Qirlan Shraramir

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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.

Played by Wyjyn

Qirlan Shraramir

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Quote: "Excuse me?"
Race Sun Elf
Gender Male
Age 115
Height 4'7"
Hair Light Blonde
Eyes Metallic Gold
Classes Wizard/Fighter
Affiliations And Titles Affiliations
Former Affiliations And Titles Former Affiliations
Former Titles
Current Residence Winya Ravana
Religion Seldarine
Player Wyjyn

General Description

Qirlan is quite aloof and often seems as though he is daydreaming or not paying attention when others speak to him, this applies especially to non-elves. Despite this he also gives the impression of an arrogant determination and his chin is almost always inclined in such a way as to make it feel he is looking down at you despite his small height. He is well groomed and his hair often glistens in the light. One thing of particular note is that he never blinks, nor seems to require to do so. This combined with his tendency to stare directly at the one he is talking to or observing can create a disturbing affect which is only marginally off put by the fact that he seems to more be staring through than at.

The Art

Qirlan has a number of habits or traits that are evident with examination of his use of the Art. He specializes in divination, often introducing himself as a seer. Secondly, he has a definite preference towards Aural magic such as chain lightning or gust of wind. To reflect this, his casting style is particularly smooth and graceful but ends with a sudden sharp movement resembling a strike. He also has a penchant for enchanting items, and is particularly fond of crafting jewelry and then enchanting it.



  • To protect Toril, the People, their culture and winya.
  • Unknown.


  • To prevent the discovery and spread of elven secrets.
  • To fight against the corruption of the drow.
  • To gain general knowledge in the Art.


Meetima Rhomphaia:

Qirlan's rapier-like weapon which he yields with fair degree of proficiency. The bronze weapon, although well kept, has an almost antique look about it and the handle has carefully carved elven script in the form of prayers to the Seldarine.


Qirlan's main suit of elven spell chain, it has a silver metal base with a brass overlay, the silver that shows so pure it reflects perfectly the world around it in contrast with the dulling effect of the brass.

Ring of Intelligence +5

A ring that Qirlan was given as a gift which offers him a significant increase in intellectual ability.


  • + 5 Intelligence

Seeking Longbow

An impressive long, sleek, ebony bow which Qirlan believes himself custodian of until its true owner can be found. When this weapon fires it makes a deep, hollow sound as it clears the air for the arrow.


  • +5 Enhancement Bonus
  • 2d12 Massive Criticals
  • +5 Mighty

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring received from Hanali or her agents as part of the marriage ceremony between Qirlan and Ailahra. The ring itself at first seems as though it is a relatively standard gold band but on closer inspection it has an intricate and somewhat sharp pattern carved into it.


  • +2 Intelligence
  • +5 soak 5 Damage

Wizard's Staff

Qirlan's staff consists of a white pole arm with a deep blue sapphire at its peak, which has a very specific meaning which Qirlan keeps relatively quiet about.

Crafted Works

Although a slow crafter, Qirlan is none the less prolific with a number of his own personal creations about the isle. His work is meticulous and his jewelry particular stands out as being exceptional, although simplistic perhaps.

Qirlan's Amulet for Valeria:

An amulet crafted by qirlan for the unborn child of Vyasa and Vashen Dirge, upon seeing her for the first time Qirlan draped the necklace over the infants small form.

Qirlan's Akhrua Aegisess - Leather armour

Qirlan's Arivae Theur Tiru - Tower Shield

Qirlan's Delimbiyr Tel'teuivae'sharde - Longbow

Qirlan's Sy'Arkerym'Ivae - Bastard Sword

Qirlan's Uluuth Phlarenn - Kukri


Qirlan has a collection of written works that are rarely, if ever, shown to another.

Event History

Against the Abyssal Minions of She-Who-Was-Banished

Cordor Disease

Qirlan was involved in finding the cure for a disease that plagued Cordor, particularly Cordor East. Him and a group of others with scholarly inclinations came up with the cure and presented it to the duke, who then had it dispersed solving the affliction. He reluctantly helped as he needed to solve it before returning to Winya Ravana, he also took the opportunity to attempt to present flaws of Cordorian police to the Duke.

Conflicts with the Beastmen

Cursed Dagger

Forrstakkr's Locals

The Horde

Qirlan spoke briefly with the ghost that appeared before the Horde's statue, and due to its warning has begun researching the Horde with the aid of Vaelowi and Seth'rinyon.

Familiar: Raguk

Raguk the pseudo-dragon is Qirlan's familiar and as with other pseudo-dragons has a cat like demeanor, and is known to hiss at other's pets and even simply other people. He has deep scarlet/brown scales which are well kept and clean, often glistening dully if one looks closely. Qirlan and Raguk have what may seem to outsiders like a harsh and business-orientated relationship, but under the surface's turmoil lies a deep bond forged by their surprisingly similar personalities.

Summon: Blue Sapphire Golem