Torin Starfall's Character Opinions

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In no specific alphabetical or "like to dislike" order are some of Torin's thoughts regarding the various people he see,s meets, and hears about in his travels. Some may be true, others false, and a few patent lies. They are presented fully ICly, through first person view. (though the page is itself written as OOC info solely for the curious)

Alanna Indrire: Once upon a time, I loved you. I'm pretty sure I still love you, though a lot differently than back then, or even a bit recently when you came back. Vyashir will never need to worry about me stealing you again, I don't think. And as long as I'm around, he'll never need to worry about you being in danger. We're not lovers... but you're my best friend, and I'd take a sword for you. Though I think we'd argue over who'd take the sword for who. We do that a lot. Argue. But I don't think we ever really mean it to the point where it'd affect us. In any case, you'll always have a special place in my heart, and Gods willing, I'll always be by your side.

Vyashir Indire: We had it rough. When we first met, we were arguing over Alanna. I bullied you. I treated you badly, even if on the surface I looked sympathetic. I made you give her up (or did she run to me? I'm never sure.), but that was on top of your own screwups. When she came back, I was pretty sure I could do it again. I thought about trying, but I didn't (well, I sort of did.). For her, not you. Don't flatter yourself that much, I guess. You got your chance to put me in my place... and I'm not sure I'd ever admit it to you, but you did. Too well. I think you and I would be happier if we didn't dwell on the past though, so I won't. You finally realized how good of a mage you are. You've got confidence but you're still way too shy. You swung too hard towards pacifism, but Alanna and I tend to balance that out. If Alanna's at my one side, then I want you at the other. You're both my best friends, through thick and thin, good, bad, and worse, and I'm happy that you're both happy. You're my antithesis and my perfect compliment. Thanks for teaching Haylee so well, too...

Yossarin: Effendi. You are a... magnet. A mysterious magnet. I know so much and so very little. You were gone for so long but I don't think I missed a beat when I saw you again. On top of it all, you finally noticed the real magic, all around you. Divinity. They were always watching, always there. See the world anew, Yossarin... You've kept me grounded when all I wanted to do was fly into a lightning storm. I would always be irritated at the time, but you just have this way of breaking me down. You're always there, a hand on my shoulder when I sit on the bench. And running, and... I just can't explain you. You're you. My effendi. The ever burning fire. You're always busy, always talking to someone, always doing some plans, but you can always make the time for your friends too. All of 'em. If I ever leave the islands for good, I'm taking you up on your offer to go with you to San Szuri. I want to see it.

Claire O'Reilly (Starfall!): Love you. Bit rough around the edges... and I love you even more for it. We started off as just sex, which was great, and it turned into love, which is even greater. I don't think any of three dozen people will ever forgive me for picking you over Nevaeh, but I did what I really wanted, deep down. We argue and fight and make up and just... heh. I put you in your place and you put me in mine. It's what we both need, I think. Someone who won't ever take each other's garbage. Hopefully we'll be together until the end of both of us, but if we're not, I'll cherish every moment we have and had. I consider her my own daughter now, you know...

Haylee Grace Starfall: Not mine technically, but may as well be. Daddy's a Banite and Daddy Two was Sharran. That must mean the third time's the charm. You're a lot like your mother and I bet a lot of people would call me and her together a bad influence on you but they can piss off and let me raise my kid. I love you as my own daughter and want the best for you. Vy's the best teacher I know, and you're his star student... I think anyways. I can't keep up in books for you to read... you're having the childhood you'd never have gotten with Arturus and Eamon, and that means the world to me. Maybe some day I'll pass on the torch.

Nevaeh Tarvencia: Sorry it didn't work between us. I still consider you a great friend and an amazing woman. You're headstrong, stubborn in all the right ways, and determined to do what you know is right, at almost any cost. I think talking to your sword too much could cause some issues or something though. Just remember to keep talking to real people and you'll be fine. Oh, and date someone at least half as good as me, will you? Seriously... Taelar or Herial? C'mon, Nev. Just keep doing what you do best and you, and the city you love, will be just fine. Cordor is in good hands.

Jud'Vardas Kenlyl: Probably the only Drow I can tolerate on any serious level, though I think you're more like your down under cousins than you'd ever like to admit. You've got the underhanded aptitude, the odd palate, and that ambitious drive, you just manage to apply it in the right ways to help the right people. Which is good otherwise I'd probably have to stab you... For being Drow and all. Can't stand most of your Eilistraeean flock but luckily I can just get you to ask them for me. Don't know if I'd call you a friend, so you'll just have to settle for being a good ally. Oh, and you also change colors more often that Yossarin changes fashions. That probably says something telling about you personally.

Madison Kenlyl: Dunno much about you besides being Jud's wife. Good common sense, and alright looking but your sister is better. (And don't give me that "We're identical sisters" junk, either.) The shrine runs well under you two, way better than it could with anyone even remotely like Wiggan running it in any case. You handled the Caravan and the Banite stuff admirably, and, well, the best part is you're not actually a Drow. Not much else to say about you, I guess.

Christophan Warrick: Ugh. You annoy me. Seriously. I think you've been trying to get this tough guy act going, but it totally fizzles any time I get in your face. Not my problem. You also have this odd tendency like Mynna to go off and do really badly thought out things, or totally not use the opportunities you have to do spectacular amounts of good. If it weren't for the fact that you're part of a crucial communications network, I'd probably have never bothered with you, honestly, and working with you hasn't changed my opinion much on the matter. Sorry. no offense intended. Well, maybe a little.

Lyle Torrowfire: Selunite, good guy, happy Hin, has a nice family. Lives in the Dale. Tell the kids I said hi. Thanks a ton for your help in Wharftown....

Avadon: No "Sir" for you. You didn't earn that respect. You treat Darby like trash and you constantly lied and held out on us. I don't know why you helped but I can't help but feel it wasn't for the same reasons as the rest of us. i know I apologized to you back then but I sort of regretted it. I'll just take Alanna's advice and try to remember that it's easy to keep an eye on you if I at least pretend to be nice. Pretend. You make one wrong move and I'll make sure it's your last, Avadon. I might even be inclined to make sure you make the wrong move.