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Played by xaviera

Xina Xee

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Race 1/4-elf (fey-touched)
Age Late teens
Height 5'5"
Hair Brown
Eyes Golden
Alignment Neutral Good
Sex Female
Classes AA 1 /Sorc 8 /Rogue 3
Residence Kohlingen
Birthplace Cordor
Religion Sharess, Hanali Celanil
Professions Waitress, Cook
Languages Common


Xina is the daughter of Xaviera Xee and her first wife, Lina Arniman. Conceived with the assistance of fey magic, this pretty young woman stands about 5'5" and has a small-breasted, slim-hipped figure that is best described as 'willowy'. She has long dark brown hair which brightens in the summer to a honey brown, golden eyes and slightly pointed ears and appears on first glance to be a half-elf; however, her features are a bit too delicate, her cheekbones a bit too high, and her eyes a bit too large. Her movements are graceful and quick, her demeanour quiet and shy.


Xina was born in Cordor to Xaviera; her 'twin' sister, Selina, was born a month earlier in Neverwinter to Lina. For the first few years of her life, Xina and her sister lived with their mothers in a rented room at Gabilgathol's Ale House in Cordor North, then moved to Mayfield's in Kohlingen. After an explosion and fire at the latter location, they purchased a house in town, where Xina has lived pretty much ever since.

The girls were raised mostly by Lina as Xaviera was still adventuring during those early days and, even when not doing so, was absent most nights due to her rather profligate lifestyle; after she gave up adventuring for the less dangerous (but hardly more respectable) career of a High Priestess of Sharess, she still managed to spend a great deal of her time away from the family home. The family worshipped both Xaviera's goddess, Sharess, and Lina's patron, Ilmater. Xina also professes some personal devotion to Hanali Celanil.

Although Xina and her sister had some schooling at the Temple of the Triad in classes taught by their mother Lina, the later was occasionally occupied with other matters, leaving Xina to slip away unnoticed. To the extent that Xaviera did parent her children, she refused (probably wisely) to allow them to travel to Cordor unaccompanied, so Xina would sneak out to the market near the Temple of the Triad and skulk among the stalls, amazed at the variety of produce and the strange people who sold it. It was here, as a child and later during her teen years working at Bill Jordan's inn and tavern, that she acquired her interest in food and cooking.

Lina died when Xina was about twelve. In part as a result of this early loss, she was (and continues to be) a very shy girl, without many close friends but a number of acquaintances of various sorts, from the street urchins of the market to the rich children of the city's nobles whom she'd encounter in and around the Temple. It was from these disparate sources that she would acquire basic street skills and her interest in archery, the latter further stoked by her mother's acquaintance with the elf woman Delarwyn Salenor and, later, her own friendship with Erik Tarvencia, who encouraged her to learn more of magic and to combine the two pursuits. In her late teens, a year spent in the city of Raven's Bluff gave her further education in cooking and magic as well as life and love.

Still, she is unhappy with her life as it is and realizes that she needs to make some choices...