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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.
Ramika "Mika" Melie

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Race Moon Elven
Gender Female
Age Approx. 350 - 400; Appears Younger
Height 5ft 3in
Weight 88lb.
Skin Fair
Hair Silver-White; Waist Length
Eyes Emerald Green w/ Violet Flecks
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Near Myth Drannor, Cormanthor
Classes Rogue19
Affiliations And Titles Ranger Captain of Oakmist Vale, Bladedancer of Sehanine Moonbow
Former Affiliations And Titles Nature's Fury
Ambassador between Winya Ravana and the Shrine of Eilistraee, Master Rank Shadowdancer; Shadowdancing Instructor (Three Steps Shadowdancer Academy; Lore and Jumping Skill)
Current Residence Oakmist Vale (On Amia)/ Faerun; Unknown (Off-island)
Religion Sehanine Moonbow
Concealed Other
Languages Various
Family Alitha Melie (Younger Sister),
Vilanus Silvermoon (Older Brother),
Kyynalsein (Adopted daughter),
Caelianna Sakkran and Naladuil Faern (Twin Children; Female and Male (Adult)),
Lairaniel and Naethas Na'fairel (Twin children; female and male),
Aravain Na'fairel (Youngest Son)
Player Ramika

Played by Ramika.


Sairalyn Tel'mara Arílaf (Silvermoon), known to most as Ramika Melie, is the maternal, soft spoken, and calm-natured older sister of Alitha Melie and mother to five children, including former Cordorian Guard Lieutenant Caelianna Sakkran.

She is a normal elf of slightly exceptional beauty; her features are typical of a silver elf: green eyes, silver hair, pale skin. Though, for unknown reasons, they are somewhat unique compared to that of her kin.

General Appearance

Mika’s stature is willowy and lithe, though her body contains more curve to it than most of her female kin. Her muscles and thin and well toned, signaling grace and nimbleness, rather than strength, her long legs giving away her profession. She describes herself as having a ‘dancer’s body’, which she will accentuate with the form-fitting clothing and jewels with pride.

Her hair is a soft silver-white, the color paler than many of her kin. The long tresses frame her face in gentle waves, eventually settling at her waist. She never pulls it up, finding it too much work to ravage the silken tresses in that manner.(Or, as is more likely the case, she is too lazy to spend the time to do it.) On the days her hair is carefully done, usually with tiny braids accentuated by gems or clips to keep it out her face, it was likely done by someone else; usually one of her daughters. More often than not, she has it in a long, loosely done braid to keep it out of her way as she fights.

Her clothing is simple and comfortable, typically dyed in various shades of grays, whites, silvers, and blues. Being able to hide in other ways, she finds it unnecessary to blend in naturally to the forest.

She is never seen without her beloved weapons. Three separate sets of kukri are sheathed at various parts of her body; though her pride and joy seems to be the ones at her waist. These sparkle with an electric sheen, and are often the ones she turns to when fighting.

Under her left eye is a long, thin, black tattoo in the shape of a tear. She never brings it up and tends to change the subject when asked what the meaning behind it is. She seems content to let people assume what they will. Her back is also covered in an intricate, black tribal design. Upon closer inspection, it seems to be covering some sort of mark or scar across her back. Again, while mostly faded, she seems to show this mark with pride.


Mika’s personality tends to fluctuate more than the weather on the isle of Amia. To some she comes across maternal, soft spoken, and nurturing; to others cold, rude, and distant.

A few things are pretty consistent about her. Being a bit older than many of the elves on Amia, she tends to stray toward being very down to earth and serious, but if the mood strikes her right - she can be just as silly as any Eravanite Prankster. She's extremely maternal and that continues to affect how she approaches people. Anyone younger risks sparking that instinct and having another 'mother' on their hands.

She can be very emotional, though she has gotten better over the years, and admits to having a foul temper. She tends to speak before she thinks, but manages to keep her views hidden at the appropriate times. She is also extremely protective of her relationships (particularly of her marriage), almost to the point of overt paranoia, and doesn’t take to snide comments or threats too well. She's been known to attack people over voicing their views of her family harshly, though more often than not, she puts her skills to use and finds sneakier ways of extracting her revenge.

However, she has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to help everyone she meets whom she deems deserving of it. She's is very physically affectionate with people she trusts, happily snuggling up to any one of her most trusted friends, or snagging a hug where she can.

