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Weapon master is a warrior who has trained his abilities to keen with one chosen weapon. Weapon master regardless of the weapon or style he uses in combat, has made a certain bond with the chosen weapon.

There are many types of weapon masters in the world. Other weapon masters share spiritual bond with their chosen weapon, and often those never change the weapon they have first chosen, in which case they improve the weapon as time passes.

Some weapon masters study the physics and material aspect of the weapon, so that the weapon becomes in a way part of their body. They know the sword and it's movements as well as their own hand or feet.

Game Requirements

Base attack bonus: +5

Feats: dodge, mobility, expertise, spring attack, weapon focus in a melee weapon, and whirlwind attack

Skills: intimidate 4 ranks

Note: Getting these feats requires dexterity and intelligence scores of at least 13.