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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.
Moltiner 'Molt' Gashon

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Quote: "To Live by the sword is to Die by the sword."
Race Human
Age Deceased
Height 6ft
Weight 210 lb.
Skin Fair
Hair Dark Blonde; kept in a ponytail
Eyes Electric Blue
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Gender Male
Classes Cleric 24

Champion of Torm 6

Affiliations And Titles Bloodglory of Tempus
Former Affiliations And Titles Order of the Flaming Blade, Warbearer of the Flaming Blade, Warlord of the Flaming Blade.
Current Residence N/A
Family Mashak Gashon (Son with Vyasa Dirge; Deceased)
Religion Tempus
Languages Elven, Common, Draconic, Illuskan
Player Camthrax Paledoom

Played by Camthrax Paledoom.


Moltiner "Molt" Gashon is a human of around 35 years of age at last count (no one is really sure just how old he is, not even himself, He's long since fought too many wars to count).

Molt follows the War God, Tempus, with a devotion bordering on the insane. He is known to be reasonably kind when not in battle, thinking with his heart rather than his head, and has been arrested for such on many an occasion; including but not limited to putting kobolds in bags of holding.

General Appearance

Molt stands at about six feet in height, with bright bright eyes and long dark blond hair that is generally pulled back at the nape of his neck into a ponytail. His face is covered in a thick blond mustache and beard, kept trimmed to keep up a neat and clean appearance.

This man, who once had a handsome face, is now scarred all over. The ritualistic tattoos on his body seem to be covered in scars as well.

These tattoos are fairly varied - on his back, written in Elven is, "To the loving memory of my wife, Sash'a. May she rest in peace." A small blue star can be seen tattooed on his neck.


Moltiner is known to be a fairly friendly guy, quick with a joke or some other cheeky remark when the situation calls for it. He is more likely to think with his heart than his head, and because of this, his reactions to people and events are sometimes considered rash. He is extremely loyal and honorable, and the people he is loyal to are protected fiercely and without question - Vyasa and her daughter in particular.

However, this emotional thinking also caused him to drop his guard far too easily, particularly if he hears a story that strikes a nerve in him.

He also tends to be overly prideful and intolerant of insubordination and incompetence, the latter getting to him far quicker as he thinks everything needs to be done to his standards. This strive for perfection leads to Molt being constantly over worked and tired, though he tries to never let it show.

He is fierce in battle and is generally forceful in his opinions, although he does appear to have an unusual love of lute and guitar music - typically being played at unusually high speeds with unique sequences of notes. It appears to be one of the few things he'll stop and let himself enjoy.

Pre-Amian History

Raised in a Circus from the day of his birth, his mother and father being acrobats, Moltiner has always had a fascination with Fire. This became all too apparent, when, one day, at the age of 7, He managed to set a bundle of hay on fire. with his bare hands. His parents were amazed, they did not know that there was even a trace of the arcane in his family bloodlines, indeed, no-one had shown talent with it as long as they could remember. From that day on, until the age of 18, Moltiner Gashon was known as the "Proficient Pyromancer".

The day Molt turned 18, however, was a sad one. His parents had been driving him too hard. After an argument with his father, over pay from the last show they had put on in Baldur's Gate, he almost exploded. Literally. His body became covered in flames, although not showing any sign of pain, and he Ran. He did not stop running...

Eventually, after he had... "Cooled down", so to speak, he found himself in the city of Neverwinter, some time after the plagues had left the city. There, he met two thieves. Man'dras, a half elf with a knack for pickpocketing, and Sash'a, and elf with the uncanny ability to remain hidden in shadow, and to enter buildings with ease. These three became fast friends, Moltiner distracting crowds, whilst Man'dras would lift purses from pockets, and Sash'a would steal fruit and bread from local stalls.

After a year of flirting, Moltiner finally worked up the courage to ask for Sash'a's hand in marriage. She accepted gladly, and they were wed within 6 months. The following two years were blissful. Moltiner, at the time, was about 23.

Then, there came the night of the accident.

OOC Note: Moltiner will never truly speak of this, and what happened brings back too much memories. He will simply state that his wife found herself on a noose for thievery.

They had planned a raid on a noble's house. Moltiner had managed to get invited in, the noble having heard of the young lad's talents with fires of all shapes and hues. Whilst he was entertaining the nobleman, Sash'a was to burgle the house as well as she could. Man'dras had "fallen ill" at the time, and was unable to participate.

Little did they know, Man'dras had sold them out.

Moltiner watched, standing invisible after escaping, as they hung his wife from the noose at dawn. He left Neverwinter that night.

He wandered for the next two years, performing mercantile work, often with other sorcerers, and he "learned" more of the art from them, as much as any sorcerer learns the art.

After a bad run in with some Hobgoblins, Moltiner decided to take the next boat he could find. And... he ended up in Amia, always wearing a hood around his head.

Brief Amian History

After spending many years residing in the Tower of Mystra, learning how to control his talent, Moltiner eventually met up with the stern warrior, Vashen Dirge. Vashen introduced Molt to the ways of the Red Knight, and started him on the road to finding the path of the warrior himself. Moltiner eventually joined with the Order of the Flaming Blade, started his worship of Tempus, as it suited his personality more, and he seemed to fit in better with that. Moltiner has fought in wars, both on the island and off, ever since. He recently joined the Battle Clergy of Tempus, and has shown great prowess in that time, finally happy to be able to swing an Axe without looking like a little elven girl about it.

A few years after joining the Order, Molt's close friend and Vashen's wife, Vyasa, disappeared, taking her young daughter Valeria with her. Her action crushed many in the Order, and most resigned to leave her be. Some months later, Molt inadvertantly found the young elf again while traveling in Ankh'remun. Originally wanting to keep her hidden, Molt refused to acknowledge her in public, but attachment gave way to stubbornness and they began meeting in secret. Eventually, the two decided to leave Amia together after Molt confronted Vashen. With Vyasa pregnant again with his child, and Molt knowing his 'end' was near, it seemed like the best choice. And so, Molt saved up what gold he could and bought him and Vy passage off of Amia.

As expected, his death came honorably off the island, along with that of fellow Order member Mashak's. Vyasa was the only one to survive the ordeal. His body was sent to a local Tempuran church, along with Mashak's, to be buried with full rites and honors as per Vyasa's wishes.

OOC: Moltiner is a deceased character and will not be returning. If I eventually get around to it, I will post the stories of his adventures up until his death.

Moltiner's Companions

Puddy (Familiar; Deceased)


  • Species : Panther
  • Body Length : 5'3
  • Tail : 2'1
  • Shoulder Height : 2'
  • Weight : 100kg, Muscle.


Moltiner's familiar, lovingly named "Puddy" was typical of a large predatory cat, although this particular one followed its masters commands to the letter and, until the day the cat passed, remained a loyal and protective friend.

Moltiner's Gear

The Bloodtrocutor

Moltiner's Axe was gifted to him, by an older member of the Broken Blade order. It is said to electrocute the blood of any foes that a True Tempuran faces. This axe, he gifted to the dwarf Loki Umlaut, before he left the isle. As it was forged by Dwarven hands, he believed that it should return to Dwarven hands.

Hide of the Bloodwyrm

Moltiner's armour is forged of the scales of a great wyrm, and is consecrated regularly by applying the sanctified blood of fallen brothers to it, along with holy oils.

Other Information

Theme Song

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