She's been referred to as, "a large cat," which is quite an apt description of the woman. Between the way she moves and her lazy, albeit serious, affectionate nature (though dangerous when push comes to shove), Ramika is quite similar to the beautiful creature which used to follow at her heels.


Pre-Amian History

“You are a Guardian, T’puuli An’ar. You are the Ssivah d'lil Noamuth. Your life will be lead to give peace to those who cannot find their way. Your light will be the only guide that will keep other's from extinguishing theirs.” – Elv’aun Del’Armgo, now deceased.

Sairalyn was born the third child (and first daughter,) of the House of Silvermoon, a noble family in Cormanthor. Kalin'dor and Vilanus, her oldest brothers, referred to her as "Little Sai," though as the years went on, Ramika's relationship with Kalin would deteriorate.

At the age of twenty, much to her parents’ dismay, but at the urging of her older brother Vilanus, Ramika left to pick up the arts of healing and bardics from a willing family.

The family she chose was an older Elven couple by the names of Merowen and Ireth Tir’eilun, Ireth being the one willing to teach Mika the art of song (his wife was a ranger). The couple grew to love the silver haired girl as their own, but sadly tragedy struck and Ramika’s new foster mother died of illness shortly after Ramika's arrival. To keep with tradition, Ireth decided to bestow Merowen’s family mark upon Ramika (as they had no children of their own,); a long black teardrop under the left eye.

OOC Note (this is -not- known in game, do not metagame it): When asked about the teardrop tattoo on her face, Ramika will respond with, “It’s a family mark, though my foster mother died before we could find out it’s true meaning.” This is in fact false. The family refers to the mark as The Mark of the Lost Spirit. It was Merowen’s family’s belief that the women of her family (her maiden name being Solihel,) were meant as guides and guardians to the people around them, suffering from some perpetual state of sorrow themselves. It was believed their sorrow is what gave them the strength to remove it from other peoples’ lives. Perpetual happiness in their own lives could only be achieved once the people around them were free from pain themselves. Most of the Solihel women did not make it past their third century.

Shortly after Merowen’s death, Ireth and Mika move into a smaller home to continue her bardic training, as she decides to give up healing in favor of a more graceful and ‘beautiful’ life style (as she finds her lack of faith a bit difficult. She learns she has a beautiful singing voice and quite the talent for dancing, as well as some talent in other areas of the arts (such as drawing). But, her true love would always lay with dance.) A year into their new lives, Ramika and Ireth are taken captive by raiders from the house of Barrison Del’Armgo – the second noble house in Menzoberranzan. Both are immediately turned into slaves, though over the years, different ‘lessers’ of the house teach Mika basics about Drow culture and custom, as well as teaching her the language, which she picks up quickly and soon spoke fluently. She is giving the name "T'puuli An'ar" at this time, as many refused to use her name.

The Armgo house, known for it’s favoritism of it’s males, began noticing some of the jaluken attentions drifting to the silver elf, some even taking heed of her speeches about the life of the surface, though most remained loyal to the matron mother Mez’Barris. However, the yathrinen of the house took notice, and sent a group of their more hardened warriors to Ramika, bringing her into a room with her foster father. She was informed that she wass to stop making trouble, or they would take the only thing from her she had of importance. She refused after a silent nod from her foster father, the men killing Ireth in front of Ramika by slitting his throat. She is left to watch him bleed to death. In return, she managed to steal the short sword of one of the warriors, killing every warrior in the room and escaping through a secret passage she’d seen used time and time again to get to the surface, only guessing as to the direction and location she was heading. She knew she was being followed but managed to escape out by hiding in the back of a passing wagon before she was caught.

For the next few years, Ramika wandered as a dancer and lived all over Faerûn, though between her fiftieth and seventieth years, she received word that her family had been blessed with a fourth child. Ramika now had a younger sister, whom she returned home often to care for and watch over, soon staying regularly as the girl grew up, raising her herself. This was her first experience with caring for something so much smaller than herself, and Ramika knew that it would be how she would spend the rest of her life; caring for others.

