Thamian Everstar

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Thamian Everstar

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Quote: “What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.”
Race Elven, Dark Elf.
Age Body : 138, Mind : Debatably 16, or 600
Born 1234 DR
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 100-110lb.
Hair Silver-white
Eyes Crimson irises. Not visible through blue ki energy radiation from eyesockets.
Alignment Lawful Good
Gender Male
Classes Monk20/Fighter8
Affiliations And Titles "Grand Master of the Black Raven"
Former Affiliations And Titles House Claddath
Monk of the Charcoal Spider
House Vandree
Current Residence None
Religion Eilistraee
Player EvilPig

Played by EvilPig.


Thamian "Hendrick" Everstar, or Thralas Vandree as he was known in the past, is by appearance, about as odd as he is beneath his appearance. His movements stand out as overly emphasized, and fluidly graceful with a hint of arrogance and pride in them.

General Appearance

Thamian is short and slim beneath his clothing, and his muscles can only serve the purpose of speed and finesse. His core, shoulders, and thighs are built and toned to perfection while his biceps are thin and limbs wiry.

Silvery white hair drops unceremoniously to just below Thamian's shoulders, usually kept clean, if not neat. Thamian's eyes are red beneath the deep glow of ki energy which radiates from them. The colour of his skin is rather light in comparison with some Drow, but can best be described as "charcoal grey" or "average".

Thamian wears self-modified robes of Silver Moon, designed for martial arts, which is what he uses them for. His robes are black and navy, although he does not wear these in an attempt to darken his appearance. It's likely a passing fancy for the colors, as he was known in the past to wear the brightest of whites and golds adorning himself.

As for equipment, Thamian keeps his fore-arms and hands wrapped in a pair of bandage-like cloth wrappings. In the darkness these wrappings give off the slightest yellow glow. He wears blue leather boots, designed perhaps to appear stylish, but undeniably well fitted and well outfitted with golden linings and other slightly ornate, but overall high quality stitched inlays. Thamian has a simple, yet somehow grand belt around his waist. The belt which was granted him by the gods of Law when he reached a mindset reflecting the grand master monk, and which symbolizes just that. Adorning Thamian's pinkies are numerous rings. Usually four to five enchanted rings on each of these fingers. On Thamian's left ring finger is a beautiful diamond ring, which emits the fairest of white light.

Thamian's body is adorned with the numerous battle scars that his warrior life has granted him. Standing out in particular among these scars are: the word "Vandree" carved across the pectorals on his chest in the common tongue in bold, cruelly carved slashing marks that look to have cut deep. Thamian has a bludgeon scar on his left shoulder, the result of it being entirely crushed at one point, and a great slashing scar above his right knee on his thigh, a blow that looks at a glance to be crippling without a doubt.

Thamian has but one tattoo. Across the back of his shoulders, the word "Shame" is written in ornately dark blood red, unfading Drow letters. If examined closely, it is revealed that the same word in the same pattern is scarred deeply into the flesh beneath.


Thamian's public persona is giddy and not unlike a school boy who wishes to show off his numerous abilities and tricks to the public. He smiles often enough, and seems occasionally to either lose himself in thought or decide to attempt looking angsty, staring down at the ground or off into space as everyone tends to do from one time to another.

Those who know Thamian well know that there is far more to him than this outlying personality. He is fun to be around, but knows the seriousness of the world very well. Better than most. He can be trusted with most things, and rarely does he not live up to his friends' expectations that he is just, noble, kindhearted, righteous, honest, and wise to a degree.

Those who have seen Thamian's other side know also of the horrors which he is capable of, due to his upbringing in the cities of Menzoberranzan and Udos Dro'Xun as a Noble of the Lolthite Drow House Vandree.

Thamian adheres to a set of principles which he values, at this point in his life, above all others. Endurance, Resilience, Survival, Life, Happiness, Anger. Endurance and resilience symbolize his stance towards evil. He does not allow himself to give up. The only things that will stop him are death or physical restraint. Survival and life represent Thamian's stance towards everything. Suicide, in Thamian's eyes, is the ultimate cowardly escape from the realities fo the world. Happiness and anger would seem to contradict eachother immensely. Thamian's teachings are that there are three base states of emotion. Happiness, anger, and sorrow. Thamian is capable of feeling sorrow, but does not use sorrow as he finds the emotion to be weak and mostly useless in comparison to the powerful inspiration that happiness and anger lend him.

Minor Traits

  • Debatably bisexual, with great emphasis on debatably.
  • Works more effectively in a group in combat.
  • Works more effectively alone otherwise.
  • Thamian is a talented tailor and blacksmith.
  • Thamian is a talented cook.
  • Thamian is not in the least afraid of expressing his feelings publically. He is a known wedding cryer.


Year 1-34 (Level 0-1)

  • Born in Menzoberranzan.
  • Raised as a Lolthite, a noble in House Vandree.
  • Recieved basic training in Melee Magthere.

