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|+ style="margin-left: inherit; font-size: 135%; padding-bottom: 0.5em; line-height: 1.1em;" | '''Xaviera Xuider Xee'''  
|+ style="margin-left: inherit; font-size: 135%; padding-bottom: 0.5em; line-height: 1.1em;" | '''Xaviera Xee'''  
<center><small>(''aka'' '''Xavi''' ''or'' '''Xee''')</small></center>
<center><small>(''aka'' '''Xavi''' ''or'' '''Xee''')</small></center>
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| style="border-top: solid 1px #ccd2d9; padding: 0.4em 1em 0.4em 0; vertical-align: top" | High Priestess of Sharess in All of Amia ([[Sharess#Organization|Voluptuar]]) (1375 DR +)<br />
| style="border-top: solid 1px #ccd2d9; padding: 0.4em 1em 0.4em 0; vertical-align: top" | High Priestess of Sharess in All of Amia ([[Sharess#Organization|Voluptuar]]) (1375 DR +)<br />
Minister of Health & Public Welfare, Commonwealth of [[Cordor]] (1379 - 1383 DR)<br />  
Minister of Health & Public Welfare, Commonwealth of [[Cordor]] (1379 - 1383 DR)<br />  
Speaker for the Commonwealth of [[Cordor]] (1381 - 1383 DR)<br />  
Speaker, Commonwealth of [[Cordor]] (1381 - 1383 DR)<br />  
<!----- Affiliations ----->  
<!----- Affiliations ----->  

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Played by xaviera

Xaviera Xee
(aka Xavi or Xee)

Xaviportrait-3.jpg Xaviportrait-1.jpg

Quotes: Hm?
Race Half-elf (half-Ffolk)
Age Middle-aged
Height 5'3"
Hair White (originally brown)
Eyes Brown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Sex As often as possible
Classes Cleric 15 /Bard 8 /Shadowdancer 7
Titles High Priestess of Sharess in All of Amia (Voluptuar) (1375 DR +)

Minister of Health & Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Cordor (1379 - 1383 DR)
Speaker, Commonwealth of Cordor (1381 - 1383 DR)

Affiliation Sisters of Sharess; citizen of Kohlingen (by residence) and Cordor (by Council decree)
Residence Kohlingen
Birthplace Snowdown, The Moonshae Isles
Religion Sharess
Professions Priestess, masseuse, writer & poet, singer, dancer, herbalist & alchemist, ex-prostitute, ex-politician
Languages Common, Illuskan


Xaviera has lived in Amia for at least two decades and so is probably in her late 40s, but the traumas of an adventurous life have taken their toll on her body, outweighing any advantage in apparent youth that her half-elven heritage might have given her. Her ancestry does show itself physically in a shorter, small-breasted frame with hips that are wider than is typical for the fair folk and pleasantly-rounded contours in general - a figure she jokingly refers to as "elven tits and human hips". Her skin is somewhat pale and she bears a prominent tatto of a pair of red lips on the back of her right hand. She tends to dress either in robes of red and gold or more subdued clothing of beiges or dark colours. Her hair is white and often worn pinned up at the back of her head, but in her younger days it was brown and wavy and worn long and loose and she tended to favour clothing of autumn colours as well as black and silver that were significantly more revealing than her current wardrobe. She often carries a bronze staff bearing images in low relief of nude female dancers on which she leans for support when standing. She sometimes appears to be in pain when she moves, but can still demonstrate the sinuous carriage that turned heads during her prime. Her voice is soft yet firm and, backed by considerable innate charisma augmented by advanced bardic training, commands attention when she wishes it. Her face is heart-shaped with brown eyes that are warm and bright but which occasionally become clouded with pain or the weighty memories of decades past.

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Xaviera, High Priestess of Sharess, circa 1381 DR

In her younger days she styled herself an 'entertainer' with an interest in promoting relaxation, whether by providing pleasant company, singing (with or without musical accompaniment), dance, massage or the use of her well-practiced erotic skills. More recently she refers to herself as a priestess, as her sacerdotal duties are now primary in her life, though she continues to use her previous experience in support of that calling. She is a very good listener and may serve as a sympathetic ear for those who wish to unburden themselves of their stresses verbally. Considerably more reserved than she once was, she is nevertheless open, happy, affectionate, receptive and pleasant to those who know her; she does not take kindly to those who insult her or her friends. She is rather leery of necromancers and drow women, particularly those bearing whips, though she has several good friends among the Eilistraeean community.


