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Player Profile


Official Dragonologist
Login The Copper Queen
Characters Illunamaeryx
Oiwyna Thunderhammer
Aelynthi Nor'alei
Inactive Characters Yas'da Kenlyl
Pebbles Oldfur
Deceased Characters Zelly
Lady Riia Valis
Lady [[Sui'Aerl Valis]

Other Information

I roleplay because I love to write. More often than not, I am experimenting with a character for one of my books. I'm a Developer dabbling in scripting and also like to draw. I have webcomics and everything. I'm also a Dungeon Master with something of a focus in running events!

I'm a bit of a dragon lore junky, especially where Dragon Disciples are concerned, so if you need any help in that area, just let me know!