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DM Profile

  • Position: Dungeon Master; Developer, Forum Admin
  • Call Me: Paladin, Sune, any variation of those
  • Avatar(s): Paladin
  • Forum account: PaladinOfSune
  • NWN account: PaladinOfSune
  • Character(s): Floriane Taurielle
  • My Areas of Focus: Player requests, DC items, NWN mechanics, general questions

Personal Information

I'm a 23 year old, English-born guy. I've been player of NWN since it came out eight or so years ago, and likewise, I've been around on Amia since day one. If there's anything you need to know about NWN mechanics or the server in general, I'm very likely able to answer. Likewise, my knowledge on FR elves and the shadowdancer prestige class are both quite good, so feel free to pass any questions related to those my way.

I'm patient, easy-going and always happy to talk, even if it's just idle chatter. I won't always have the current focus to chat, mind you, so don't be offended if you receive a silence in return - it's nothing personal! Player requests of a Dream Coin nature tend to be my focus, don't bother about asking me for roleplay events - there's plenty of other DMs who can handle that sort of stuff for you. I'm a background guy, making sure everything is well oiled and moving as it should be.

Have fun.