Xaviera was born and raised in the House of Seven Columns, one of two brothels in the fishing town of Thereminn near the rocky western tip of Snowdown, one of the Moonshae Isles south of Amia. Her mother was a prostitute of Ffolk heritage and her father apparently a passing elven sailor. She learned various skills in the service of the House, including cooking and sewing, and as she grew older was taught artful conversation, several musical instruments, singing, various styles of dance (erotic and otherwise) and sensual massage. At the age of fourteen she began receiving clients and acquired further, more specialized lore.

She left the House when her mother died after a lingering illness, disillusioned that someone who had served so long and so well should have been ignored in her final days. Not taking kindly to independent operators, her former employer and representatives of the other House in Thereminn informed her in no uncertain terms that if she remained in town she would meet with highly unfortunate consequences. Encouraged to take the first ship out, Xavi thus ended up on the streets of Cordor, aged 24.

After a year or so in Amia, Xavi chanced to find herself in the Cordor library, where she stumbled upon a book of Faerunian deities. When she picked it up it fell open to the entry on Sharess and she was immediately convinced that this was a sign she should dedicate herself to this goddess, also known as the Dancing Lady. A few other scrolls yielded somewhat more information on Her faith, dogma and basic rites, and Xavi became a convert, praying to Her and receiving in return the ability to bestow Her blessing. Since then she has grown in wisdom as a result of long contemplation of her Goddess' nature and her own life experiences.

Not long after her arrival in Cordor, the city was largely destroyed by earthquake and flood. Xaviera journeyed to the Sigil (the so-called "City of Doors") with the bard Yossarin and several others to obtain, with the assistance of the priestess Tristana of Waukeen, a magical Lyre of Building which Yossarin and Duke Montgomery then used to rebuild the shattered city.[1]

Xavi spent several more years plying her trade in the City of Tolerance while learning more about Sharess and attempting to establish Her Temple there. She organized Amia's first Sharessan Feast, which was well attended, and which encouraged her further. At the age of 28, she finally married her lover of several years, Lina Arniman, in the city of Neverwinter, and renounced her profession. They purchased a cottage in a nearby village and spent a happy month there, with Xavi travelling occasionally to town to learn more from the priestesses in the Temple. She eventually returned to Amia, having been formally ordained a priestess, leaving her wife behind in comfort and security, to continue preaching the word of her Goddess.

A second feast the following year attracted hardly anybody, including the two couples that were to be married. Combined with the loss of her priestesses and what she perceived as Sharess's rejection of her efforts, Xavi became discouraged and all but gave up actively promoting her faith, though she was still a strong believer in her Goddess and remained dedicated to that philosophy. She contented herself with living her life from day to day, waiting for Lina's occasional visits to the island and following the dictum, "If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with".

Eventually the two of them decided to have children together. Xavi had always been barren - a blessing in her original profession, but now a curse. The two of them discussed with a few male friends the possibility of 'contributions', but that approach turned out to be impractical. With the assistance of an old friend and some fey magic, the two of them became pregnant, each with the other's child. Because half-elves take longer to bring a pregnancy to term, their two daughters were born about a month apart - the first to arrive was Lina's baby, called Selina; Xavi named hers Xina.

The four of them dwelled briefly at Gabilgathol's Alehouse outside Cordor, but the dangers of that city led Lina to convince her wife to move to safer quarters in Kohlingen. They rented an upstairs room at Mayfields there until the building was damaged by an explosion which killed one of the daughters of the paladin Trent Blake, at which time they purchased a small house north of the City Hall, where they have lived ever since. The siblings were educated in Kohlingen's Temple of the Triad.

