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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.
Lady Riia Valis

Quote: "To the hells with this. Get the golems back in here!"
Race Drow
Age 252
Height 5ft
Weight 85lb.
Hair Pearly White
Eyes Deep Lavender
Alignment Neutral Good
Gender Female
Classes Sorcerer 27/Bard 1
Affiliations And Titles None
Former Affiliations And Titles Adjunct to the Headmaster
Zhaunin of Sorcere
Weave Knight Captain
Commander of the forces of Nes'ek
Weave Knights, Lieutenant
Current Residence Dweomerheart
Religions Mystra, Horus-Re
Player Koragi Mydnite

This character is deceased

Played by Koragi Mydnite.

Full Name
Lady Jys'Riia Rilyn'Virr-Valis


With deep purple eyes, this sorcerous drow female may stand out as an oddity when compared to the majority of her kin. However, more prominent is her natural beauty. Her skin is flawless and smooth, though she does not flaunt her perfection. She often wears visibly expensive clothing - usually the finest silk.

Her long, soft white hair is particularly curly, resting about her shoulders and upper back. She grooms it well, along with every other physical feature of her body. Using oils and lotions, she tends bear the subtle scent of roses upon her skin.



Riia was born in the drow city, Menzoberranzan. As the only daughter for many years, she was expected to one day take the position of Matron of the noble House of Rilyn'Virr. As fate would have it, however, she did not progress well in the priestess academy into which she had been entered at a young age. Early in her life, she manifested arcane abilities. While she suffered at the hands of the Matron's servants in their attempt to strip her of the ability and make certain it did not grow stronger, Riia's sorcerous power only magnified with each experience. In no time at all, she was casting and controlling her magic with grace. Unfortunately, this did little to aid her standing in the drow city. Her much younger sister, birthed when it became clear that Riia was not suitable, was trained perfectly by the priestesses and manifested none of the arcane traits shown by her elder sister. Immediately, Riia was discarded as the heir to the House and instead thrust into the position of being little more than a servant to the younger sister named Vier'ynrae.

Secretly, Riia continued her training. She found an abundance of drow who would stand against her House and used that hatred and darkness to garner their aid in her training. It was a typical plot against a noble House and Riia felt no qualms after what they had done to her merely because she could not live up to the expectations of her noble family. Her pursuits in the arcane led her to acquiring a familiar: a pseudodragon named Rik'dan. Unfortunately for her, he was a troublemaker and a prankster, and had a tendancy to get her in trouble.

All she needed to do was open one door. After decades of suffering and trials, the night when the plan would come together was upon them. As planned, she coaxed a guard away from a door, and in the process of seducing him, drugged him. She opened the prescribed door and wasted no time with her escape. After several minutes, the House erupted in chaos as the Matron mother was found dead. To complete her plan, Riia took the young Vier'ynrae from the House, telling her that her life would be taken next, as her co-conspirators had planned. Instead, she took her child sister out of the city with the aid of magic and several trinkets she had found in the market and managed to snag or purchase with her meager supply of funds. They moved quickly through the winding Underdark, gradually working their way upwards.

Weeks passed in the darkness of the tunnels. A stolen stash of money and food sustained them. When they finally reached the highest levels of the Underdark, they needed to pause, for the unforgiving light of the Surface was terrible on their eyes.

For twelve years, they wandered the Surface together, hidden under silk and wool. One day, they stumbled upon an Eilistraeen Shrine just outside the High Forest. Riia took the opportunity to leave her younger sister behind. She was cold and detached with Vier'ynrae, but it was for the best. Riia intended to continue her training and pursue options that would place Vier'ynrae in danger along with her. After a few years, though, she stopped visiting during her travels and she lost all connection with her sister, never to see her again. Riia then traveled Faerun, pursuing her own agenda, until decades later she found herself delving back underground to take a long journey under the Trackless Sea amidst her flight from a Shifter named Denubi, a man with a vicious streak whom she had served for many long years.

As she traveled, she heard whispers in the darkness of caverns Below. Her path would lead her to a place called Ultrinnan.


Upon her arrival to Ultrinnan, Riia became a member of the drow House, Lle'isgar, in Ultrinnan. She had long abandoned the life of the Lolthites, but she felt it was necessary to remain in Ultrinnan at first until she could find a suitable safe alternative. She traveled alongside the others of House Lle'isgar for some time before she began to grow restless. She could not keep up her guise forever, and it seemed the Surface on the Amian isles was far from forgiving, as she had expected. She drew unneeded attention to herself through her numerous trips to the Surface, however, and soon enough she became hunted, branded heretic. She chose to stay in the Storyweaver's Triumvir until she could find a more permanent location.

She stumbled upon Mystra's Tower by accident (Who knew that touching a potrait would suck you into it and deposit you into a mage's tower?) on the very day that it was destroyed by the magic-eaters and oozes. It proved a fateful day for Riia. After battling with her meager abilities and suffering a collective blast of extraordinary spells that should have turned her body to dust, she helped with the ordered evacuation by carrying armfuls of books to the Triumvir. A passing wizard invited her to come to the Monolith that stood in Ruathym, awaiting their arrival. Deciding not to ignore the opportunity, she accepted and joined the refugees in their journey to the distant island.

