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The Temple

The Temple of Love is not an official faction in Amia; however, it does have a physical location and a small, fluid and informal membership.

Located in Cordor's northern outskirts, the Temple of Love houses the city's main baths and shrines to various goddesses of love, pleasure, joy and happiness; these include

Construction & Layout

The original Temple building was a simple bath house and was almost totally demolished during the renovations, overseen by skilled dwarven architects and craftsmen, that took place in ~1377 DR. The footprint of the new building is slightly larger to make room for the shrines and office space; the underground cisterns were also significantly enlarged to accommodate additional pumping and heating mechanisms.

The building is constructed of granite with interior and exterior facings of marble. Mosaics cover the floors of the interior, including the bottom of each pool, of which there are four (increased from the original two). One pool provides cold water, two provide hot, and one is at room temperature. A furnace in the basement warms the water for the hot pools and the sauna and provides heat during colder seasons. Pumps constantly recirculate the water. Two garderobes are also a significant addition to the original building.

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The entrance to the main floor of the building is on the middle of the south (right) side of the image above. A transverse hall separates the entrance doors from the bathing area proper. In the upper and lower right corners are the shrines of Lliira and Sune respectively, while that of Sharess occupies the upper left corner. In the middle of the left (north) side is the sauna, and in the lower left corner is a room for parties, meetings or quiet reflection as well as massage and other services. On the south side of it is the pump control room and a trapdoor that gives access to the cisterns, and on the north side is the Temple's main office. Shrines to the four ancillary goddesses (see above) line the walls of the main bathing area (facing the four cloth benches). The garderobes are located in the middle of the east and west sides of the building (top and bottom of the image).

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A wooden roof with clay tiles is supported by heavy beams of cedar. A cupola at the top is surrounded by windows to let in fresh air and daylight.

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Above, the main bathing area of the Temple, viewed from the southeast outside the shrine of Lliira. The building's main entrance is to the left, the offices are at the far center left (behind the column), and the sauna is at far center right (behind the statue in the foreground).

The Cisterns

The cisterns are the underground areas of the Temple, located beneath the main building. Here are found the pumps, furnace and storage areas. [OOC note: These areas do not actually exist within the Amia module and are described here only for general information and RP purposes. IC access is only by permission of the Temple staff and those who have been formally chosen as Sisters of Sharess].

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In the foreground of the image above is the main pump room and the ladder providing access to the pump controls on the main floor. To the left (on the north side of the building and directly beneath the sauna) is the furnace, in the center are the tanks that receive water draining from the pools in the main room above, and in the distance can be seen the general storage area.

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The storage area.

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Looking north-northeast from a point almost directly under the middle of the main bathing area, the furnace and one of the drainage pools (at right) can be seen.

Visitors should note that all parts of the Temple premises are warded by a divine aura to which each goddess worshipped therein has contributed. This aura prevents combat and the casting of offensive spells. [OOC: The area is set to No PvP. See the sign at the left side of the entrance within the main bathing area for more information.]

The Staff

The Temple is administered by Xaviera Xuider Xee, High Priestess of Sharess (previously Minister of Health and Public Welfare and Speaker for the Commonwealth of Cordor), and is jointly owned by herself and ex-councillor Velis Illuminus. Its operation is formally sanctioned by the Commonwealth Council of the city of Cordor. The Temple hierarchy is quite informal - to the extent that there is a 'chain of command', secondary authority rests with the Sunite High Priestess (a post last held by Kaytie Melie), the Lliiran priestess (most recently Josalynn Sweetsong) and the Sharessan priestess (lastly Riala Tsu'rein). Others with authority in the temple have included the Sunite priestess Lila Nightflare (now absent) and the paladin of the Order of the Ruby Rose (and Cordor guardsman) Erik Tarvencia. General assistance and day-to-day operations are managed by (NPCs) Dima and Naw'iel.


