Theos Gend

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Played by Funiculus

Theos Gend

Theos Gend
Quote: "Who here can sing for me, the 'Tastey Tastey Drow' song?."
Race Elf
Gender Male
Age 512
Height 5'4"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Alignment True Neutral
Classes Druid
Affiliations And Titles Oakmist Vale
Circle Of Balance
Former Affiliations And Titles The Shadowflame Family
Current Residence Oakmist Vale
Religion Silvanus
Player Funiculus

General Description

Theos Gend is a common sight around the Oakmist Vale and the Grove of the Great Duir. Though usually in the company of the massive Duir wolves or his beloved Alitha Melie, Theos tends to be quiet and solitary. Though now well over 500, his features seem not too much older than his sons'. He came to Amia from the isle of Salrun where he had been summoned on a mission to restore the balance there and met the elf known as Feonir. Later, Feonir sent for Theos to assist him in re-establishing the ways of Nature on Amia; a land that had become corrupt with the unnatural.

After a long time of struggle, Feonir and Theos managed to drive the corruption from the forest and a new circle of balance was formed. Later, this lead to Theos becoming the first Arch Druid since the death of Delith. To this day, Theos can often be found, light hair blowing in the breeze, perched on a remote rock or tree stump in quiet reflection and meditation on his surroundings.

Koloth and his little brother Ramoth are the two wolves most often seen with Theos and consider the old elf their "Pet". Ever watchful of the strange "two-leggers" their pet elf interacts with, they are never far away.

In-depth Description

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