Mystra's Monolith

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Mystra's Monolith
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The monolith at night.
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General Information

Once located on a small Ruathym isle, amid the vast Trackless Sea, the Monolith of Mystra served as home to the mages who escaped the destruction of Mystra's Grove, as well as a host of others who had come to call the bastion of magic their own. The Monolith as well housed a number of the clergy of the Mystran faith. It was also the former headquarters of the Weave Knights, whom were the guardians of the institution.

It was the stated goal of the Monolith to promote the responsible and disciplined use of magic, according to the doctrine of both Mystra and Azuth. It is tower, school, and temple devoted to the gods of magic.

The Monolith also hosted lectures and classes on varying topics relating to magic and arcana, and strove to maintain excellence in both academia and research related endeavors. It was a leading institution in the field of ley-line research. It was also home to a grand library, and housed a varying array of research facilities.

The Monolith was reached by boat from Wiltun Keep and by portal from south Cordor.


The Monolith of Mystra no longer stands in Ruathym. The island it once stood upon is now slowly being claimed by the Trackless Sea. The mages of the tower claim this is due to an attack by the Arcanum, a fraternity of magicians who currently control Cordor's Ministry of Magic. The resulting conflict has resulted in bitter accusations from both sides, and may very well shake the Commonwealth to its core.

Most of the faculty and staff of the tower have gone their separate ways. Although, a few remain in Kohlingen, as do the survivors of the guild.

Prior Leadership and History

Former Leaders

Headmaster Halen Van
Headmaster Ulrik Valis
Provost Zenith al'Nazir

The First Council

The first council of the Monolith of Mystra was comprised of many well-known and vaunted personages of the Amian isles. Led by the sorcerer and Headmaster, Halen, the council named the master cantomancer and enigmatic Yossarin, elven high mage Airais Alanein, Harrik Lugh, and Zenith al'Nazir as members, to name a few.

This administration eventually disbanded during the Sharran siege of the Monolith, during the Chalice of Mystra affair [[1]], and with the resignation of Halen after, its last vestiges gave way.

The Weave Knight's Interim Leadership

With the resignation of Headmaster Halen, mastership of the tower fell to then Captain of the Weave Knights, Ulrik Valis. It was a period of recovery after the loss of former captain Riia, and rebuilding, after the Monolith all but fell and was destroyed by the Sharran led sieges. This time saw the Weave Knights as custodians and stewards of the tower as the mages once again rebuilt their home. Most notable in this period was the conflict with the Crimson Arcanists, and the start of the ley-line research project.

The Second Council

Eventually, the Monolith had recovered, and moves were made by the leading mages of the tower to again see a council formed, namely the Captain and Ruqayya Taliba. In a grand ceremony attended by many noted personages of the Amian isles, the second Council was enacted by a final, unilateral, decree by the then Captain Ulrik Valis who resigned right after, to assume the post of Headmaster and join the council of three.

The second council was comprised of three administrative offices. The Headmaster, the Captain of the Weave Knights, and the office of the Provost, the seat of which was changed to belong to that of the high cleric of the Mystran faith after the resignation of Provost Ruqayya.

Upon its founding, the council demonstrated more conservative and dogmatic leanings that distinguished it from the prior administration under Headmaster Halen and the first council. In the first meeting, the council unanimously affirmed the ban of necromantic spells that create or augment the undead, and incorporated such into a larger set of laws. Furthermore, a ban on the clergy of Bane, Shar, and Lloth as well as their respective faithful was enacted. The council also declared the then Crimson Arcanists, and any Red Wizard enclave in the region, enemies of the Monolith and set the tower in a perpetual state of hostility against such that persists to this day. A policy that the current administration has no inclination to rescind.

However, while starting out strong, the council eventually proved to be an inefficient means of governing the Monolith, and was disbanded by decree of the Headmaster, along with the Weave Knights, in a move to unify the tower against the countless sieges of vampire lord, the Count Cristophe Artemis d'Mortegaurde, and his court and coven. A unifying move that was supported by all remaining members of the council.