During this time, Xavi spent most of her days in Cordor preaching, talking or promoting her dream of the Temple of Love, a Sharessin festhall in the bath house that would be shared with the goddesses Sune and Lliira. Lina, a follower of Ilmater who walked with a permanent limp after being an unwilling guest at a drow sacrifice, abandoned her brief flirtation with adventuring to become a teacher of young children in the Temple of the Triad. There they raised their daughters to maturity while the world went on and Xaviera worked to make her dream of the Temple of Love a reality. Selina studied magic and the tenets of Ilmater while Xina worked as a waitress at Mayfields and learned the rudiments of sorcery and archery.

Many years later, Lina, on a walk outside Cordor, ran afoul of the dragonkin Saris Talin. The latter, angry at his abandonment by the fey Elle, vowed to kill people at random until she was returned to him, and Lina fell victim to his rage, being brutally murdered by him.[2] Though returned to life by a passing priestess, she was seriously weakened and fell down the stairs at home a few weeks later - this proved too much for her and she passed away several days after that, finally handing her earthly burdens over to Ilmater at their home in Kohlingen.[3]

Xaviera, having received final approval from the Cordorian Council,[4] was having the bath house renovated to complete her project when Lina died. She threw herself into the work and, as it was almost ready, was called away[5] to temporarily head a temple in the city of Hlath in Chondath [6] on the Vilhon Reach, east of Calimshan. A fire[7] delayed the formal opening[8] until her return several months later, at which time she formally ordained her assistant [Riala Tsu'rein] as a priestess of Sharess.[9] Riala has since moved on and Xaviera now manages the Temple with her amanuenses Dima and Nawiel and with the assistance of the priestesses of Sune and Lliira.

With the final completion of the Temple of Love, she has assumed half-ownership of the building by a deed of Velis Illuminus "on the condition that the general facilities of the Cordor Bathhouse remain free for the public use of Cordorian citizens".

One of Xavi's long-time lovers, the half-elf half-djinn (air genasi) Windiara Bluesoul, now shares Xavi's bed; they are married in their hearts, though no official ceremony has ever been conducted. Xavi's daughter Selina still lives at their home in Kohlingen; at one point Xina had moved across the world to spend several months in the city of Raven's Bluff but has since returned and lives with her mother as well.

Xaviera is a citizen of Kohlingen, having lived there for many years, and also of Cordor by decree of the First Commonwealth Council. As part owner of the Temple of Love, she refers to herself as 'Mistress of the Temple' (Velis Illuminus, by the same logic, would be 'Master of the Temple'). She also styles herself 'High Priestess of Sharess in All of Amia', admitting freely that she adds the last four words in order to make it sound more pretentious.

After the Arcanum-backed revolution ousted Duke Montgomery from Cordor, Xaviera was an outspoken critic of many of the replacement Commonwealth Council's policies. Nevertheless, she was elected as Cordor's Minister of Health & Public Welfare in the first free elections after the Duke's downfall, though she continued to clash frequently with Speaker Joseph Maximillian. In late 1381 DR, forces under the command of the Duchy of Kohlingen attempted an invasion of Cordor in order to seize control of the city and prevent the return of ex-Minister of Magic Collin Reyes, but Xaviera forestalled the invasion through diplomatic means by allowing a small contingent of Kohlingen knights into the city to assist in restoring order. The assassination of Speaker Maximillian by the Arcanum's magic followed almost immediately thereafter, and Xaviera became the Acting Speaker. In response to the riots that followed Kohlingen's intervention and the division of the city into East and West, factions loyal to Maximillian forced a charge of treason upon her and she was imprisoned in early 1382 DR, remaining in the Cordor jail for several months. She was eventually exonerated and served as Speaker for the Second Commonwealth Council. After the battle with Amn, new elections were held in late 1383. The events of the previous several years having taken their toll upon her health, Xaviera did not run for re-election and has largely disappeared from public view since then. She is now rarely seen in public, though she may be glimpsed occasionally in Kohlingen, Cordor or the Temple of Love. She continues to wear robes in the colours of Sharess (red and gold) and usually carries her staff of office, but is often hooded and seeks little interaction with others.

Personal Philosophy

"Men for business, women for pleasure."

