The Natural Order

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The Natural Order

Written by Haelisri Dwinannia

A century's passing, a decade's end, a year's conclusion. Throughout the times one thing remains equal, an entity many strive to understand, a force few can comprehend. The will, that is nature. Unwavering in its presence, and ever watchful of all that happens within the lands.

Become one with nature, every animal and every plant, and realize what we truly must respect. It is the land itself that teaches us, the land that shapes our lives, the land that invigorates our very spirit.

Allow none to bring harm to that which we shall forever defend, and let no one bring chaos to the pure tranquility which is nature. The land itself shall guide us with time, and with this we shall show our true power. Protect every animal that you encounter, and every tree that you fine. Admire its beauty, the beauty of the land many underestimate.

Allow none to deter your path, just as the great waterfalls. Becomes a barrier against those who would seek harm to the land, just as the rock-faced cliffs. Stand ever tall as the great Oak.

Understand who you are, and who you tread on with each step. Remain in touch with nature's movement, and allow it free passage with each day. Do not allow a river dammed or a forest destroyed for wood, and work to prevent it with all you have. Defend the innocent and guide thier hand to enlightenment. Remove those who would endanger nature or defy its laws. Allow all a second chance in life, for life itself is a part of that which we strive to protect.