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Amia is a persistent world, role-play server and we will all (as DM’s) do our best to try and enhance your experience here. Please help us in doing so by reporting any bugs and exploits in the Amia forums.

This is a role-play server so most things done in real life can be done here. We ask that you exercise sound judgment when indulging in your role-play activities. There are several players here that may be younger than you. Also, please be mindful that some subjects are more sensitive than others.

If you have questions please don’t be afraid to ask a DM or post on the forums. In addition, consult your journal for notes and suggestions. We strongly encourage you to use your personal journal for your own major role-play. Your journal is saved along with your character.

Use your common sense and good judgement. We understand that while DMs are usually right, sometimes they are not, and we listen to players when they have an opinion. If you feel something is unfair, raise it immediately.

Level Cap

The maximum character level allowed in Amia is Level 30 for all characters without a positive ECL. A positive ECL will reduce the maximum levels they are allowed.

For instance, drow have a +2 ECL. This means they will only be able to reach level 28 as their maximum level.


Upon your first respawn, there is no charge. However, after that, the respawn penalty is 100 XP per level of the character, and 10% of your gold. Respawning will NOT put you below your current level.

Gaining Experience

Gaining Experience