Xaviera worships Sharess, whom she refers to as the Dancing Lady or Our Lady. To her, Sharess is the embodiment of good in the world. As we experience life through our senses, so sensual pleasure is among the highest of experiences and is to be sought out, while a life without joy and pleasure (rooted in but not restricted to the physical senses) is empty and worthless. Receiving pleasure without giving in return is to her a form of theft, and those who inflict pain in the pursuit of their own pleasure are the ultimate blasphemers, in truth more properly followers of Shar or Loviatar. She believes that all who work with or revel in the senses should acknowledge Sharess, including but not limited to chefs, vintners, perfumers, artists, musicians, dancers and prostitutes. And while Beauty and Love are more properly the portfolios of other goddesses, Xavi tends to attribute many aspects of these domains to Her Lady. She has recently become acquainted with the worship of Lliira, however, and has realized how much her own beliefs mirror those of these two goddesses as well as Hanali Celanil. Xavi dedicated herself to spreading the word of Sharess and to holding feasts to introduce Her to the people of Cordor; though for a time she became somewhat disillusioned, her faith was renewed by several direct manifestations of the Goddess and the latter's assurance that she was fulfilling Sharess's will. She continues to manage the Temple of Love and to put her thoughts on Sharess to paper in what will one day become known as The Scrolls of Xee. She also writes songs, poetry and hymns to her goddess.

Skills & Competencies

Xaviera was trained from a young age in various erotic arts and also in dance, which skills had given her a good deal of control over her body and rendered her very flexible and capable of performing almost acrobatic manoeuvres on occasion, though this is less so now in her middle age. She has strong long-fingered hands and is an expert masseuse.

Taught as well to entertain by song and music, Xaviera's study with the master bard Vrinn d'Vreeze allowed her to gain greater control of her voice and so expand her repertoire to produce cantomantic effects, even mastering the ability of Lasting Inspiration. Though with age and lack of practice she is no longer the songbird she once was, she remains a competent singer who on occasion accompanies herself with several basic instruments (most notably lute and bandore).

She now, however, tends to focus less on singing and more on writing hymns and poetry and penning her memoirs and thoughts on Sharess. She therefore has good writing skills and is a fine (though by no means expert) hand at calligraphy and has herself scribed most of the signs and placards in the Temple of Love.

Applying the principles learned for song to her grace and physical control, she is largely self-taught at using dance to similar mystic ends. With a combination of voice and movement she is able to entrance those who behold her or dazzle them to distraction; through similar means she can summon and wreathe herself in shadow and even seem to disappear from sight.

Over the past several decades she has forged working relationships with alchemists and herbalists in west Cordor who have taught her the basics of their professions. In partnership with them she has formulated a number of products which are now sold by her for the enjoyment of those who use them - soaps, shampoos, oils, salves, and several different perfumes among them.


Xavi enjoys the company of men but takes women almost exclusively as her lovers.

Azuil. A Chultan woman, once a member of the War Knights. Though they were never more than occasional lovers, Xavi nevertheless holds this one-eyed warrior woman in very high regard. She has now apparently returned to the land of her birth.

Adeliah. A powerful priestess who helped Xavi take care of Lina Arniman after the latter's first return from the deadly hands of Ana'Rahma Fuma'Vhid. Has since travelled to the mainland at the request of her Temple, though she does return from time to time.

Anorfirien (Anor) Alow. A tiefling woman, she had a long and torrid affair with Xaviera while married to her husband Ezekiel. Anor was eventually transported to another plane in a magical experiment gone wrong and by the time she returned to Amia their ardour had cooled and the relationship was not resumed.

Caroline Noventa. A paladin of Sune who was Xavi's lover while the latter was separated from Lina during the year after their marriage. She was present when Xavi gave birth to her daughter Xina and when Lina returned from Neverwinter with their other daughter Selina.

Erelkacha Kenlyl. A drow priestess of Eilistraee and past wife of Jud'Vardas Kenlyl, she ran the Shrine of Eilistraee for a number of years until leaving Amia. Xavi had only met her a few times prior to her departure, but was intrigued by the woman. When she returned to the island, they struck up a friendship based on similarities of personality and belief which, for the same reasons, is often expressed in intimate contact.