Year 35 (Level 1-2)

  • Thamian killed his first surfacer. Did not visit surface. Surfacer was brought down and forced to fight for entertainment with one of the less talented students of the Melee Magthere.

Year 36-104 (Level 2)

  • Finishes training in Melee Magthere.
  • Graduates Melee Magthere.

Year 105 (Level 3-4)

  • Left Menzoberranzan for Udos Dro'Xun.
  • Served under his sister, Matron Raele Vandree in House Vandree in Udos Dro'Xun.
  • Was forcibly transferred from Melee Magthere to recieve training in the Charcoal Spider monk monastery.
  • In hopes of making Thamian more fit mentally for Lolthite society, he is sacrificed to be "reprogrammed." It worked, apparently. Thamian was a blank slate.

Year 106 (Level 4-7)

  • Continued serving under his sister, Matron Raele Vandree in House Vandree in Udos Dro'Xun.
  • Reached a limit on martial learning in the Charcoal Spider. Was deemed unfit for monk training, despite physical mastery of the fighting style.

Year 107 (Level 7-12)

  • Met Anabeth Strongsoul. Developed meeting times to exchange surface for Underdark information.
  • Met Karissa Amberclasp (Future Scarlet Ve'heer). Befriended her, or so he thought. An example of how being made a blank slate enabled him to be affected by surfacers.

Year 108 (Level 12)

  • Began meeting often with Karissa Amberclasp.

Year 109 (Level 12)

  • Fell in love with Anabeth Strongsoul.
  • Left House Vandree when exiled by Matron Raele Vandree.
  • Spoke with Karissa Amberclasp.
  • Changed name from Thralas Vandree to Thamian Everstar. Appearance was changed as well, by Eilistraee. (Thamian gained six inches, making him measure up more to average Drow height. From 4'6" to 5'0".)
  • Became a learner of Martial arts and philosophy beneath Mourn Despana.

Year 110 (Level 13)

  • Married Anabeth Strongsoul.
  • Began befriending numerous people on the surface, as a result of his marriage to Anabeth Strongsoul.
  • Anabeth Everstar becomes pregnant.

Year 111 (Level 13)

  • Thamian is hugged by Eilistraee's avatar personally.
  • Anabeth's pregnancy fails due to a brush with Lolthites. Anabeth does not tell Thamian that she was ever pregnant.

Year 112 (Level 14)

  • Thamian Everstar is elected leader of the Kohlingen Defenders.

Year 113 (Level 15-16)

  • Thamian is betrayed by Karissa Amberclasp and given over to the Vandree. Karissa uses his death to get Eilistraee's attention, and fix a bad situation for herself. She then tells Eilistraee of his fate. Thamian is saved by elementals presumably under Eilistraee's control. Thamian was not sacrificed in the time he spent in the cell of House Vandree.

Year 114 (Level 17-18)

  • Anabeth Everstar becomes pregnant with a son.
  • Thamian was captured and sent to Lolth. He spent a week in the hands of a Yochlol, being tortured. How his revival occured is unknown. He returns to the material plane with "Shame" tattooed permanently in red ink, and the Drow alphabet, onto the back of his shoulders.
  • Enialis Everstar is born, giving Thamian's life a great deal of new happiness.
  • Thamian is kissed on the cheek by Eilistraee's avatar.

Year 115 (Level 19)

  • Thamian spends six months in jail in Cordor, under the charge of "conspiracy to commit murder." This time shields him from himself, and he leaves his affiliation with Lolth for good, no longer feeling the temptation to return to his old ways.

Year 116 (Level 20-21)

Year 117 (Level 21)

  • Thamian regains his sanity, and recovers from grief, which is likely the single greatest accomplishment he has achieved to this day, considering the horrors which he went through in the hands of Lolth's Handmaiden.

Year 118 (Level 21)

  • Thamian resigns from his position as leader of the Kohlingen Defenders. He does not yet leave the organization.

Year 119 (Level 21)

  • Thamian is bitten by the leader of the Coven Vampires against Kraven. Thamian is afflicted with Vampirism.
  • Thamian spends the majority of his time in the Underdark, his grudge against the Vandree being lived out in his undeath.

Year 120 (Level 21)

  • Keith Blackmane cures Thamian of Vampirism. Thamian was captured by Reis Duskryn using wooden arrows, and held.

Year 121 (Level 21)

Year 122 (Level 21)

  • Thamian is captured by Matron Ilia'Dur Vandree, his sister's replacement. He is enslaved via slave collar.

Year 123 (Level 22-24)

  • Thamian learns, still enslaved, of Anabeth Everstar's death.
  • Thamian falls in love with Darli Vandree, who offered him comforting words at the death of his wife.
  • Thamian escapes slavery.
  • Having been absent for nearly two years, Thamian's membership of the Kohlingen Defenders has deteriorated, although he still lives in the Hall upon returning.

