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Played by Shatuga

Wiggan Starfall Kenlyl Claddath

Quote: “Shh! Relax... It won't hurt... much...”
Race Drow in body, Fey touched.
Gender Female
Age 260, looks to be 80
Height 4 to 5 feet
Hair Thick, Straight, White. Usually held back by a lavendar ribbon. Two feathers bound alongside.
Eyes Lavendar (content) to red (angry)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Classes Drathallar, Druid
Affiliations And Titles House Claddath
House Kenlyl
Shrine of Eilistraee High Priestess
Former Affiliations And Titles None
Current Residence The Shrine of Eilistraee
Winya Ravana
Oakmist Vale
Religion Eilistraee, Mielikki
Player Shatuga

General Information

Name: Wiggan Starfall Kenlyl Claddath (retired)

Weight: 80 lbs.

Marriage: Will not marry. Formerly the companion of Jayna Sinthale' Kenlyl but she sort of has this long term relationship with Thamian Everstar and a love for Breeze and who knows who else. She loves a lot of people very deeply but, you know, she really doesn't sleep around much actually.

Languages: Drow (Guallidurth accent, foreign, far away), Common. She cannot read common very well, and doesn't write it at all.

General Physical Traits

What you will see when you look at her:

  • Long white silvery hair, currently in a ponytail. Bound by a lavendar ribbon. Two silver tipped feathers are also bound in the ribbon alongside her hair. If they look a bit tattered, tell her - she'll replace them with fresh ones.
  • Thin, lean body. She looks very young... doesn't everybody???? She isn't.
  • Graceful, noble appearance, composed and poised, like a dancer at ease and comfortable with herself.
  • Kind smile, suspicious eyes when not around friends.
  • Her ears twist and turn a lot. She listens.
  • If she's shifted, you'd have to know her in that form to recognize her.
  • She prefers a panther form - you may see her a lot like that.
  • There is a small, sometimes brightly luminous white crystal embedded in her right palm.
  • IF you are fey, you would notice that there's something fey about her.

Backstory Overview

Wiggan was born out of an experiment, resulting from the pact made between Claddath and the fey House of Dawn.

to be brief... a long time ago, Drow lolthite house Claddath made a pact with a fey house - the House of Dawn. Claddath wanted access to trade and to the powers of the reverie to give them an advantage over other Lolthite houses. The house of dawn wanted protection from the raiding drow and information. To lolth, that was heresy... that branch of Claddath was expelled from the underdark. Claddath is a very large house... in many cities it remains loyal to Lolth.

The pact persisted though. On the surface, Cladddath turned to Eilistraee. The Descended back to the underdark covertly... with a changed mission: the unification of elves.

Claddath sees the restoration of "reverie" to the elves as being key to restoration,since it was originally.. elven.. anyway. Most fey see this as a threat to their very existence (which it probably would be). Well.... The House of Dawn got into a bit of a roe with the Seelie court, and is at war with some of the other fey houses for their lawless endangering of the boundaries of reverie. Both House of Dawn and the Eilistraean branch of Claddath persisted for 12 generations.

(other players are invited to jump into this storyline upon request)

One of the fey, a consort of one of the daughters of the House of Dawn came across a book that documented Claddath's work on this research. The Tome of Dreams. This fey saw a way out of being fae, to return to a life rich in spirituality and with some hope of life after death once again, of divine blessing, another chance. Fae are bodies made of spirit that only has a physical manifestation based upon will and memory. They are eternal... but lifeless in a way. And when they are gone, they are gone forever, apart from the memory of them. When a being chooses to become fey at the point of death, it is their will that makes their spirit persist. Though they lose all their memories of their mortal lives... mostly.... and some of them eventually long for ... something else. That's when they dissipate, surrendering themselves to nothingness and letting go of the will that holds them together, that draws from dreams... they are, in a sense, but a dream themselves.

But... one of them found a way to be "mortal"again, and through a rite exercised between this fae of House of Dawn and the remnants of Claddath, one of their matrons, a resident of Guaddilurth, ... ate..... one of the fey. The fey was born mortal, as Wiggan. This is how Wiggan is fey. The soul that is in her is the soul of her "father". However, she's identical to her mother physically.

History on Amia

Wiggan arrived on Amia around RL date October, 2005. I play a month to a year in time, so she's been on Amia about ten years. Wiggan fell into favor with Ravena, Kacha, Willow and Ganth and a few others early on, and began to learn about Eilistraee. Upon her arrival she was socially inept, and somewhat selfish in disposition. She seemed kind to those who wanted to see kindness, and deceitful to those who would have her be evil.

She became a member of House Kenlyl and its first daughter, and mate of Calhyrs. They had a daughter together named Raisa (and the player that plays her has been unable to do so for quite some time).

Through the Mask of Two Faces she became Ssin Barra, and became a member of House Arabett. There, Eilstraee redeemed her, and she began a long path back to the surface and to become Wiggan once again.

She branced off of Kenlyl and founded her own house, Claddath, and began serving as a priestess in the Shrine.

After a public discrace, she took a retreat to Moonshae, during which she received a lesson from her goddess, and upon returning, took a more proper role as high priestess.

She befriended the Emperor Sinqnew, and was given a tour of the Axis Island.

For a short time she was companion of Valkirya and for a bit longer Jayna but became embroiled into Veheer affairs and lost her blessing and spells. She retreated for two years back to Moonshae, and has now returned. Jayna took off.

For a few years she traveled back and forth, until her dear friend from House of Dawn Emarinelle brought a book, an heirloom, stolen from Queen Hayloh. Emarinelle disappeared. Wiggan's house largely dissolved, Valkirya grew distant. She became shunned. She retreated to Winya Falls and the comfort of the woods, mourning her losses.

Out of her returns, however, she met Thamian again in a new light, and Breeze, and set off to find the heirloom and her lost friend Emarinelle. She passed on leadership at the Shrine, but not her priestesshood, to Im'kiira Kenlyl.

Interacting with Wiggan

Read more about her on website journal. If you wish to impact her story, feel free to do so and no need to ask permission as long as you are willing to assume some vulnerability in your own characters. If your character is godlike or invulnerable in any way, story injection is still welcome - just ask first please!

Wink, huggles

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Wiggan's Character Opinions