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Amia Wharftown.jpg
The Village.
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Region Southwest Amia
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Ruler Mayor Garth Arnemen
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Government Village Council
Population Human
Size Small Fishing Town
Alignment NG, CG
Religions Selune
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Colours Blue, Silver/White
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Imports Gator Skin
Exports Fish, Leather and manufactured Gator Skin products.
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Factions Wharftown Militia, Hands of Ieriyn
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Status Standing, Partial Ruin


Wharftown was formed as a fishing village and remains so to this day. It has frequently been attacked by pirates of Umberlee. Several years ago, Umberlee herself assisted these pirates in an attempt to find an artifact supposedly hidden somewhere in the village. With help from the Priestesses of Selune, who had just made residence at that time, adventurers were able to track down the pirates and destroy their lair.

Wharftown was later taken under the wing of Wyrmhold and considered a satellite territory. During Dark Flight of Tiamat the temple of Bane was destroyed and the destruction of Wyrmhold itself lead to the independent Wharftown known today.

Now the priestesses of Selune have returned once more and have recently completed, with the help of Dwarven craftsmen, a temple dedicated to the Moonmaiden.


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1 -Zeek's Forge

2 -The Slanty Shanty

3 -Wharftown Tanner

4 -Seaside Cave

5 -Storage Container Merchant

6 -To the Bitter Coast

7 -To the Pass of Dispair

8 -To the Gulf of Lumorier

9 -Carts

Recent Events

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