearsay or other peoples eyes than my own? As always, I enjoy talking to you and hearing your laugh. I would like to spend some time together and get reacquainted.

Vyashir Indrire

  • Alanna introduced me to you, Leggomi's brother. I've always been a bit leery of you, since you don't seem to be quite... all there - does this run in the family or something? Frankly, powerful but insane mages make me nervous. When Chiania began spending a lot of time with you I noticed that she started becoming more and paranoid, which transformation I naturally blamed on you. I'm still not convinced that you weren't responsible, but I have apologized to you for my hostility, in hopes that we can at least be civil to each other.
  • Well. You and Alanna... and Leggomi, of course. The two (three?) of you seem well suited to each other, now that I look at you together. Ah, the "what might have beens" - I chuckle to think how I would have fitted into that little arrangement had things been otherwise. But that world is not this one, and I am definitely the odd one out. That aside, I cant help but fume at how the two of you have led each other from apparent disaster to apparent disaster - will you by all the gods try to settle down and not go poking your noses into thing? I pray that Alanna survives all that has happened to her because of her love for you and the kindness that her heart holds for her friends. Though this is backward from the usual way of things, I have the feeling that it might appeal to your sense of irony - I will dare to call you a friend (though you may not like the "honour") because you can always count on my help if either of you are in trouble.

Wandrian Tzigane

  • Are all wizards insane? Well, maybe you aren't insane, exactly, just... eccentric. Mirhûn introduced me to you when we became engaged, and I was enchanted by (and a little nervous of) your kindness and generosity. Since we broke up, I've seen you a few times under other circumstances, including rescuing me from the consequences of my own impetuosity in the beastman caves. I haven't seen you recently but I do admire and respect you. Obviously there was a lot more going on than I was aware of, but I thought that you and Jaqueline made a perfect couple, and I was sorry when you two went your separate ways.

Wiggan Kenlyl Claddath

  • I think I first met you on the adventure with the magic cow, but it was some time before I sought you out again. I came to the Shrine of Eilistraee with Jazzhara and watched you dance before her; your intense sexuality and openness stuck in my mind, so that when she left me I deliberately sought you out - I felt that I could benefit from your wisdom and hoped that I could experience your touch. We have had some tense times together, and some joyful times, and my only regret is that I did not understand your Eilistraeean way of loving - when I told you that I had found my true life mate, I did not understand how hurt you would be, for which I truly apologize. There will always be a place in my heart for you and you can always count on me to help you in any way I can, as with the other women who have been my lovers. Perhaps I am more Eilistraeean in that respect than I admit to myself...
  • When I saw you with Alicera - the implication that the two of you were together (and, even worse, not denied by you) and the fact that you seemed to believe her lies about Jaqueline over my words - something died in my heart. I still have yet to hear that story from you.

Mariha Feral: Character Opinions