Sometime early in her first century of life, Ramika and her younger sister were ripped from the bedroom they shared by a group of drow; the same drow that had captured Ramika and her foster father years before. She does not know why they take her sister, but Ramika is immediately taken back to be a slave and to be an eventual sacrifice. She is tortured for days on end, many of the men remembering her soft voice and kind words from the past. She is forced to scream until she cannot speak, her throat mutilated until she cannot speak even when the pain passes. Other unmentionable things occur and in the end, a yathrin of the house brands her over her right eye with their house insignia, then prepares her as a sacrifice to Lloth. Two sympathetic drow, Elv’aun and Liz'rae, help Ramika escape with her life (at the loss of their own). Ramika made her way home and gathered up forces in secret, returning to the dark city and the Del’Armgo house to retrieve her little sister. Chaos ensued, with her sister escaping in the fray. Ramika never found her. In the process of calling her ‘troops’ off, Ramika was struck with a blade across her back, leaving a deep, ugly wound. The sword was coated in Alchemist’s Fire (as well as something else), the wound healing into a thick raised scar which continually causes her pain.

She returns home to give her family the news of her sister's disappearance, and as they believed that she was responsible for saving her younger sister, Ramika is finally disowned by her parents. She continues to send letters home and such, but no one ever learns of her trying to keep in contact. Eventually, she just stops writing home. Soon after, her search for her sister begins, and she takes on a new name: Ramika Tir'eilun. The damage to her throat has healed as best it can be, but her once smooth sounding, soft voice now has a slight rasp to it, and she can no longer sing without immense pain to herself.

Her travels take her all over the mainland, though eventually she ends up on the island of Salrun. There she meets Randen Amavain, a human with whom she falls in love with. They eventually marry and have a daughter, Rydia Afrina Amavain; a little girl with slightly pointed ears, dark blue eyes, and curly black hair like her father’s. Mika finds herself settling into motherhood easily, caring for her young daughter, but never forgetting her goal to find her younger sister.

Tragedy struck again for Ramika after only three years. Drow raiders invade her home and set it ablaze. Randen falls in the attempt to save his only daughter, the toddler following in his bloody path shortly after. Ramika makes it into the main part of her home to find her dying family, holding them as the house burns down around them. The smoke and the flames damage her throat and breathing, leaving her without a voice for a long time once again. With her family dead, she escapes out, leaving behind everything in the flames; including the love her bardic life, her most prized items, even her hair. She eventually passes out in the forest outside her home, and when she awakes, she stumbles into the nearest town, where the last thing she remembers is blue eyes.

After a few days rest, the human who found her, a man named Recca, urges her to follow him and join Nature’s Fury, a warfare group started by Theos Gend. Under his tutelage, Ramika soon learns how to function in a new manner; with a more diplomatic state of mind. Other members took it upon themselves to teach her to use blades and fight. She soon proved herself worthy in both the members’ and Theos’ eyes, quickly working her way up in the ranks and becoming a commander of the group, as well as a personal envoy for Theos himself.

Some years into her work with the Fury, Ramika fell in love with and became engaged to Recca…though shortly after, he is killed in a Fury safehouse raid, leaving her without a lover once again. Using her anger from this, she puts all her energy into her work. When the final battles are over and the Fury is disbanded, Theos leaves Ramika behind on Salrun, as he is asked to continue his work on an island known as Amia. After things have settled on Salrun itself, she leaves the island and travels from place to place, usually doing special requests for her former commander, or continuing to seek out her sister.

The final century of her life is a mystery, known only to her and (in some cases,) Theos. At one point, she suffered a head injury from being thrown from a cart by a spooked horse, which now creates headaches and has caused her to forget a few things from her past. (Lost and unknown to her more recent memories, she had begun a new life with another that would soon be taken from her, only to be revisited in later years...)

She revisits Menzobarrenzan, seeking out those she met in her time of captivity, though finds few willing to leave and only achieves in causing another fight.

During one of her travels, she receives a letter from Theos, giving her some specifics of a situation and asking her to come to the island of Amia. She immediately packs up and seeks out her old friend, going to the new land for what she thought would be a short time…

Amian History

Upon Ramika's arrival on Amia, she knew nothing of what she'd become or who she'd meet.

Originally arriving only to help Theos, Ramika found her way to the Grove with the help of a friendly Defender, Narathiir Leilenn.

Discovering her younger sister, now the Archdruidess, residing within the trees, Ramika decided to stay as well. It is within the confines of the Oakmist Vale she would meet the three men who would influence her life the most: her brothers, Siveyn Silverarrow and Devabariel, and the man who would later become her husband, Earylduil Zyrustain (now Earylduil Na'fairel.

