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Please note! If you have created an account on the AmiaWiki and been blocked as a spammer or suspected spammer, please contact me via private message on the Amia forum to have your account unblocked.

Personal information

I started playing D&D in about 1975 with the release of the original booklets and the D&D basic set before moving on to AD&D (what is now called "first edition"). I went on hiatus around the mid-1980's until I was introduced to NWN in late 2005. I played on a couple of other servers for a few months before coming to Amia in January 2006. I played here pretty much full-time until early 2014 (with occasional and brief visits to a few other servers) but now am largely retired. I still consider Amia to be 'home' and it will always hold significant memories.

I am still an Amiawiki admin and have been for several years now. I was also an area designer and developer for a number of years until early 2015. I have tried to build areas so that they make sense to me; I arrange the geography using tiles and placeables and I come up with ideas of what to put in them, but I leave the other details to those who know what they're doing far better than I. If I'm assisting with someone else's module I'm happy to take care of the monotonous work of proof-reading descriptions or making sure all the placeables are set as static. I've also checked, edited and otherwise contributed to others' work - in particular parts of the Eternal Order's Cathedral in Nes'ek, NPC descriptions for Kohlingen, and 2012's significant update of the Amia Frontier areas. My credits include:

  • The Temple of Love (2009 renovations and March 2012 update)
  • Qu'ellar Ussen d'Vhid (2010)
  • Amia Forest: Antechamber (Jan 2012 update)
  • Alambar Sea: Tropical Island (Feb 2012, second post-eruption update)
  • a pair of DM undersea areas (Feb 2012)
  • Ruathym: Ostland (opened 2012)
  • checking & minor revisions to Amia Frontier & nearby areas (Sep 2012) for hak4 update
  • Kampo's Trading Post update (Jan 2013)
  • abandoned UD city (Feb 2013)
  • 'The Thinning' area for the Nexus in Cordor (Jan 2015)
  • House Le'Quella (Winya) (May 2015)