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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.

Quote: “Bahamut guard you."
Race(s) Wood Elf
Copper Dragon
Age 135
Height 5ft 11in
Weight 190lb.
Hair Dark Copper
Eyes Turquoise
Alignment Chaotic Good
Gender Female
Classes Bard 7
Red Dragon Disciple 20
Divine Champion 3
Affiliations And Titles Owner of Copper Industries
Treasurer of the Seven Stars Academy
Current Residence OBLIVION
She dead.
Religions Bahamut
Erevan Ilesere
Player Koragi Mydnite

This character is deceased.

Played by Koragi Mydnite.

Physical Description


Coppery hair falls about a young elven face, framing Zelly's simple, yet strange features. While she bears a resemblance to her wood elf kin, she has several features which alienate her from the rest.

Her eyes, a bright turquoise color, most commonly dance with mirth and a lingering mischief which often seems to get her in trouble. With sharp claws, talons, and fangs, she is a vision of her dangerous, often underestimated ancestors. Of late, she is quite fierce in appearance.

Carefully hidden by her hair, at the crest of her brow, she has two very small plated horns, which she tries to keep concealed, but oftentimes they poke out when she's not paying attention. Her cheekbones are hardened, where her glistening, coppery scales are darkest on her face, and small barbs protrude toward the sides of her head, facing back in a sharp point. The small frills under her jaw are loose, and similarly braced with small barbs. Her tongue, often visible when she speaks or laughs, is thin and pointed at the tip.

The wings that protrude from her back are sleek and long. The thin, veinous portion of the wing remains attached to her skin down along her spine, supported by a single long appendage which extends from the "elbow" of each wing. Small finger-like protrusions jut out at the very tops of her wings, with more of the veiny, copper middle stretching between them like webbing. The wings appear to be attached to her long tail, with barbs and webbing from the wings trailing all the way down to its tip.

This copper kin seems extremely confident in poise and stature. Muscled and tall for an elf, she is obviously strong and powerful. But her strength seems to lie more in her charisma, for while she looks strange and unapproachable to those unused to creatures like her she has a friendly, welcoming face.


Zelly is often seen as a coward, but she prefers the title "Avid Supporter of Self-Preservation." Frequently, she can be seen running from something that's trying to harm her, even if she's in no real danger of it actually even touching her.

Oddly enough, she finds life more comfortable and safe when she isn't amongst elves. As such, she has taken to living in Kohlingen alongside those she holds dear. By now, she has lost touch with much of elven society, but she still loves and supports her people where she can. When she visits Winya Ravana she is often referred to as a "Monster" by the locals, which is the primary reason she avoids the location. She hates when her appearance causes others fear or anger, so she simply avoids such situations if she can. Otherwise, she is a very friendly creature with all who approach her, save for evil people creatures - chromatic kin in particular. She is a mischievous, playful thing, and she will often tease or pick on someone for the sheer joy of laughter. She does lose patience with people when they don't take kindly to her harmless jokes or playful barbs.

Zelly is also a successful merchant. She knows numbers and she knows the market. She is dedicated to her work and while she may overwork herself at times, she enjoys every moment of it. She keeps a polite and serious, but pleasant attitude whenever she conducts business with a customer or client who is equally polite. If a customer or client makes demands or shows little common decency, it is very likely she will bite back verbally and he or she can expect that she will turn down future dealings.


When Zelly met Khartak Haurburksen, she never expected she'd find her dearest friend and companion in the odd dwarf. She was touched and flattered by his regard of her, and couldn't help but reciprocate it. Together, they mined, cut gems, refined metal, and generally created enough "shiny" and "pretty" objects to satisfy a dragon's need for hoarding trinkets. Luckily, the Copper Dragon Kin happily shared with the dwarf she now saw as her one and only friend, and didn't mind in the least the bits of their gathering that went toward Barak Runedar.

Zelly and Khartak most assuredly got into enough trouble together to suit even the most chaotic of individuals. They fought together and defended each other. When the Horsemen of the Apocalypse spoke against her "consort", she felt an unfamiliar spark of anger and possessiveness. She wanted to protect the dwarf who made her feel so special. And so she developed a rather prominent dislike for the Horsemen.

She hasn't seen Khartak in a very long time and she misses him dearly. She thinks about him frequently and hopes he'll stop by some day to see her.

Another twist came about in her life when Zelly decided to delve into her heritage further. Utilizing the library in the Mystran Monolith all the time led the copper kin to apply for residency. Upon acceptance, she became part of a larger family than she had foreseen. She didn't mind in the least, however, and did all she could both to protect her home and to lighten the moods of those who lived within.

The copper kin lived at the Monolith through the terrible siege of Count Mortegaurde and the conflict with the Arcanum of Cordor. With the Monolith's destruction, she went with the rest of the survivors to Kohlingen, where they were welcomed with open arms. There, she assisted her fellow Guild mates for a while, but her attention turned to her own ambitions. She made a name for herself with the locals when she established her company within the city - Copper Industries.

As time passed, Zelly continued to strive to maintain good relations with the dwarves she had always loved - ever since she had been introduced to Khartak. After years of work and effort, she was finally granted citizenship of Barak Runedar. While she considered the Citadel of the dwarves to be her home, she decided to maintain a strong presence in Kohlingen, where her company was based. Following a few more rituals she mastered her heritage at long last. Her greatest achievement came on the evening she performed her twentieth blood ritual: she could take the shape of a full-blooded copper dragon. It was not the last ritual she performed, however. Later rituals had interesting effects on her, including the growing of her tail.

Zelly also fell out of her ways with her bow. No longer was she an Arcane Archer. She had grown mentally, physically, and spiritually and had become a Divine Champion of her lord Bahamut. Blessed with divine abilities she never thought she would have, she has taken a more forward role in protecting the innocent people of Amia.

Last Known Work

Zelly resided in both Kohlingen and Barak Runedar. She owned a second building in the former, which acted as her company's headquarters. Copper Industries was a trade house with several contracts and countless clients. She was a very successful merchant and goods contractor, boasting a diverse list of contacts, acquaintances, and friends. Among her other many hobbies were writing, drawing, historical preservation of knowledge, and of course, driving everyone crazy with her antics. She had affiliations with several groups and was well-known throughout the isles and beyond.

Zelly was mated to the silver kin, Jorn. They married and adopted a half-elf named Elliot, and also had one daughter together. Zelly was murdered by a wicked lich whom she had managed to anger. Her soul was devoured, robbing her of the peace of an afterlife.