Nevaeh Tarvencia

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Played by Burningoutbright

Nevaeh Tarvencia

Quote: "I'll never understand the things my heart tells me to do, but I can never bring myself to question it."
Race Half-Elf
Gender Female
Age 21
Hair Scarlet red and slightly wavy
Eyes Blue-green, clear
Affiliations And Titles Captain of the Cordor Adventuring Guard
Religion Nobanion, predominantly
Player Burningoutbright


Nevaeh was born and raised on the Amian islands, being the first-born daughter to Krin and Scarlet Tarvencia. Though, for whatever reason, she disappeared from the island for a few years as a child, and only returned when her family grew to include several other children.

What she is perhaps known best for is her position in the adventuring division in the Guard, though she joined at the young age of fifteen, almost sixteen. Currently, she is serving as one of the only female officers composing Cordor's defenses, which is a fact that earns her the affectionate teasing of her coworkers from time to time; however, she seems to have no problems keeping up and playing with the boys. If one thing is to be said, she carries the burden of duty, but the essence of productive, hard work seems to be enough keep her content.

She seems to be a talented and devoted swordsman (or swordswoman, rather), suggesting that she has trained at it for years, and that is truly has become an art for her. From an outward perspective, it seems to be one thing she entirely passionate about, and that there are few other things that she enjoys more.

General Appearance

Slightly waved scarlet locks spill over sinewy-firm shoulders, and carry a healthy sheen and body. At either side of her head, slightly pointed ears poke stubbornly through her hair and certainly give away her half-elven heritage.

Her skin is sun-kissed and relatively unmarked, aside from a small scar on her left arm, though it's only somewhat noticeable now. Willow and not-overly-robust, she assumes a slightly more effeminate built, more closely related to that of an athlete, with her well-toned slim figure.

She regards the world around her with a pair of clear, blue-green eyes, which harbor a resolute adamance behind them, but not with the unyielding coldness expected from them, as the slight smile on her lips assures you. -- From her IG bio.


Nevaeh is a stubborn, seemingly headstrong woman who has achieved a level of long-sought independence or personal freedom. A deep rooted part of her seems to be a fiery or passionate nature, and a certain straightforward bite in her opinion from time to time. Due to this not always being the case, some may perceive her as being moody if they are not close to her-- something which seems to be quite the feat to accomplish. Over the years, it is obvious that some things have changed Nevaeh and struck a chord with her. Perhaps a sign of this is occasional, slight or brief tell-tale signs of sadness or malcontent. Being as young as she is, these emotions seem misplaced with her, and perhaps gives the impression that at one time, she laughed more and more frequently, or openly, showed or maintained a lighter spirit. Even so, she seems to be able to fight away bitterness and pain, to keep on the quest to find happiness, and accomplish her goals.

Other Information