Mebrinade Ameshalen

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Played by TheWonWon

Mebrinade Ameshalen

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Quote: "My twin blades shall carve my destiny."
Race Moon Elf
Gender Female
Age Category Post Adolescent
Height 5'4"
Hair Midnight Blue
Eyes Deep Blue
Alignment Neutral Good
Classes Rogue 14
Fighter 4
Champion of Erevan Ilesere 3
Affiliations And Titles None recorded.
Former Affiliations And Titles None recorded.
Current Residence Winya Ravana; Outdoors.
Religion Erevan Ilesere
Player TheWonWon


Mebrinade, due to her talents, can change almost at a whim - from her appearances, voices, to almost become entirely different people with the skill of one performing their art. Thus, all of the information within this page is only going to detail her current persona. While she does possess a 'true' appearance, it will likely never be detailed here.


Standing at five-foot four-inches, Mebrinade stands around the average height for a Faerûnian Moon Elf, with a thin and willowy form with trained muscles built for movement and grace. Remarkably light on her feet and always moving, Mebrinade gives off the impression of a fae in an elf's guise, dancing her days away through her various façades.

Seeming at home in almost any situation, her clothing following suit, ranging from flowing woodland robes to tight-fitting acrobatic suits to bulky full-plate armors, without any regard to the thoughts of others when doing such.


Cheerful to all limits, Mebrinade is a devout worshipper of the Fey Jester and has no problems showing it, consistently trying to have fun and ensure that those around her are doing the same. Slowly growing more and more well known through Cordor and Winya Ravana, it's increasingly hard for most (including herself) to take her seriously in any manner, preferring to keep her spirits high and her laughter true as opposed to allowing more serious and pressing matters to dampen her mind.

Also an actor at heart, Mebrinade finds limitless joy in altering her appearance to fit into various stereotypes, utilizing her martial prowess and ease with heavy armours to ensure that any act can be performed without any considerable problems.