Ghilanna Morningstar. A drow worshipper of Eilistraee.

Ilianna (Annie). One of her most important lovers after her wife Lina, the two met when Xavi was performing one night in Cordor's now-defunct Gentlemen's Club and they began an intense relationship that lasted several years. As has been the case with several of her lovers, they broke up when Xavi proved unable to commit to exclusivity. Ilianna is now married to the demoness-turned-devil Ryriska Sharpclaw-Ve'heer and dwells on a small island not too far from Amia.

Isamura Hana Fox. Adopted sister of Illowyn Fox and now lover of Rolyn Raise.

Jhaou Meagner. Wife of Cordor guardswoman Amarice d'Elaraliel, she and Xavi carried on a lengthy and involved affair over the course of a year or so. Eventually it faded and the two now see each other only rarely, though they remain friends.

Lila Nightflare. An elven Sunite, Lila caught Xavi's eye long ago though the two were never more than friends. After many years away, Lila returned to Amia and they became close after Lila was abandoned by her husband. They were lovers for some time until Lila became involved with and later married another woman.

Lina Arniman. "Goddess, True Heart". Her wife and her dearest love. Twice tortured to death by the drow pale master Ana'Rahma and twice sacrificed by Lolthites, Xavi loved her fiercely, second only to Sharess, and even that's sometimes a close call. Lina went missing for many months, but eventually came back to tell Xavi that she would be returning to the mainland to escape the persecutions of Amian drow. They married then bid tearful goodbyes, Xavi electing to remain in Cordor to spread the word of Sharess. They travelled back and forth occasionally to spend time together renewing their deep love for each other and eventually Lina returned to Amia. They moved to Kohlingen where they lived for many more years until Lina eventually died as a result of wounds suffered in an encounter with Saris Talin.

Lucretia (Luci) d'Tinnerai (Rasheslen). A drow woman and once (briefly) a priestess of Sharess. After being together for over a year they parted company when Xavi was unable to accept what she saw as a general tendency toward violence, instability and association with dangerous people. Years later, Luci would participate in an attack on the Temple of Love itself.

Rras-Rari. A half-dragon. The two carried on a lengthy, if sporadic, relationship over several years which eventually dissolved in part due to the personality changes Rras underwent when he was bound by his father's draconic magic. Of all the males with whom Xaviera has ever been involved, Rras is the only one she has ever seriously considered marrying.

The Sisters of Sharess. Her informal name for those Amian women who worship the Dancing Lady with her. The group includes the High Priestess Destiny, Priestess Karia G'laden, the drow Lucretia (Luci) d'Tinnerai, and the ex-prostitute Unia. Destiny and Karia have since gone missing, while Luci has abandoned the worship of Sharess and even participated in an attack on the Temple in company of several Lolthite drow. The loss of those dear friends and lovers made Xavi rather despondent for a while, but the passage of time has largely healed those wounds.

Tomar Blake (no relation to Trent & Kald Blake). A paladin of Sune and one of the few men to whom Xaviera would actually accord the title of 'lover'.

Vaira Mahgahloga. An ex-Banite. After being tortured by Loviatarans, she left Amia to sort out her feelings and values, but later returned and became ill. Subsequently she lost all memory except for her love of Xavi. Eventually she died, to Xavi's great sorrow; she was returned to life years later, though the two rarely see each other nowadays. Nevertheless, Xavi still wears the ring that Vaira gave her.

Vrinn d'Vreeze. Her bardic tutor and a drow. They parted ways when Xavi became despondent about her relative lack of skill compared to Amia's great bards (Vrinn, Yossarin and Casper Meche) and discovered Sharess.

Windiara Bluesoul. "Princess". Part djinn, part elf, this busty blue-skinned woman is short on good sense but long on passion. Xaviera's mistress for several years, she now lives with Xavi and her daughters in her house in Kohlingen. Some time after Lina's death the two decided to marry, though their union has not yet been formally celebrated.

And about a hundred others not mentioned here.

Sharessan Philosophy

The Scrolls of Xee


The Temple of Love & the Sisters of Sharess


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