Yas'da Kenlyl

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Yas'da Kenlyl

Quote: "My family comes first."
Race Drow
Age 147
Height 5ft 0in
Weight 96 lb.
Hair Ivory
Eyes Red
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Gender Female
Classes Bard 26/Ranger 1
Affiliations And Titles None
Current Residence Shrine of Eilistraee
Religion Eilistraee
Player Koragi Mydnite

Played by Koragi Mydnite.

Physical Description

Usually found humming to herself and playing with her hair, this bard is a vision of strength and beauty. Her shoulder-length hair is feathery soft, sliding like silk through her fingers and smelling very similar to any number of fragrant flowers, depending on her mood. Her dark, charcoal skin is smooth, unblemished to the observer.

As a follower of Eilistraee, she enjoys dancing, usually accompanying her own movements with her voice or a hand-crafted wooden flute that she keeps with her at all times. When she's not dancing or otherwise lazing around, she typically wears a soft dress made from the finest of fabrics, lined and bolstered with red dragon scales for a beautiful, elegant (and expensive) appearance. She enjoys going barefoot, though most of the time she keeps protective spells placed upon her due to a slight paranoia that she'll be caught unprepared when trouble comes calling.


Born and raised in the drow city of Menzoberranzan, Yas'da was trained well in the arts of battle. She came from lower class society, and so her inclination toward Bardic teachings was overlooked, as her skill surpassed any in her social ranking. She was a dark, evil example of the lifestyle of Lolthite civilization. When she could work her way no further up the ladder of the Lolthite political structure, she smooth-talked her way into being sent elsewhere on a 'diplomatic' mission. Naturally, she cut off all ties to the city and set her sights on her new destination: Ultrinnan.

Amia History


Yas'da's stay in the city of Ultrinnan was surprisingly short. After claiming a male for her own, another male whom to this day she assumes was sorely jealous, accused her of working with the fiend called Vodak. He claimed she had been in Vodak's lair, and that he had caught her sneaking into it late in the evening. Soon later, she was branded a heretic and was forced to flee the city, lest she be put to the sacrificial table. Making enemies with House Do'Veldran proved to be her most enjoyable feat to date, however, and she would not change the outcome of it all for any sum.


Upon her arrival to the Surface, Yas'da was led to the Eilistraeen Shrine by a bard named Dra'kil. There, she came to learn and understand things a little differently than most. A lack of Eilistraeen priestesses led to Yas'da discovering and interptreting Eilistraee in her own manner, by her own thoughts. Despite this, she managed to secure the allegiance of House Kenlyl, and eventually joined its ranks. She quite enjoyed her covert missions on behalf of the Shrine, and even now hopes to continue with such assignments.

Yas'da has a daughter named Amaith, fathered by a monk named Galegi. After his disappearance, she gave birth to his daughter and fell into a state of depression. She was pulled back from the cusp of insanity by the caring clerics of Salandra's Temple and an elf named Eir Shaji. Over the next decade, Yas'da and Eir became inseparable, but in the end he left without a word in a flight from authorities. This sent Yas'da back into her depression, and she gave her daughter to another family who could keep her safe while Yas'da struggled to find herself again.

She currently spends her time in the Shrine of Eilistraee, trying to sort out the chaos in her heart. Her biggest weakness is a fresh bottle of cognac.


Yas'da's Crystal


Tower Shield; +5 AC

Polished to its pristine appearance, this shield is made from several pieces of solid crystal with a red hue. It has been tempered perfectly with the help of a master craftsman. The only indications that this piece of crystal is not one single solid piece are the light, barely noticeable ridges in various places, making it seem almost like an arrowhead.

The shield is enhanced with a single powerful enchantment, which was given in exchange for a shield of similar value. On the inside, the name Yas'da Kenlyl is etched into the crystal, and underneath lie the initials of the crafstman.



Rapier; Keen; Damage Bonus: 1d6 Sonic; 1d8 Massive Critical; +3 Vampiric Regeneration

"Sorrow is cold, dark and can slice open even the most courageous heart."

- Nightcloak Aleczia Nightbringer commenting on this sword and her Sharran Dogma.

Armor of Deep Darkness


Chain Mail; -20% Arcane Spell Failure; +4 AC; +1 Constitution

Light purple and black mail that seems to be forged from darkness rather then metal.

Eir's Talon


Scimitar; Keen; Damage Bonus: 1d10 Bludgeoning; 1d8 Massive Critical; +3 Vampiric Regeneration

Purchased partially with Eir Shaji's money (without his knowledge), this scimitar was meant to be a wedding gift for the elf of draconic heritage. Upon his desertion, however, Yas'da chose to keep the weapon herself. She tends to use it when she's feeling particularly bitter. The power behind the blows even in her hands, the hands of one not trained in the use of a scimitar, attests to the power of this dangerous blade. A part of her hopes that Eir one day knows what it is he's lost.