Former Members:
Ulrik Valis, Headmaster
Escine Valis, High Priestess of Mystra
Ruqayya Taliba, Provost
Vaelmith Starshower, Captain of the Weave Knights

After the Council

The office of Headmaster was last held by Ulrik Valis, who resumed the office after the assassination of provost Zenith al'Nazir. The Headmaster was typically assisted by the adjunct. The post of adjunct has been held by both Riia Rilyn'Virr, the former captain and commander of the Weave Knights, and Bruce Kesselson.

A guild dedicated to the dogma of Mystra and Azuth, headed by the Headmaster, worked to promote the ideals of responsibility and rationality in a largely chaotic and irrational region of the world. It was very much vested in the well-being of the region, providing lore, advice, and direction in many matters magical, the least of which being the events surrounding the Green Lake ruins. The Monolith was also key in the defeat of the vampire lord, Count d'Moretgaurde.

The tower had ties with both the Dawnguard of Lathander and the Triadic Knights of Kohlingen, both orders having assisted the tower in its time of need during the dark sieges of the vampire count. The Monolith was friendly with most goodly and rational settlements and factions of the region. Although relations with the elven enclave of Winya Ravana were strained, and dealings with the Eternal Order were cold, if professional. The followers of Bane, Red Wizards, and the church of Shar were foes of the mages of the Monolith.

Before is disappearance, the Monolith was conducting and leading research in the highly coveted field of ley-lines. This project was started by Ulrik Valis, and was headed by Tuomas Valo, senior research wizard of the tower. Much of this work is highly classified, and the mages of the tower guarded closely their secrets.

The Monolith was also the home the infamous portal wands.

Laws of the Monolith

- Do not harm, physically or mentally, violate the sanctity of mind, nor slay any individual within the Monolith or its sovereign territory, unless it is in self-defense or in the confines of a training exercise on the roof-top arena. The penalty for harming shall be no less than a fine, to be determined by authorities of the Guild, in a sum that is no more than ten-thousand gold, or, payment in scroll vellum or un-enchanted wands to the victim; and shall not exceed banishment from the Monolith. The penalty for murder shall be no less than banishment, and shall not exceed lawful execution.

- Be respectful. Do not disturb the peace of the Monolith deliberately, steal, or behave in an uncouth manner not befitting a school and tower devoted to the gods of magic. This includes invasion of privacy and study. Penalty shall be no less than reprimand, and no greater than punishment fitting the manner of the disruption as determined by members of the guild.

- As visitors are expected to be respectful in another's home, so must they not bear unsheathed weapons, unless the Monolith is under threat or they are invited to partake in a training exercise. This prohibition includes items treated as a mage's foci, such as daggers, swords, and so forth, by practitioners of the Art who are not of the Monolith. This prohibition does not extend to a mage's stave wielded by its mage. This prohibition does not extend to the guilds-members and faculty of the tower in any way, shape, or form - as they may bear any and all arms and stave they deem appropriate.

Penalty for disobeying thus shall be no less than reprimand, and no greater than banishment in the event of non-compliance.

- Classified documents and research are to remain within the purview of the guild of Mystra's Monolith, unless deemed otherwise by project leaders or the Administration. Breach of trust will be met with inquiry.

- Spells that create or augment the undead are banned from use within the Monolith and by members of the guild. Penalty shall be no less than reprimand, and shall not exceed banishment, and in the case of guild members inquiry and expulsion from the guild.

- Naturally, exception will be made for accidents and other mishaps that are prone to occur whilst learning the Art of magic.

Inquiry: Any inquiry will consist of three members of the Monolith, and will include at least one member of the Administration. Inquiry may be called for any infraction of law, but is typically reserved for the most severe, and when members of the guild are charged. Recourse of inquiry is a right for members of the guild and faculty alone.

The inquiry shall determine guilt or innocence; severity of the infraction; and impose judgment. The Headmaster of the tower reserves the right of pardon or conviction over that of the Inquiry.