Torin Starfall

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Torin Starfall

Quote: "Warm winds and Windfather bless."
Race Djinn
Age 25
Height 6 feet even
Hair Snow White
Eyes Sky Blue
Alignment Chaotic Good
Gender Male
Classes Fighter/Weapon Master by NWN mechanics. Psion Soulknife in actuality.
Birthplace Calimshan, in Calimport
Birthday 15th of Tarsakh, the Windride
Affiliations And Titles Acolyte in the Salandran Temple.
Former Affiliations And Titles Various low end ranks in the Tower of Mystra, the shrine of Elistraee, and other smaller organizations.
Current Residence Wharftown
Religion Devout of Shaundakul, Selune, Tymora, Akadi
Player TormakSaber

Basic Description

"Pale grey skin and white hair are the one of the first things people notice about this Djinn. He is 6 feet tall, and has a decently built body. His eyes are light blue, and his hair is medium length, and seems perpetually windblown and slightly dishevelled. His arms are wrapped in faint ice blue glyphs written in Auran, and say Freedom and Travel on his right and left arms respectively. His ears are semi pointed, though this is a result of Elemental heritage, not of Elven. He is clean shaven, and seems to keep himself clean and well groomed, except for the constant mussed up hair. His physical appearance seems to be that of a man in his middle to upper twenties. The other most noticeable thing about him is the fact that he doesn't breathe. His chest is forever still, even when he speaks. Most of his body is unscarred, except for the backs of his legs from the knee down, and an odd scar that runs the horizontal length of his tongue, as if it had been sliced out of his mouth at one time or another, and regenerated.

His typical garb is that of light blues, greys, and whites, with slight onyx or obsidian trim. When not in his full plate armor, he usually wears flowing loose clothing, fingerless gloves and stout, oddly oversized boots, the raiment of a wandering traveller. An aqua colored prism hangs on a small mithral chain about his neck, and it looks like it's very well taken care of. A ring of twisted silver and gold adorns his right ring finger. The left hand is unadorned. Sewn to his clothing, or emblazoned on the chestplate of his armor, much like one would wear a badge, is the holy symbol of the god Shaundakul.

Torin's fighting style is an eccentric style not often seen in Faerun. For those aware and in the know about psionic tendencies, they would know him as a Soulknife. Before combat, should one care to observe him, his eyes will shine bright silver momentarily, before a blade of semi-solid silver psychic energy flares out from his right fist, blade length varyinng from the size of a dagger, to, in times of great focus, briefly flaring out to the tremendous girth and length of a greatsword, before returning to its usual size, just about the length of a typical longsword. His left arm blazes out in psychic energy as well, forming an opaque silver shield comprised of the same psychic energy as the blade. The blade and shield appear to be weightless on his body, and his style is much like watching a monk fight with hand and fist, except he has a blade and shield to work with. Once combat is complete, a flick of each wrist causes the weaponry to fade away until it is needed.

Torin is Torin, and anyone who says otherwise, probably doesn't know him very well at all. Few words are able to describe him as well as that." - Description of Torin Starfall, according to in-game biography.

Physical Description

Eyes: Blue eyes, unless he's using a psionic power, or manifesting his mindblade/force shield, then they glow silver.

Skin: Pale due to his Djinn heritage. No amount of sun will give him a tan; he's perpetually pale, and it's gotten him in trouble a few times, having almost been mistaken for a vampire at first sight.

Hair: As pale and as white as his skin. Always has a windblown appearance to it. Even if it's combed and neatened, it'll be messed up again in about 15 minutes, give or take. About medium length hair, his bangs would fall just about into his eyes if thy weren't always swept back.

Body: Somewhat built, being a traveller has kept him in shape. He's not overly muscular, however, he's also not incredibly agile. He has the appearance that a traveller would have. In shape.

Other Noticeable Traits

Tattoos on his arms in Auran that say Freedom and Travel.

He uses no traditional weapon or shields whatsoever. Any weapon or shield borne by him is composed entirely of psionic energy, with the exception of the focus hilt he sometimes uses for his sword to allow for ease of use over long periods of time. Armor he wears does not inhibit this energy, and he can create the mindblade and shield at a moment's focus, due to his experience with it.

Torin does not breathe. At all. Ever.

His legs are covered in scars, the remnants of past Drow torture. His tongue also has a neat line cutting it in half width-wise, again, from the Drow. His back now has the remnants of what appears to be a spider carved into it, scars that were never properly treated during his healing processs after another stint of Drow torture.

Torin Starfall, Indepth

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