The purpose of the Temple is to

  • provide a place where people may come to enjoy themselves in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and in good company
  • to promote a lifestyle and outlook consistent with a belief in the importance of love and joy and to sponsor activities and events consonant with this outlook
  • to provide a counterpoint to the prevalence of murder, hatred and greed in Amia
  • to promote, by deed and word, the worship of the goddesses whose shrines may be found in the Temple of Love


There is only one main rule, which is

  • All are welcome who respect the goddesses and the other patrons

That being said, there are certain classes of people whose attendance is not generally appreciated. These include

  • necromancers and palemasters
  • leaders or well-known adherents of faiths antipathic to those of the Temple or those who display such faith openly (eg. Bane, Cyric, Lolth, Shar, Loviatar)
  • those who have attacked the Temple or committed grievous harm to its members (this group includes but is not limited to Saris Talin, Gurth Balmor, and Lucretia 'Luci' Rasheslen)
  • major criminals, mass murderers &/or torturers, those banned from the city of Cordor

Most exclusions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The Temple staff also request that no one bring into or cause to be within the premises, save in the defence of the Temple itself,

  • any pets or animal companions
  • any summoned, bound, dominated or controlled creatures of any sort
  • any undead

Finally, at the request of the Temple authorities on behalf of the Council of Cordor, there shall be NO

  • bonking in the baptistry
  • copulating in the clerestory
  • fondling by the font
  • humping in the hemicycle
  • nookie in the nave
  • poking in the pulpit
  • screwing in the sanctuary
  • sex in the sacristy

Should you meet someone in the Temple for whom you have a mutual physical attraction that you both wish to express, we recommend the clean and inexpensive rooms of The Rusty Hoe (previously Gabilgathol's Alehouse and Tavern) just across the road.


The Temple is not a martial organization and has no military alliances of any sort. Disturbances in the Temple itself are typically handled by the priestess in authority at the time with the assistance of the Cordor Guard when necessary. Members of the Dawnguard often visit the Temple and may also render aid.

The Temple has good relations with and/or may work with

  • The Dawnguard of Lathander
  • The Academy of the Mystic Blades
  • The Order of the Open Hand
  • The Shrine of Eilistraee

OOC Notes

The Temple is intended for those interested in RPing the lives of worshippers of any of the goddesses of Love. By this we mean those for whom one of these goddesses is the primary deity, though of course one may always pay homage to others.

While the Temple is open to all races and sexes, the goddesses tend to favour females (this is not quite as true of Sune), and males or characters who are not of the particular deity's race may have to work harder ICly to be accepted.

This is primarily a social faction with a strong religious inclination - accordingly, we will urge you to learn something of the goddess you worship and make a sincere effort to RP being a believer. To assist you, we will provide you with information and in-character instruction in your faith (in particular, please see the AmiaWiki page on Sharess as well as Writings on Sharess [zipped PDF file] at Candlekeep). We do not claim that the information you will receive is in any way 'official' - it is, after all, subject to interpretation - but it should provide you with some background on how the goddesses have been and are worshipped in Amia (which is not necessarily the same way as in the canonical Forgotten Realms or on other servers).

We intend to support and encourage discussion on the nature of the goddesses and their doctrines and how best to preach their words to others. We hope to hold and/or sponsor events to make the worship of these goddesses more socially acceptable both ICly and OOCly. As is the case in real-world churches, there may be disagreement about what constitutes 'proper' doctrine, and we expect that there will be conflicts both within the Temple and with those outside of it. We will encourage these OOCly (though perhaps not ICly) if they lead to good RP.

A note on server rules

Sharess in particular is a Goddess of Pleasure. As such, She and Her followers can be expected to be very liberal on matters of sexuality, prostitution, marriage, etc. While RPing in the Temple, you are almost certain to encounter RP of alternative sexualities, your character may be propositioned ICly, and is likely to be exposed to comments and innuendos of a sexual nature. It should be stressed that such comments do not necessarily represent the OOC views of the players, but if any of these situations may make you uncomfortable OOCly you may wish to reconsider joining. That said, many of the Temple's goddesses have aspects that are more martial and less hedonistic; if you choose to worship these facets of the divinities then we suggest that deflecting advances or innuendos by communicating the nature of your character's veneration IC may provide you with opportunities to engage in roleplaying that highlights differing interpretations of each deity's portfolio.

