Oakmist Vale

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Oakmist Vale

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Oakmist Vale

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more. ”

Location Amia Forest
Greatdruid Malandria, Greatdruid of Earth
Archdruids Elana, Archdruid of Water
Fey'ana, Archdruid of Fire
Previous Archdruids Delith,
Theos Gend
Alitha Melie Silverarrow,
Briseis Hawkins,
Vasham Unden,
Anade Evriana
Captain of the Rangers Vichard Dias
Previous Captain of the Rangers Ailahra Fahr,
Earylduil Na'fairel,
Ohlde Mann,
Ramika Melie,
Siveyn Silverarrow,
Valas Floriane Taurielle
Members Caesyli
Delen Tredinnick
Sali Rowa
Aeraline Summermist
Residents Mostly Druids and Rangers.
Council Requirements Completion of trials given by the Arch Druids.
Faiths Silvanus,
Gwaeron Windstrom,

and many other nature deities like Rillifane Rallathil and Sheela Peryroyl.
Purpose To preserve, defend, revere, and learn from nature and the ways of the natural world.


Amia Grove.jpg

Areas tended to by the Grove

  • Amia Forest/Arachnid Valley
  • Winya/Nexus/Minmir
  • Quagmires/Amia Frontier
  • Lowland Swamps/Lowland Delta
  • Bramble Woods
  • Forest of Despair
  • Wharftown/Mylock Hills
  • Gulf of Lumorier
  • Skull Crags/Gulorand

Grove Rules

Those that break these rules are to be be given a warning on minor offenses and removed for more serious offenses from the Grove. If they refuse to cooperate or prove themselves hostile, they are removed by force.

General Rules

  • No fighting (unless it's in self defense, defense of the Grove).
  • No antagonizing of others into fights.
  • No Undead in the Grove: shifted, summoned or otherwise.
  • No Aberrations in the Grove: summoned or otherwise (Umberhulk may be allowed to search the Grove during times of distress).
  • No Fiends (Devils or Demons): shifted, summoned or otherwise.
  • No massive beings: shifted, summoned or otherwise (Save for perhaps certain creatures like Treants and awakened trees or during times of distress).
  • No other known hostile forms may be taken in the Grove (Drider, Drow, Dragons, certain other outsiders, etc.).
  • No Tieflings, Drow, Chromatic Dragons and their spawn or outsiders (unless allowed entry by an Arch Druid, Ranger Captain, Forester or councilor).
  • No use of fire and fire magic (unless permitted by the Arch Druids, Ranger Captain, Forester or a councilor.)
  • No littering.
  • No signs (unless allowed by an Arch Druid, Ranger Captain, Forester or councilor).
  • No non-grove merchant stands; no open selling of wares, the grove is not a merchant hall.

Helms & Weapons

Helmets will be removed or visors lifted upon request while in in the Grove. Weapons will be put away upon entering the Grove (except those of grove protectors currently on watch).

Magic in the Grove

The casting of offensive spells is prohibited unless defending the Grove.

Animals in The Grove

Grove animals are not to be taken out of the Grove. Wild animal are to be allowed to come and go as they please. Certain animals are Grove born and raised and are to be allowed to spend their lives within the Grove.

Active Members

Great Druids

Malandria - Great-Druid

Arch Druids

Elana - Archdruid of Air
Fey'ana - Archdruid of Fire

Ranger Captains

Vichard Dias - Ranger (Npc)


Caesyli - Druid of Rillifane Rallathil
Delen Tredinnick - Druid of the Earthmother/Chauntea
Diana - Druid of Sheela Peryroyl
Kalinda - Druid of Chauntea
Maura - Druid of Chauntea
Noelle - Druid of Nobanion
Pappy - Druid of Silvanus
Renesthal - Druid of Solonor Thelandira
Torren alas Windy or Listens to Wind - Druid of Akadi

Azaquis - Archer/Ranger of Solonor Thelandira
Floriane - Ranger of Aerdrie Faenya
Fyona - Ranger of Mielikki/Solonor Thelandira
Sali Rowa - Ranger of Mielikki
Will - Ranger of Gwaeron Windstrom
Crow - Ranger of Mielikki

Kaci - Hunter/Ranger of Nobanion

Aeraline Summermist - Cleric of Mielikki
Jace - Cleric of Nobanion


Vincent - Ranger of Silvanus