She watched the people of the Monolith pick themselves up and come back together after being torn apart. She admired the strength and determination exhibited by the people. In her resulting curiosity, she began to study the dogma of Mystra. She became a frequent sight within the Monolith and quickly joined the ranks of Weave Knights. Her devotion to protecting the Weave and the people of the Monolith that had become her family saw her to the position of Captain when her commanding officer, Owen Belmont, was killed several years after she initially joined. After the former Captain resurfaced, she was pleased that Owen approved of her appointment.

Weave Knight Campaigns


Riia became most widely known for her endeavors in Nes'ek, when Ankh'remun had been released from his tomb and wreaked havoc upon the locals there. What was first an effort to secure the Morningcrystal of Lathander and keep it from falling into the hands of those whom she believed were officials from Tarkuul became a race to end the threat of an Undead Setite named Zanth'un before the whole of Nes'ek and the surrounding areas could be consumed entirely. She became the Commander of a legion of goodly forces consisting of countless individuals from every corner of the alignment, racial, and professional spectrums. With generals under her command, she was able to oversee the entire army and spent countless nights and days in the sandy dunes of the Ankh'remun desert. She led battles against Undead and Sharrans, delved into Bedine territory to converse with an ancient elven Elder, and summoned a holy avatar of Horus-Re, a shining golden eagle that offered what advice it could in defeating the evil Zanth'un and his minion, the mummy of Prince Ankh'remun. In the end, Riia and her knights played a prominent role in seeing the enemy finally put to rest after months of overseeing the battle camp outside Nes'ek. To this day, she visits the desert city to observe its rebuilt splendor. It stands as a reminder of how close they had come to losing everything, and how solid dertermination and good can prevail.

Chalice of Mystra

Another campaign with her Weave Knights regarded an ancient, magic chalice which bore symbols of Mystra. Sharrans pursued and tainted the artifact, intending to use it in a ritual to summon an Avatar of their goddess. Riia protected the chalice with her life, carrying it with her at all times in a satchel. Throughout this quiet, deadly war, she felt the strain of her position most. She watched dear friends fall. The entire Monolith became a target in one terrifying day. A mass of dark, shadow-woven dragons attacked the Monolith while the Weave Knights had traveled deep into hidden tunnels located beneath the Monolith. While Riia and her knights encountered the enemy and a massive deep dragon, above, battle raged. The illusionary dragons were dropped easily, but the numbers proved exhausting for the small defense force that had gathered in the absence of the Weave Knights.

When Riia and the others heard and felt the trembling of the earth under their feet due to the fierce fight on the Surface, they abandoned their mission, slew the dragon, and fled the caverns. They emerged at the end of the battle, but just in time for dark magic to crush the Monolith. Like an enormous hand, black, evil magic wrapped around the Monolith and attempted to pull it from its foundations. Riia ordered an immediate evacuation. The Weave Knights and several volunteers entered the collapsing Monolith and hurriedly evacuated as many of the individuals as they could, rushing the golems, students, and staff out of the building. The walls cracked and groaned under the force of the spell.

On the main floor, standing in the center of the room, Riia looked around at her beloved home, Knights and various late refugees running past her still in their attempt to escape before the whole building came crashing down. The walls crumbled, the ceiling broke apart. Before her eyes, she was losing all that she had gained, all she had ever wanted. The sting of tears was unlike anything she had ever felt before. In a moment of blind determination, she turned around and ordered the golems back inside. She told the others to flee, and then ran to the center of the room, where she read a Shapechange scroll and shifted her body into the form of a dragon. Her body now large and strong, she grasped the very walls and ceiling, placing all of her arcane-granted might into forcing it to remain. All around her, others followed her lead, reading scrolls or casting spells to join her in bracing the base of the Monolith. Golems took hold of support structures and those unable to help left as they were ordered or used bolstering spells on the shifted magi who gave their all to save at least some part of the place they called home.

The Monolith snapped in half and plunged into the Trackless Sea, taking with it an unknown number of residents and students who had been unable to evacuate.

The loss of life and lore urged Riia and her knights to end the fight once and for all and they tracked the enemy to his lair. In the end, during her final attempts to end this menace and learn more about chalice they sought to protect for so long, she felt she had let her Knights down in the worst way possible: she had lost their trust, their faith in her, by disregarding their concerns in the moments where it mattered most, the final confrontation with the Sharrans and their evil sect leader.

Her heart torn by this loss, and by other events, Riia departed Amia with her daughter.


Years passed, and Riia was seen about Amia again. Her prestige had dwindled, but many still remembered her work. She continued to serve Mystra, sometimes in secret at the behest of her former colleague, Ulrik Valis. Eventually, after many trials and pains, she came to marry her dear friend, who had become a Lord of Kohlingen. The couple made a powerful team and their love was blinding in its vibrancy.

Both Riia and Ulrik were killed by an agent of a powerful demon lord. A divine servitor of Azuth saved their souls from being harvested and they both rest peacefully in Dweomerheart with their goddess. Their legacy lives on with their children, Marcus, Sui'Aerl, and Gabria Valis...





Items of Note

Horus-Re Ceremonial Garb


Zenith's Tassle

Faern Staff of Defense

Faern Sorcerer's Ring

Gloves of Arcane Focus