Please note that Amia is not a social server and cybering is strictly forbidden and will result in bans if discovered. It also forbids prostitution and rape RP. You are encouraged to read the Rules & Lore section of the Amia forums and the information in your character logs to familiarize yourself with the types of play that are and are not permitted or encouraged in Amia.

Conversely, membership in the Temple does not entitle you to behave offensively toward other characters or players. We expect you to extend the same courtesies toward others that they should to you. The use of obscene or offensive language should not be necessary in-game and is definitely not necessary OOCly, though one can certainly RP being angry, hateful or offensive without actually resorting to such language.

We want to develop the religious and social aspects of worshipping these goddesses while making the experience enjoyable and fun for all involved. To this end, any constructive comments or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. We hope that you will help us to share the way of the goddesses with others and that you will enjoy your time in the Temple of Love.

The Sisters of Sharess

Name: The Sisters of Sharess.

Type of Organization: Religious.

Leader: Xaviera Xuider Xee, High Priestess of Sharess in All of Amia by acclamation and by confirmation of the Temple of Sharess in Neverwinter.

Address: The Shrine of Sharess, a.k.a. the Temple of Love, a.k.a. the Cordor bath house, Cordor northern outskirts.

Description: Primarily, the totality of the Sharessan religious hierarchy in Amia; secondarily, a consorority of women dedicated to the worship of Sharess.


  1. to oversee ceremonial activities appropriate to the worship of Sharess,
  2. to promote and encourage the worship of Sharess and Her avatars,
  3. to administer the property of the Temple of Love for the greater prosperity thereof,
  4. to support private and public activities consonant with the tenets of Sharess, with particular regard to the promulgation of the Faith.

Membership Requirements:

  1. to declare one's primary dedication to the goddess Sharess,
  2. to demonstrate an understanding of the primary tenets of the Faith,
  3. to evince a willingness to practice, promote and otherwise encourage the Faith,
  4. to act in accordance with the tenets of the Faith,
  5. to defend the Faith,
  6. to contribute financially to the support of the faithful, the Temple hierarchy, and to its obligations including the maintenance of its facilities.

OOC Requirements

  1. Your character's primary deity must be Sharess, though you may of course worship other gods and/or goddesses so long as their doctrines are compatible with those of Sharess.
  2. You are not required to have an alignment within one 'step' of chaotic good, so long as your actions are compatible with a belief in the Goddess. Sharess is known to be somewhat lax in this regard.
  3. You are required to demonstrate, through role play, your character's dedication to the Goddess, adherence to Her dogma and a commitment to living according to Her way. More specifically, you are requested to make religion an important part of your character's life. This includes promoting the worship of the Goddess and showing a continuing interest in learning about and discussing Sharessan philosophy. You may be asked to write a short essay to demonstrate your understanding of the Goddess and/or the implications of following Her.
  4. You may be required to make, on acceptance into the Temple, a cash payment (in the range of 10-50K gp) to cover the cost of faction-related items. Further contributions may be requested to assist with the organizing and planning of Festivals and other events. Tithing is not required.

Joining the Temple

Contact Xaviera Xuider Xee in game or send a forum PM to Xaviera.


  • Destiny Kamas (former High Priestess of Sharess)
  • Erik Tarvencia (paladin of the Order of the Ruby Rose, Cordor guardsman)
  • Josalynn Sweetsong (Priestess of Lliira)
  • Karia G'Laden (Sharess)
  • Kaytie Melie (High Priestess of Sune)
  • Laura Orcotto (Sharess)
  • Laura Silverleaf (Sharess)
  • Lila Nightflare (Priestess of Sune)
  • Lilahh Aset (Sharess)
  • Ryoko Leith (Sharess)
  • Xana Oblivion (Sharess)

Current active members shown in bold. Other associated individuals and pending members may not be listed.


The Goddess Sharess

Scriptures and writings

The High Priestess Xaviera Xuider Xee