Year 124 (Level 24)

    • Udos Dro'Xun is overrun and destroyed. Ultrinnan is created beneath the Skull Crags.

Year 125 (Level 25)

  • Darli goes absent.

Year 126 (Level 26)

  • Thamian gives up on the idea of seeing Darli again.
  • Thamian begins a relationship with Arianya. He does develop love for her.
  • Thamian ends his relationship with Arianya as a result of his relationship with Ly'fuma'saja developing.
    • Kohlingen is raided by Lolthite Drow.
  • Ly'fuma'Saja stops Thamian from becoming an animal in his anger against the Lolthites.

Year 127 (Level 26-28)

  • Ly'fuma'saja dissappears from Thamian's life.
  • Thamian enters a relationship with Kathy. Another relationship that does turn to a loving one.
  • Thamian meets up with his daughter Shi'n'shima, a result of his graduation ceremony in Menzoberranzan some 24-26 years ago. (For those unaware, graduation day from the great Academies is spent by warriors, mages, and Priestesses alike in a large altar room filled with drugs and incense making love.)
  • Thamian meets Wiggan.

Year 128 (Level 28)

  • Thamian is kidnapped again to the Underdark. Aluniira Vandree, using a slave collar, forces him to reside there.
  • Thamian is shocked to see Darli in Ultrinnan, but remains loyal to Kathy on the surface for several months before Darli's tears coax him back to her.
  • Thamian escapes slavery with the help of Gaylord Signe.

Year 129 (Level 28)

  • Thamian, by the workings of an Eilistraeean Priestess, has his memory blanked and his form shifted to a Moon Elf by the name of Bayon Headmob.

Year 130=118 (Level 28)

  • With the help of Earylduil Zyrustain, one of his best friends, Thamian regains memory of his life. He remains a moon elf for several more months until Valtin Goldsky manages to assist him in resuming his true form. His body is recreated as Valtin remembers it, leaving him in the body of his 118 year old self.

Year 131=119 (Level 28)

Year 132=120 (Level 28)

  • Thamian joins House Claddath, an Eilistraeean Drow house under Wiggan Claddath as the Matron.

Year 133=121 (Level 28)

Year 134=122 (Level 28)

Year 135=123 (Level 28)

  • Anabeth Everstar returns to life, having been absent for 12 years. Thamian and Anabeth meet and come to peace with the fact that their love has faded to the love shared by friends, as opposed to that of lovers.

Year 136=124 (Level 28)

  • Leaves Amia to assist with Enialis's attacked wizardry school.

Year 137=125 (Level 28)

  • Embarks on numerous trips throughout the Outlands, spending a particularly long period of time in and around several vast magma pockets in the elemental plane of Earth.

Year 138=126 (Level 28)

  • Remains still in the ending stages of the search for his son.
  • Visits Amia relatively frequently.

Year 139=127 (Level 28)

  • Spends this year travelling with his son.

Year 140=128 (Level 28)

  • Spends this year travelling.

Year 141=129 (Level 28)

  • Spends this year travelling.

Year 142=130 (Level 28)

  • Spends this year travelling.

Year 143=131 (Level 28)

  • Spends this year travelling.

Year 144=132 (Level 28)

  • Thamian settles somewhat back in Amia.
  • He finds his love for Wiggan uninhibited and actively pursues this.

Year 145=133 (Level 28)

  • Thamian spends time on Amia, the focuses of his time being minor politics of the shrine, as well as his developing love life with Wiggan.

Year 146=134 (level 28)

  • Thamian spends time on Amia, the focuses of his time being minor politics of the shrine, as well as his developing love life with Wiggan.
  • Thamian learns of Wiggan sleeping with another woman and this puts immense strain that seemingly dissapates on his relationship with Wiggan.

Year 147=135 (Level 28)

  • Wiggan disappears from Thamian's life, and Thamian falls into the background of affairs on the island, making rare appearances and spending the time to continue his own learning of life's pathway, as well as allowing his son to learn from a wizardry teacher on the island.

Year 148=136 (Level 28)

  • Thamian meets Ramika.
  • Other than this, Thamian continues to live his life simply.

Year 149=137 (Level 28)

  • Thamian continues to live his life simply.

Year 150=138 (Level 28)

  • Thamian pursues a short, intimate love relationship with Ramika for a time.
  • Wiggan returns to the island and Thamian formally ends his relationship with her.
  • Thamian leaves the island in the interest of his son's education, taking Enialis back to the Outlands to further his learning of wizardry.

After that...

  • Thamian and the events related with his life have taken their place in history, and the world has largely moved on. Some of those who live and dwell in Amia will remember the man, and others will not. Thamian has passed away.

Thamian Everstar's Character Opinions
Thamian's Theme Song