Originally opting to be a ranger, once Ramika became closer to both Earylduil and her sister's then-husband Siveyn, she chose the path of a Shadowdancer, finding the art beautiful and appealing ... and close to the path she once held herself. Slowly gaining guidance from the three men, she advanced in her skills rather quickly and announced to Earylduil she would some day become an instructor.

As for her relationship with the three, Devabariel and Siveyn were always close family, while Ramika ended up in a rocky relationship with Earylduil for several years. Lovers off and on, she found her attitude toward the island and people in general was starting to be affected by how her situation with the elf was at the time.

Shortly after her arrival, Ramika found herself in a bad situation with a tiefling. When Earylduil learned of it, he meant to take care it from behind the scenes, but Ramika's flighty nature got the better of her and she was caught, tortured, and later found by Trent Blake (who'd been the one caring for her nearly every time). The event resulted in more problems, causing a huge rift between Ramika and the Grove for quite some time and nearly ending her friendship with Defender Kald Blake, as well as his brother Trent.

Eventually the bad feelings died down, and Ramika fell into a pattern of watching the younger Grove Members from afar, having moved into Winya Ravana after that event and refusing to live in the Grove ever again. After a few rocky relationships outside of Earylduil, a death, and a failed ambassador position with the Shrine of Eilistraee, Ramika settled into focusing in on her Shadowdancing studies, as well as (for a reason she never speaks of,) finding her way into paying homage to the Lone Wolf, Fenmarel Mestarine when she was once against having any faith at all. She also took the time to become closer to her 'brother in spirit', Devabariel, and even help convert and help some wayward Eilistraeen drow.

She eventually found her way back to Earylduil in secret, they married, and Ramika finally got the dream she was working toward; just before his death, Nathan Ruiyao informed her that she was a full instructor at the Three Steps Academy.

Soon she learned she was pregnant with the children she and Earylduil had always planned to have, but not quite as soon as they came. Deciding it was best to have their children off the island, Ramika packed up and moved to the mainland where her twins were born.

Her daughter, Lairaniel, bears the crystalline blue eyes of her father and the soft silver-white hair of her mother, though at her current age, very little else is noticable. Her name is actually the creation of her father, a mix of her grandmother and her mother's name (while still carrying the tradition in the Zyrustain family of having a name start with L).

Her son, Naethas, has the same deep green eyes and silver-white hair as his mother, bearing very little resemblance to his father at his current age (much to his father's glee). His name was chosen by his mother, named after a human man who had influence both parents so much. Nathan Ruiyao. Shortly after Nathan's death, Ramika created the elven version of 'Nathan' and blessed her son with it, the parents deciding that it was a great way to honor their friend and comrade.

Only a few short years later, she was blessed with another son, Aravain. Generally putting aside her Shadowdancing art, she focused on caring for her five children - away from the island.

This happy marriage only lasted a short time, by the time her twins reached their eighteenth year, Ramika's marriage had dissolved. Learning of her husband's other Amian 'flights of fancy' and a proceeding fight which left her alone for weeks, she gave up on the nearly two-decade relationship. After spending several weeks depressed and under the care of Phenwick LaMont, Ramika's finally returned to Amia for a short time to work within the Grove she once abandoned years ago.

Ramika's Companions

Eilanis (Animal Companion) (Deceased)


  • Species : Black Leopard (panther)
  • Gender : Female
  • Body Length : 5ft 8in
  • Tail Length : 2ft 11in
  • Standing Height : 1ft 6½in
  • Weight : 125lb

Eilanis, affectionately referred to as Eil, was a lithe and sneaky leopard, never far from the side of 'her elf.'

As a youngster, her body was flawless with well trained muscles and unmarred limbs. Her fur was a silken black, with gentle spots of color showing through when the light hit them just right, though barely noticeable for the most part. Two feline eyes acted as the main contrast to the rest of the image this creature portrayed, emerald in color as they watch their surroundings.

However, old age finally crept up on her and the panther died in her sleep with her mate.


Eilanis was one of those cats who was either always playing and being active to a point that would send an owner insane, or so lazy and dormant that it was hard to tell them apart from that panther-skin rug one might have on their floor. Much to Ramika's amusement, her favorite thing seemed to be stealing her ex-husband's footwear and turning them into chew-toys - particularly the very expensive ones. Switching between moods whenever she felt like it, this animal had become an icon of trouble and insanity within her companion's family.

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