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General information

Personal information

I'm 22 years old and European. I've been on Amia from late March 2005, played NWN since it came out. I do some building along with playing, and this is my first time DMing on a server as big as Amia.

I like to answer questions and help players out the best I can, so likely I'll answer your cry of help on the DM channel, unless I'm swamped with requests. Detailed lore questions will get you 'No clue!' answer, but if I got some time and a patient player, I will try to dig up an answer, or guide you to a lore master.

I'll be providing the forementioned player support, as well as events, quests and smaller plots. I fancy silly little events, so that talking chest or rude bird might be me. I will also gladly help people out with their own plots, should they prove fruitful for the roleplay on Amia and provide entertainment and good times for everyone. I usually am working on too many things at once, so don't feel bad about nudging me about something that I seem to have forgotten.

Rulebreaking is something that will have you deal with an Unhappy DM. Although I am patient, and will rather warn than act right away, even I have my limits of tolerance.

If you're really curious, other interests include reading, music, cooking, wine, arts and sciences alike, and endless conversations.